Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Wii Surprise?

Does that answer your question if Tom found out about the Wii?

But let me back up.

So I arrived home Friday evening after getting my hair done. I was shaking because of A) driving in the dark and B) driving over ice patches. My hands actually ached as I pulled them away from the wheel since I had been gripping it so hard.

I shook out my hands before I picked up our dinner. Heaven forbid if I had dropped Tom's double cheeseburger on the ground. Because after all, he was starving.

As I mentioned yesterday when I walked in the door I spotted the Amazon box. I was about to ask casually if Tom had opened it but was suddenly bombarded with children.

Tommy rushed over with a paper grasped in his hand. "Mommy!" he shouted. "I got a hundred on my spelling test!" He shoved it in my face so I couldn't even see the words. And then Natalie ran over shrieking angrily, "MOMMMMM!" and latched onto my leg.

So there I was with a paper in my face, a toddler gripping my right leg while trying to hold onto the McDonalds bags.

"Wow. Fantastic job, Tommy!" I said, trying to back away so I didn't get a paper cut on my cheek. But it was difficult because Natalie was not letting up on her grasp on my leg.

"Daddy is taking me to see Madagascar 2 tomorrow night," Tommy said excitedly.

I cast a look at Tom, who was sitting on the couch watching Spongebob. He gave a nod to confirm this and then came over and took the McDonalds bags from me.

"I'm so hungry," he said dramatically and headed over to the dining room table.

It was hard to walk because yes, Natalie was still on my leg. So I sort of wobbled over to the table as Tommy babbled beside me about how funny the first Madagascar was and did I think the second one would be just as funny?

"I'm...not sure," I answered, bending down to pry Natalie from my leg.

"MOM!" she screamed in my face.

She was totally telling me off for daring to leave her.

She cheered up when I handed her a fry though. She started chewing on it but still glared at me.

I fixed her a hot dog and cut that up on her high chair tray and then sat her down.

Tom was nearly finished with his meal by the time I opened my spicy chicken sandwich.

I wasn't sure if I should even mention the package. Maybe he already forgot about it? Tom can have a short attention span when he thinks something doesn't apply to him. Maybe he simply grabbed the package from the UPS guy and placed it on the ground without a second thought.

I took a bite of my sandwich. Mmmm, so good.

"So," Tom said, balling up the paper from his two double cheeseburgers and tossed them into the empty McDonalds bag. "What's in the package?" A mischevious glint appeared in his eyes. I glanced up at him sharply.

"Did you look?" I demanded.

Tom shook his head. "No."

But the way he said it made me suspicious.

He stood up and strolled down the hall. I took another bite of sandwich and followed him.

"MOM!" Natalie screeched.

Oh no you don't! You will NOT leave my sight the rest of the night!

I saw Tom pick up the package and when he saw me behind him he started to RUN.

And I followed him.

Before I knew it we were playing chase.

I wanted to tell him to stop but I had chicken in my mouth. I rushed after him while trying not to choke.

"MOM!" Natalie screamed as we ran past her.

"What's happening?" Tommy yelled but then collasped into giggles when he saw the funny sight of his Daddy being trailed by his Mommy who had a mouth full of chicken.

"The bottom is actually opening," Tom said, peering at the bottom of the box.

Sure enough, a piece of it was flipping upward. And Tom bent down to peer inside and...

"Give that to me!" I shrieked, lunging for the package.

But Tom, who has about seven inches on me easily lifted it over his head and looked up.

"A Wii!" he exclaimed. "A Wii, a Wii, a Wii!"

And I'm sorry, but when you repeat the word Wii over and over like that it's hilarious.

Maybe just to me.

Because suddenly I started to giggle and I couldn't stop.

I mean a grown man was all, "Wii wii wii!" like a little kid asking to make a pee.

I had thankfully swallowed my chicken by then and was doubled over with laughter.

"Mommy, what happened?" Tommy asked, concerned.

"MOM!" Natalie angrily shouted. At this point she was hurling each piece of hot dog in my direction.

I managed to regain my composure and held my hands out for the box.

"Give that to me," I told Tom sternly.

He reluctantly did.

"Did you get me a Wii?" he asked excitedly. He even jumped up and down with his hands all balled up by his cheeks.

I have never seen Tom jump up and down like that.

Should I be insulted?

I mean I birthed him two kids. Hell, I said yes when he asked me to marry him and he didn't jump up and down like that.

I think I was so startled by Tom's behavior that I didn't know what to do next.

"Can I have it now?" Tom's voice cut into my thoughts.

I blinked and stared at the box that was in my hands. "No," I said. "It's for our anniversary."

Tom pouted. Complete with a lip poking out and all. "But..." he looked crestfallen.

But then I started to think that I might as well give it to him. I mean he had already seen the thing. Then I thought, Hrm. How can I use this to my advantage?

I gave a long sigh. "Oh," I said, handing the package over. "You can open it--"

"YAY!" Tom shouted.


He rarely says yay.

I held up a palm, signaling I wasn't finished speaking. Tom looked at me expectantly.

"On one condition. You MUST smile for our family photos. I don't want your constipation look."

Tom thought about this for all of a second.

"Okay!" he promised. "Okay!"

"MOM!" Natalie screamed. By now her entire dinner was scattered all over the floor and she looked downright pissed.

So I went over and picked her up.

"So anyhow, how was your day?" I asked Tom, settling back down at the table to finish my dinner.

But he was long gone.

He was already in the living room setting up the Wii.

Okay then.

After I finished eating he already had it set up.

First he made the Mii. As you can see from the top picture.

Then he started playing some games.

Natalie found it hilarious. She kept laughing whenever Tom moved.

That night Tom thanked me properly for the Wii. And said that my hair looked really nice.

"Are you just saying that because I bought you a Wii?" I asked.

Tom shook his head. "No. I mean it. It's nice."

"And remember you promised you'd smile for our pictures," I said.

"Fine," Tom sighed out as though it were the worst request in the world.

I guess we'll see if he follows through. Our pictures are this afternoon.


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