Thursday, October 2, 2008

Show Love

Natalie is really into this show called Yo Gabba Gabba.

It freaks me out.


I mean what ARE those things?

They have this segment called Neat Tricks or something like that and I'm not kidding, this one little girl played the recorder. With her NOSE.

And then in the background they're chanting, "Neat trick, neat trick!"


Were we watching the same thing?

How about DISGUSTING trick?

Tom still doesn't believe it's a real show. He thinks it's on Comedy Central. He's all, "They wouldn't show this to children. It would ruin them for life!"

Actually, yes, they do show it to children, Tom.

And your daughter loves it.

But it's the only way I'm able to clean in peace. I don't pay much attention but the songs still get into my head.

"Don't bite...don't bite your friends.."


Get OUT of my head you horrible freaky-ass song!

And when we were at Target yesterday I made the mistake of going down the toy aisles. They have Yo Gabba Gabba toys and Natalie was freaking out over this stuffed toy. It was of the green one with the freaky-ass arms. I don't know the names. I had to distract her with my cell phone in order to grab it from her hands and put it away. No way was I paying $7.99 for a freaky-ass toy!

(Maybe Santa will. Dunno yet.)

But anyway.

Yesterday I went to Tommy's IEP meeting.

The good news?

He's not crying at school. He's not whining if he raises his hand and doesn't get called on. He's reading well. He's a joy to be around.


He's struggling with math.

I'm not surprised. I mean I struggled in math.

This was my expression through most of my math classes:

Then I'd realize that I was staring at the teacher with my mouth agape and I'd quickly return to my work. Only to realize that I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING!

Sometimes Tommy does get frustrated. His favorite expression?

"Maybe I'll just do this tomorrow."

Sometimes he'll be all, "Think brain. THINK," and pound on the side of his head.

So they're going to work more with him on math.

They did say that he's coming along with his speech. They notice that he's gotten so much better than last year.


Natalie started to get impatient towards the middle of the meeting. I started to let her wander around the room since the teachers said it was okay. But then she started opening all the cabinets and going, "Hi! Hi!"

So I stopped her from going through the cabinets and she got ticked. She went into tantrum mode. Where she just drops down to her stomach, spreads eagle and lets out a bloodcurling scream.

So I started digging through my Magic Purse.

I handed her the cell phone and she was happy again.

All and all the meeting went well. I told Tommy that I was proud of him for not crying and for being patient.

"Great. Can I go home now?" Tommy asked.

"Yes Tommy. We're done. We can go home," I assured him.

When we got home Tom convinced me that we ought to go to Chilis.

"But I was going to cook--"I started.

"Oh, you don't want to cook. You're tired. Exhausted even. Poor Amber. She needs to rest. I'll take her to Chilis," Tom said, pulling me into his chest.

So over to Chilis we went.

I mean no cooking for me? No cleaning up afterwards?

I'm in!

But I actually found that I wasn't totally hungry when we got there.

So I just ordered that Molten Chocolate Lava Cake.

Tom gaped at me in confusion after I ordered. When the waitress left--she wrote down my order like it was perfectly normal to order a dessert for dinner--he leaned over and went, "Amber. You can't have that for dinner!"

"Sure I can," I said with a shrug. "I never have room for it after I eat. I'm in the mood for chocolate. Thus, I'm ordering it for dinner."

It was delicious too. I shared with Natalie, who prefered the ice cream that came on top to the actual cake part. Oh wells, more for me.

And I also munched on chips and queso too. So it wasn't like that was ALL I had for dinner.

Tom always has to get queso when we go to Chilis.

He's was all, "QUESO!" on the drive down to Chilis and nearly made me jump out of my skin.

I think he just likes saying the word.

It IS fun to say...

I have pictures of Tommy. He actually allowed me to do a photoshoot!

And because he's a boy he started to do this:

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  1. dude if i could just get away with queso and chips at chili's i sooo would
    ! great pics of Tommy!!!


Thanks for the comment!

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