Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Fashion Show

Here are the pictures of what I bought at Gymboree.

Yes, my kid is weird. Most fashion shows end in tears but once again mine started before because she wanted to walk around outside. She was insulted that I asked her to hold still for a second so Mommy could take a picture. Clearly she's all, "Screw that! Must explore!" The pants are a bit big in the waist but I'm used to it. When you have a tiny kid belts become your best friend. And the hat is actually from Harvest Leaves but it went well enough with the outfit.

Of course she ripped the hat off. But this never stops me from buying her hats. I'm hoping that she'll just learn to accept them.

As you can see the shirt is a little big on her. You might be thinking, "Erm, why not get 6-12?" Well, 6-12 shirts are too tight on her now. And the 6-12 pants are like high waters. And I'm sorry, she may only be 17 months and not know the difference but I cannot let her walk out of the house in *gasp* high waters...I just can't..

Then I put her in a skirt with the pumpkin tights. The skirt is from Target and I'm not crazy about it. I need another one because it just doesn't work for me. But the tights are adorable with the shirt.

Yes, I put the hat back on her. And she tolerated it for about six more seconds after this photo was taken.

I decided on this dress as the other outfit. I wasn't sure about the color but I think it looks cute on Natalie.

Look at that crazy hair. That would be from the lovely Wyoming winds.

In this picture I was explaining that I was on a budget and that's why she only got two outfits. She was visibly shocked. (I'm kidding. She just saw an airplane fly over head and was impressed.)

Hrm. She's been crossing her arms across her chest like that more and more lately. The teenage years are going to be fun.

Basically she was all, "You're still here?"

Then she did this:

And I figured it was time to stop the photo shoot.

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