Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Amusing Television

So over the weekend I probably watched too much TV.

On Friday I watched my usual show Ghost Whisperer. And brace yourself, a spoiler is approaching! I totally believe that there are some people who can see spirits. I’m not one of them. I am entirely too jumpy and if one appeared to me I’d most likely scream the house down. So spirits are smart not to show themselves to me.

Anyhow, Ghost Whisperer was moving along—Melinda helped a ghost, as usual, and all seemed to be well.

Until Melinda’s husband was shot.

But he appeared to be okay. They rushed him to the hospital and Melinda was told that he should recover.


He had apparently died of an embolism.

I shouted, “No, Jim!” because I apparently get too attached to characters.

Of course the show ended after that because television networks just love to string their viewers along. I think they get a sick pleasure of making us wait until next week. Or weeks later, if they’re being particularly mean.

Then I settled in to watch The Ex List and was surprised that it wasn’t even on.

So I checked online and guess what?

It got cancelled.

I was a little annoyed at that. It seems networks are too quick to cancel shows if they don’t do instantly well.

Then on Saturday and Sunday I decided to have an Office marathon.

I just love that show. It is now the funniest show on television to me. Gilmore Girls used to be but it ended so then The Office moved to my top slot.

I just love the episode where Jim finally admits to Pam that he loves her. It’s at the casino night and he’s all, “I’m in love with you,” and Pam is all shocked and you think the episode is going to end on a sad note but then they end up kissing in the office.

John Krasinski who plays Jim is creeping up to the top of My List. You know, my list of celebrities that I can hang around with even though I’m married.

Here it is so far:

1. Elijah Wood (he’s been at the top of my list for a long time. I’ve had a crush on Elijah since I was like 13 or so..)

2. John Krasinski (he totally passed Michael Phelps! I think it was the marathon that did it. He is just so stinking adorable. Elijah, you better watch out!)

3. Michael Phelps (sorry Micheal, you were bumped. But you’ve been seeing a bunch of different ladies anyhow so it’s best you get that out of your system before I meet you anyhow..)

I can have up to five but I don’t have five anymore. After watching The Notebook I had Ryan Gosling on there but it turns out he can be a bit moody and such and I don’t want to hang out with someone moody, thanks. So he was removed.

I guess I could put Hayden Christensen down as number 4. He’s pretty cute and he’s friendly to his fans which is a big plus.

Maybe I’ll add Dominic Monaghan to my list as well. He’s takes fabulous pictures which means he’s artistic and sensitive which is a big plus.

Decisions, decisions…

Oh and don’t feel sorry for Tom. He has a list too. This is what it is the last time I checked with him:

1. Isla Fisher (he has a thing for redheads…if I could look decent with red hair I’d surprise him but I think I’d be a washed out mess.)

2. Megan Fox (I think all men have her down on their list. I guess I can’t blame them. She is pretty.)

3. Amy Adams (again because of the red hair. I think it’s why he sat and watched Enchanted with me.)

He used to have Lindsay Lohan before she turned “insane” which are Tom’s words. He couldn’t believe she crashed that expensive car and was all, “Heck no would I hook up with her. She’d probably crash my truck!”

If Tom were allowed to add “regular” people (you know, people who aren’t in Us Weekly) he might have wanted to add this big breasted woman that we saw at Wal-Mart the other day just out of sheer curiosity. I’m not kidding, it looked like she had shoved two watermelons up her shirt. I usually don’t stare at breasts because I’m a total hetero but when this check walked by I couldn’t HELP but stare. I mean her breasts were like 60% of her body it seemed. But yet she was uber skinny with bleached blond hair. How was she not falling over?! I saw Tom gaping at her and I was thinking, “I wonder if she could breastfeed? I would be worried that my breasts would CRUSH my baby if they were that big…” Tom was probably thinking, “I wonder what they look like? Are her nipples huge too?”

I also watched Brothers and Sisters over the weekend. I have a bunch of episodes on my DVR that I needed to get caught up on. That show always makes me wish that I had siblings.

If anyone is wondering what to add to their Netflix I have some ideas for you. I mean they’re all TV shows but they’ll keep you busy when nothing is on TV.

Gilmore Girls (seriously, this show is hilarious!)

The Office (again, hilarious! And there’s Jim to stare at.)

Brothers and Sisters (it will either make you grateful that you’re an only child or make you wish you had a bunch of siblings…)

The Tudors (because Henry VIII rocks and it’s really funny to see a grown man pout like a child when things don’t go his way. Only in Henry VIII’s case if he didn’t get his way he’d totally have you beheaded..)

Scrubs (also very funny. I used to have a crush on Zach Braff until I learned he was a bit of a jerk in real life.)

So those are some ideas to get you started.

I need to go. I let Natalie watch a Yo Gabba Gabba episode and it’s over and she she’s going, “More? More?” and trying to mess with the remote as though it’s going to magically put another episode on.


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