Monday, September 8, 2008

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Dang you, Whoopi Goldberg!

I had on The View and she was doing her favorite things. Or something like that. I dunno, I never pay full attention to the show. But she started talking about chocolate dipped pretzels and my chocolate radar popped on.

Chocolate? Someone is talking about chocolate? Where? Where is the chocolate???

My eyes swiveled to the TV and there was a website on the screen.

So of course I had to look.

And now I have some pretzels coming to my home. Because I have no willpower.

Oh and I totally ordered while hungry.

If I hadn't been hungry I probably could have just looked and said, "Mmm, looks tasty, maybe another time," and happily went on my way.

But no.

I looked.

While hungry.

And now I have pretzels coming to my home. (But there was 10% off code on the site at least. So it wasn't SO bad..)

Oh well.

Chocolate pretzels are actually something that Tom will eat.

Maybe not ones with sprinkles though. Tom doesn't like sprinkles because he's a complete weirdo. How can someone not like sprinkles? They make desserts FUN.

Anyhow, Tom had the weekend off. So on Saturday we headed to the mall, where Tommy found his Halloween costume.

He's going to be Bumblebee from Transformers. The kid is obsessed with that movie.

Then we went into the pet store, which is always a mistake. Because then Tommy is all, "Oh I want that dog! And that cat! And that weird dinosaur thing!"

"That's actually a lizard, Tommy."

"Oh. Well I want it!"

Um. No.

Natalie just makes animal noises at them. At the dogs she was all, "Woof. Woof!" Then when we got to the kitties she went, "Meeeow!"

Tom went, "How about we get another pet?"

I went, "Are you out of your ever loving mind?"

Then he went and asked the store worker to let me hold a kitten.

"I don't want a kitten," I told Tom firmly as the store worker took a gray tabby out of the cage.

I have a soft spot for tabbies. I have no idea why.

Then the little bundle of fur was dropped in my palms.

So tiny!


But I had willpower. I held the kitty for a few minutes and then gave it back to the store worker.

We cannot have another pet now.

Plus if we get another pet, I want to get one from the shelter. There are so many kitties there that want a home.

After we were done shopping, Tom asked what I wanted for lunch and I went, "Coldstone."

Tom made a face. "Coldstone?" He looked confused. "You can't have ice cream for lunch."

"Sure I can," I replied simply.

Tom shook his head firmly. "No. You can't."

He just thought it was so bizarre that I wanted ice cream for lunch. But why not? It always fills me up.

Needless to say, Tom did not want Coldstone for lunch.

So we had Wendys.

I had my spicy chicken sandwich. With a copious amount of fries because Tom never eats all of his.

Then yesterday evening Tom all of a sudden gets an idea to go to Wal-Mart.

"Natalie is in her PJs," I pointed out.

"So what? It's Wal-Mart," Tom reminded me.

True. I see people in questionable attire there all the time.

A baby in sleeper PJs probably wouldn't even bat an eye.

And I was right.

People cooed over Natalie like always and didn't even look shocked that she was clad in pajamas.

I got some Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake bites.


Then Tom wanted to get Mercenaries 2. It's this new computer game where you basically go and shoot everything? It's the sort of game that mothers blame their children's violent behavior on.

"So you just shoot things?" I asked Tom, staring at the box.

"And people," Tom said a little too proudly.


But then he checked the price. $49.

And he put it back!!

I nearly fainted. He looked at my shocked expression and went, "What? I just bought Madden 09. I don't really need this.."

Good gracious. He's growing up! In the past he would have bought the game.

After we checked out Tom said he had a surprise for me.

"Is it cheese?" I asked. (I say weird things like that all the time.)

Tom didn't even look surprised by my comment. He's known me for too long. "No. Not cheese. Coldstone!"

Coldstone. Yay!

So we went to Coldstone where I got my Mint Mint Chocolate Chip or something like that. It's mint ice cream with brownies and chocolate chip. In a chocolate dipped waffle bowl. With sprinkles of course.

Tommy is boring and only wanted a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Nothing mixed in. He looked horrified when the worker suggested it.

"NO. Just CHOCOLATE!" Tommy barked out, looking stunned.

(The horrors! Mixing--gasp--BROWNIES with chocolate ice cream. My kid is weird..)

And he didn't even want a waffle bowl.

"Just a cup, please," he said.

It amused me because I bet that's how some parents order with their children. Only they're the ones with the simple ice cream flavor in a bowl--to watch their figure of course--and their kid is the one with the mixed up ice cream in a waffle bowl with sprinkles. Hah.

I shared with Natalie. She seemed to like it.

And now I'm about to go eat my lunch. At Wal-Mart they had some of those frozen TGI Friday's snacks out. And there was a coupon for $1.00 off on the box so I picked the loaded baked potato one up. It has cheddar cheese with a lot of bacon on top. Mmmmm...(and like 250 calories PER potato wedge and I'm having three...eeps..but, I mean, ONE wouldn't fill me up..)


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