Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

So Tom went into work Christmas Eve night.

But then he returned a few hours later. I was startled when he walked through the door.

"You came back," I said in a stunned voice.

Tom gathered me into his arms. "Merry Christmas," he said and gave me a kiss.

Which was promptly interupted by a jealous Natalie.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she shrieked and rushed over, wrapping herself around Tom's leg. She gave me a dirty look.

Tom picked her up while I asked what he was doing home.

"Holding Natalie," Tom answered in a cocky voice.

I swatted his arm lightly. "I can SEE that. I mean...I thought you had to work tonight."

"I did. I left," Tom joked.

I rolled my eyes. Tom would never do something like that. "To-om!" I whined. "What's going on?"

Tom finds it amusing to get me worked up for some reason. He likes when I jump up and down in frustration. He says he's never seen anyone do that before he met me.

"I got tonight off. So I can sleep and be awake when you guys open presents. Unfortunately, I still have to work on Christmas," Tom explained.

Having him home was a wonderful surprise though.

He helped me set up the room when the kids went to bed.

He seemed a little shocked that there was so much.

"I thought we weren't going overboard," Tom said, gazing around in shock.

"We didn't," I replied.

Tom looked like he wanted to argue but he bit his tongue.

The room looked like this:

And then we woke up at 7:30 to open presents.

Tommy was thrilled to find the airport Geotrax.

Natalie loved that baby in the stroller.

Jennifer got this for Tommy. It's a human body toy. He's all, "There's the heart, the lungs, the small intestines.."

Grandma got him this lego plane.

He thought these were cool.

Natalie started giving all her babies to Tom.

Natalie thought this toy mat that Jennifer got her was a bed. She was all, "Night," and pretended to snore.

Tommy loved this remote control car.

Tom showing Natalie her Princess breakfast set.

The creepy Yo Gabba Gabba gang!

Tom has been begging for a new razor. I surprised him with one.

She pushes this baby all over the house.

Helping Tommy with her piano. Tommy was all, "Natalie can share it with me, right?"

Since Tom had to go into work I made dinner early. We had ham, a green bean casserole, yams, mashed potatoes and rolls. Oh and devilled eggs, of course. Tom always has to have devilled eggs.

My day went by in a blur of opening toys, plastic twisty ties, cooking, cleaning, plastic twisty ties, cooking, cleaning...

My fingers started to become sore after opening the twentieth toy. I felt like I needed to soak them in warm water or something.

And still Tommy would approach me with another toy to open.

"Can you play with the toys that you have now?" I'd beg. "We can open that tomorrow."


Towards the evening I was cursing those plastic twisty ties.

"Hate you, plastic twisty ties. Twisty ties are evil. Twisty ties are evil," I would mutter.

And you know how it hurts like the dickens to stand over a lego with a bare foot?

Try a plastic ring.

Natalie got a jewelry set and the ring must've escaped her pile. I was trying to (you guessed it) clean and I stepped right over the thing.

Pain shot up my entire leg and I shouted a word that should not be said around young ears. But I couldn't help it.

After I tucked the children into bed I took a seat on the couch. My fingers still hurt. My foot still throbbed.

But my kids were happy. And really, that was all that mattered.


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