Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tom Might Deploy

So Tom called last night right as I was about to start a bath for Natalie. I cursed silently when the phone rang--I am not a phone person in the least, mind you. I can chat for a little bit and then I'm basically over the phone. Tom usually always called me when we were dating. He'd wake me up a lot too. I'd sleep in BC (before children) and he'd call at 10 and be surprised that I was still in bed.

And he'd tell me, "You know, it's okay if you call me once in awhile.."

And I'd explain, "Sorry. I'm just not a fan of the phone."

Which is why I never wanted a cell phone. I'm not one of those girls who want the pink one with sparkles all over it and I could care less about the iPhone. But Tom insisted that I get a cell phone for emergency use. Or because he needed a way to get a hold of me when I leave the children with him and go out shopping. So he can call and be like, "Um, where are you?"

Because to him, shopping takes no more than a half hour. Forty minutes, tops.

To me, shopping can take up to two. If I really look hard. Which I never have time to do with impatient children.

But if I'm by myself I'm trying on everything and walking slowly down aisles and just enjoying the silence...

But anyhow, I digress.

Tom called and I picked it up and barked out, "Yes?" because I saw it was him on the Caller ID.

"Guess what?" Tom said, his voice laced with excitement.

I had no idea why he sounded so happy. Usually when he calls from work he sounds exhausted and plain pissed off because one of his troops showed up late to work or something and he got yelled at because of it.

"What?" I replied as Natalie laughed and ran off butt naked. Because I had been getting her ready for her bath, you see.

"I got a deployment!" Tom sounded elated.

"To Greenland?" I wondered.

"Nope. Iraq."



I was silent for a moment. When I think of Iraq, I'm sorry, I think of missing limbs or death. I can't help it. I can have morbid thoughts.

"It would be from March until September. Only six months," Tom continued when it was obvious I wasn't going to say a word.

I was still quiet. I didn't know what to say. It seemed a bit silly to shout out congrats when a person is going to IRAQ for heavens sake. Even though Tom has been trying to get a deployment out of here for months.

"Amber?" Tom said.

"I'm here," I answered.

"What's wrong?" Tom asked, sighing.

"Six months is a long time," I said in a small voice. "And you're going to..." I lowered my voice and said in a horrified tone, "Iraq."

"But you can be happy for me. I WANT to go," Tom argued, sounding slightly annoyed.

"Tom," I said. "If I was happy that you were leaving then you should be concerned. You should be HAPPY that I'm worried about you. And that I'll miss you. Even though it will be nice not to have your junk all over the house. The house can actually stay...clean..."

I said it in a joking tone but I was totally serious.

"Anyhow," Tom said, ignoring the comment. Because to him, he's not messy in the least. "I'm happy about it. I need a break from these people. Plus, don't be sad. Remember..I get extra pay.."

Oh. Right. I had actually forgotten about that.

"Amber," Tom said, cutting into my thoughts. "Stop thinking about Gymboree."


How did he read my thoughts?

Because that's immediately what popped into my head.

Children's clothes! I can buy more children's clothes!

Though I probably won't. I'll be putting a lot of the extra money into savings.

"Natalie is going to be crushed," I pointed out as Natalie ran around in circles. She's a total Daddy's girl.

"I know," Tom said in a slightly sad tone. "But she'll be okay. Oh and remember. You and Jennifer are going to the Mall of America in April. So you have that to look forward to."

That's right. Jennifer and I are going to the Mall of America in April for a few days. Tom was going to go but then he backed out. And now it turns out that he can't go anyhow.

So yay. Girl trip.

Though Tom started to say that he thinks I need to bring some mace.

"Just in case. I mean there weren't be any men there and who knows, mall people can be nuts," he said.

I rolled my eyes. "I don't need mace, Tom. I've seen Miss Congeniality and I know how attack people with S.I.N.G."

There was a confused silence from Tom. I pictured him sitting in his desk chair with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Uh, should I even ask? What's S.I.N.G?"

I cleared my throat and sang all off-key like, "Soloflexes, instep, nose, GROIN!"

There was another silence. Then a, "You're weird," which is basically a comment Tom uses towards me at least two times per day. Sometimes more if I'm feeling particularily silly.

So yeah. As of right now Tom is set for deployment in March. Granted he says he's not going to get his hopes up too high because "the Air Force has fu*ked me over plenty of times and I won't be surprised if they take this away from me.."

I'll miss him if he goes. But I know he wants to help serve his country and that he'll be happier if he goes.

So please Air Force, give the man a break!


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