Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Halloween Decorations

So over the weekend I decided that it was time to get the Halloween decorations out.

Granted, we don't have a lot. I wish I could put stuff on the outside of the house--like a scarecrow, pumpkins, things like that. But the harsh Wyoming Winds would blow them away.

I know this because I had this adorable Christmas stake outside last year. I figured if I got it into the ground enough that it would be okay.


The wind snapped it in half and I was crushed.

"MY STAKE!" I shrieked when I saw the remnants in our yard.

"I told you not to put that outside," Tom gloated.

So all the decorations have to remain inside. Well, minus our doormat which so far has been okay from the winds.

First I decorated the table:

With Halloween napkins to boot!

And our door:

Here's the Haunted House that Tom just had to have last year. It lights up and makes noises and everything:

And our doormat:

There are some other things sprinkled around the house too.

Tommy was excited to see everything out.

"Is it Halloween tomorrow?" he asked hopefully.

I explained that he still had a few weeks.

So anyhow, this morning I went to Target. No reason, really. Just because Target rocks and all.

Actually I did need something. Deoderant as I'm running dangerously low. I suppose if worse came to worse I could put Tom's Old Spice on but I'd rather not smell like a dude if it's all the same.

So off to Target Natalie and I went.

Our first stop was the Dollar Spot.

Okay fine, I admit it, I bribe my daughter. When we first enter the store she gets to pick out a $1.00 toy. I figure I can fork out a buck for my sanity. And yes, Supernanny Jo Frost would probably gasp and wag her finger at me and be all, "Am-bah! You mustn't bribe children. They are supposed to behave because they know it's the proper way to act. Shame on you."

And then I'd hang my head and mutter that I was sorry and Jo would say all importantly, "Don't say sorry to me. Say sorry to your children for bribing them."

But of course when I did apologize to them they'd be all, "Um? Why are you apologizing for GIVING US STUFF??!!"

Sorry Jo Frost. But Natalie will continue to get a Dollar Spot toy.

For my sanity.

Natalie picked out a creepy looking plush toy and deemed it her "bebe."

(Even though I tried in vain to get her to want the Jim from The Office stress ball head. Mmm Jim. Such a nice man to look at. But she was not interested. She wanted the creepy looking plush toy.)

Of course then she bit his head.

Or her? It was pink. I dunno.

Then we headed on our way. I did find a helmet for 75% off for Tommy. He always needs helmets. The boy is rough.

I also found some bathroom stuff for 75% off. I bought two tissue holders for like two bucks each. And a new shower curtain for our bathroom because ours is cheap. And vinyl. *Shudders* And this shower curtain was originally twenty something bucks (who would pay twenty something bucks for a SHOWER CURTAIN??) and I got it for six.

Love Target. Love their deals.

Of course I nearly forgot to pick up the one thing that I came into Target for.

The deoderant.

I was heading for checkout and then I remember, hello, the deoderant! Remember, you don't want to smell like a dude!

So I turned the cart around and headed for the deoderant aisle.

And was immediately confused.

There are so many different deoderants.

Look, the only thing I want is not to reek like BO.

I don't need to smell like a peach. Or a flower. Or...apple citrus? Huh? What?

I decided to go with Secret Deoderant because that's what I've been using for years.

But Secret is confusing.

They have deoderants called Scent Expressions.

With scents such as English Bloom, French Lavender, Brazilian Cherry, Artic Apple, Vanilla Chai..


Just HUH?

I stared dumbly at all the deoderants and then decided I better get to smelling.

So I'd open one.


Open another.


After awhile my nose was beginning to grow annoyed.

Just pick out the damn deoderant! I'm tired of breathing in shit!



I decided on French Lavender. Probably because I'm reading a book called The Other Queen and it spoke of lavender scented sheets. I have lavender embedded in my head. And isn't lavender supposed to be a stress releaser? So maybe if I have it under my pits I'll be less stressed...

Then I went to check out which was right in time because Natalie was starting to get impatient.

Later today I have to go to Tommy's yearly IEP meeting. It's always a little nervewracking to walk into a room stuffed with teachers at first. Including the principal usually. Sometimes. If she's available.

I hope Natalie behaves. I have to take her with me because even though it's Tom's day off, he has to go into the office to help a troop with paperwork.

*Le sigh*

Ahh well.

Natalie does look adorable today at least:


  1. Target excursions are always a hoot, but those Wyoming winds can mess up your outside Christmas decorations. A lesson my Christmas stake taught me the hard way last year when it snapped in two, which was very disappointing to me. Of course Tom, had to say, “I told you so.” On another note of essentials I went into Target today for deodorant because I am running out. It’s nothing personal against Tom’s Old Spice but I don’t want to smell like a guy.
    Speaking of non-essentials, Supernanny Jo Frost would probably not approve of my Dollar Spot bribe for Natalie but hey; sometimes moms have to do what moms have to do, right And speaking about something else entirely, well the winds may keep my decorations inside but hey if you ever get stranded or need help just look under 24 hour tow trucks. Be careful out there!"


Thanks for the comment!

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