Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Another Anti-Cell Phone Entry

I just finished reading Eclipse.

Which, for those who don't know, is the third book in the Twilight series.

Don't worry, I'm not going to go ga-ga over Edward. Because to be honest, he sort of creeps me out. Maybe because I like my space. He's just always around. He's always there in her room, watching her sleep.

That's creepy to me.

I know he's protecting her and all but, I mean, what if Bella snores? Or farts in her sleep?

That's not very romantic.

And the fact that Alice, Edward's "sister" can read Bella's thoughts. That would disturb me. I think some pretty bizarre things sometimes and it's best that those thoughts remain in my head.

I guess you could say that right now I'm Team Jacob. We'll see if Breaking Dawn changes my mind.

Anyhow, on Saturday we decided to have lunch at The Olive Garden. You have to get there right at 11. Otherwise it'll be packed. I see people waiting outside to eat there all the time.

We got there around 11:03 and were brought right to a table. Well, a booth really. We always request a booth because at least it means Natalie can stand up and such. However, she started to lean over the booth and tried to talk to two women who were in the next booth over.

"Peeky boo!" Natalie said, bobbing her head up at them and then ducking down beside me.

Don't worry, I stopped her from doing it again. I happen to realize that not everyone loves my children as I do. Some people probably ought to comprehend this too. It baffles me when I see parents allow their children to roam around a restaurant. Or to stare at other customers. I HATE when other kids stare at me. If I catch Natalie or Tommy doing that I tell them to stop.

But some parents just allow their kids to STARE.

One time this one little boy (probably around 3) just gaped at me the entire time.

I waved politely at first, as I always do, and hoped that he'd move on and concentrate on his meal.

But no.

He just continued to stare.

And his parents just happily went on with their conversation.

Thankfully, this time at Olive Garden I didn't have any other children around me. Except for my own. Tommy happily colored on his paper children's menu and Natalie became amused with my cell phone.

Then this huge group of elderly people came in. We were seated across that giant party table that seats like ten or something and they all shuffled in and took their seats. I guess their entire party wasn't there yet because there were some empty seats and one old lady went, "Where are the others?"

And then a shrill cell phone ring pierced through the air. Seriously, it was LOUD.

And annoying.

I'm wondering if this old lady got it as a Christmas gift or something because she had no idea how to turn it on. She pulled it from her purse as it continued to ring and went, "How do I talk?"

Another old lady leaned over and pressed a button for her.

"Now you can talk," she said.

But I guess the person on the other end had hung up because when the lady brought the phone to her ear she went, "No one is there. HELLO? HELLO?"

It was difficult to start a conversation with Tom. We started one and then the loud cell phone started again.

"Okay, someone needs to teach that woman how to change her ringtone," Tom groaned, rubbing his temples. "That is just annoying."

The ringing went on and on because I guess the woman forgot how to turn it on again.

Then the ringing stopped.

I started talking to Tom again.

"So what are you getting with your Christmas money?" I asked.

Tom opened his mouth to answer.

And then the cell phone went off again.

Seriously, I wish cell phones could be banned in restaurants. I hate hearing them go off and I don't care to listen to other people's conversations.

(Well, unless they're particularily juicy. Like once this woman was talking to her lover I'm guessing because she was muttering, "He won't be home tonight. You can come over. Bring the lotion.")

But most conversations are dull. As in, "Where are you? I'm here." Or, "Could you pick up some milk?"

I mean geez.

"I think I'm going to get Mario Party with my Christmas money," I told Tom after the cell phone ringing had ceased. From the corner of my eye I saw a bunch of old ladies scramble around the small silver phone. I think they finally got a hold of the person who was trying to call because one of them shouted, "We're at Olive Garden. Should we order or do you want us to wait? I could order an appetizer now if you want!" Then I heard the muffled voice of the woman over the phone. I couldn't understand but then another old lady practically screamed, "YES. I can get that. It comes with CALAMARI, the MOZZERELLA STICKS and I THINK some OTHER THINGS!"

Okay, obviously that party table needs walls around it. And a door. So people don't have to be subjected to said party.

"If they weren't old I'd have told them to shut up," Tom said angrily.

Our food came soon after that. I got the chicken carbonara. Which was pretty good but I thought it was going to be so much better.

Oh well. The salad and breadsticks were delicious at least.

"How is yours?" I asked Tom, gesturing with my fork to his plate. He got some pasta with chicken and shrimp. Ew.


But then Tom was cut off.

Because yes, you guessed it, the cell phone went off AGAIN.

So we pretty much finished our food and left. As we were leaving the woman who kept calling came in. She walked past us, spotted her group and shouted, "I FINALLY MADE IT!"

No crap.

Would have been nice if you had made it like a half hour ago so I could have enjoyed my lunch.

So please. If you have an incredibly loud ringtone, please lower it when you're in a restaurant.

Or better yet, turn off your phone.

Or at least put it on vibrate.


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