Saturday, October 25, 2008

Articles and Pictures

Six articles that surprised me while reading US Weekly.


So Hugh Hefner has dumped Holly and taken up with these twins?

Who look like they're wearing..PANTIES to an event?

They look like they were pulled out of a strip club or something.

I liked Holly.

But apparently they tried to have a baby and it didn't work. And Holly wants a baby, therefore they broke up.


Why do I even bother watching The Hills?

It's obviously fake.

And now it seems like Lauren and Audrina are fighting. Audrina thinks Lauren slept with an ex-boyfriend of hers who looks as though he's climbed out of a dumpster.

Oh and it seems like Lauren and Heidi are friends again ??

I wonder what Spencer, Heidi's creepy boyfriend thinks of that?

He seriously scares me.

Michael Phelps! WTF!?

You're on my list. You can't go getting a girlfriend.

What in the WORLD is up with these jeans? Who would wear them that high? And who would fork over $275 for them?

I don't get celebrities.

It's Jodie Sweetin from Full House! I love her. I love that show.

She was on Chelsea Lately the other day. I think we'd be friends. Granted she was addicted to crystal meth but she overcame that.

Go Jodie!

I hope you come back into the world of acting.

One Picture that Confuses Me

Why is Suri Cruise never wearing a jacket?

It's it cold in New York?

Her Mommy is wearing a jacket.

Where is Suri's?

And why do celebrities dress their children horribly? Actually Suri is adorably dressed most of the time. But some other celebrity children look as though they just rolled out of bed.

Man, if I were photographed all the time I would make sure my kid was dressed to the nines.

Heck, I'm not photographed now and my kids are always dressed up.

I'm confused.


Two Pictures that Confuse Me

Natalie enjoys watching America's Next Top Model.

In this photo she took the couch pillow down and snuggled on it while she happily watched the models don a green suit.

Natalie happily snuggles with her Daddy but I get konked in the head with her toys?



Just A Question

Um. Please tell me that I'm not the only 26-year-old who is NOT going to see High School Musical 3. A lot of people at the forum that I write at are excited about seeing it??

And some are older than me.


Do they not realize that it's a bunch of scary teenagers prancing around?

Maybe that sort of thing only terrifies me. I dunno.

It might be Zac Efron's hair that scares me off.

Or Ashley Tisdale's new nose.



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