Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chocolate Gifts and College

Okay, so the UPS man dropped off one package yesterday.

It was a small order from which is from the makers of Gymboree. Only slightly cheaper. They were having an excellent sale with free shipping so I bought 4 items that came to a total of $15. For Tommy. I let him pick out what he wanted since he has a Clothing Opinion and won't just wear whatever I lay out for him anymore.

It was Phil, the nice UPS guy thank goodness, who brought the box to me.

I think I've frightened Frank, the cranky UPS guy, off.

Phil knocked politely at my door and when I opened it he flashed me a wide smile.

"You get more packages than the man on the moon!" he said cheerfully, handing over my box. "I'm shocked that there is only one today."

I took it and thanked him. "Usually I don't get this many boxes," I felt the need to explain. "But is having an excellent toy sale at the moment. I ordered three more items so you'll probably be back in a few days."

Phil didn't even looked irritated. He just nodded his head and said, "Then I guess I'll see you soon."

Because he was so polite, I decided to get him a box of chocolates as a thank you. I went to the commissary this morning and bought a few boxes of those Pot of Gold chocolates from Hersheys. So good.

I bought one for the UPS guy and Tommy's teachers. And he has a lot of them. He has his regular teacher. His two resource room teachers. His two language lab teachers. Plus I got a holiday themed bag of M&Ms for the librarian since Tommy is always talking about her. He says she's very very funny.

Oh and I bought some M&Ms and some chocolates for his bus driver. He's always been patient with Tommy. Especially last year when Tommy had all his crying fits.

I have Phil's chocolates and a thank you card all ready to go. Because I think the Amazon packages may be coming today.

If it's Frank, however, he won't be getting a thing. I can do without his annoyed expression and the cigarette smell that seems to surround him.

I'm also making some cookies tonight to add to the teacher's goody bags.

Also, while we were at the commissary a lot of people admired Natalie's outfit.

She had this on:

With her furry white boots on.

This is the shirt underneath it.

In other news, I inquired on how many college credits I had.

This is what I have:

I am embarrassed over those Bs and that one C. This was before I had Tommy and I didn't take school seriously. After I had Tommy and I started to take some classes I realized that I needed to really study hard. I admit, before kids, I barely looked over my notes. I'd stroll into the class and wouldn't even care if I didn't get an A.

That all changed after I had Tommy. I guess I felt like I needed to show him that it was important to do well in school. Granted I'm not saying a B is a BAD grade...but when you know you can do so much better, it's just not good enough for me.

However, that C in College Algebra? Yeah, that was seriously the best I could do. I HATE math. Plus I took a summer course where everything was cramed into like 6 weeks. That was dumb of me to take that class. I obviously need the entire semester. I was so incredibly lost in that class.

You may be wondering what my major is?

I have no idea.

I was going for my Early Childhood Education degree. That's why I have all those Child Development classes. But then I realized that I don't really like other people's children. (Unless you're a friend of mine, that is.)

So yeah.

No idea.

When Natalie is older I hope to get my degree. I just want to show my children that college is important, you know?

Plus I know I need more for my life. I love staying at home with my children but I need more. My dream would be to get my book published. But if that doesn't happen, well, I need to find something else to do.

For some reason the idea of being a receptionist sounds appealing but I think it's just because I've been watching The Office a lot. I have to remind myself that if I did become a receptionist that there would be no Dwight Shrute or no Jim to stare at.

I also have another class that I need to get my transcript for. I took another history course.

I eventually need to do a Biology class I think. Blech.

So that's that. My college courses, thus far.

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