Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Wal-Greens Debacle

So I haven't had the best day.

It didn't start out bad.

First, I had to run to the bank to cash a Christmas check. Usually family members just send us cash for the holidays. It works for us because then we can go out and buy what we want. I usually buy books. Or Gymboree. Though then I get scolded and reminded that the money is for ME and not for the kids.

"But," I'll argue, "I get just as excited buying new clothes for the kids."

Most people don't understand that though.

I did buy myself two new books with my Christmas money though.

I bought this one:

He's the author of one of my favorite books She's Come Undone. He also wrote I Know This Much Is True. Which is also a wonderful book. I've been waiting years for him to write a new book and was thrilled to find out that he had one out.

I also bought this:

It had an interesting concept. Basically this married woman wonders what life would have been like had she remained with an ex-boyfriend.

I'll probably also buy myself a few Wii Games.

Anyhow, after I went to the bank I had to go to Wal-Greens to drop Tommy's prescription for Vyvanse off. Unfortunately they do not offer it at the base pharmacy. Which means I have to actually pay for the medication.

Tommy's ADHD appointment was yesterday. They basically weigh and measure him to make sure he's growing properly.

He is.

He's now 44 lbs. For the longest time he's been holding onto 40-41 lbs.

And he's now 47 inches.

He used to be 46.

The doctor said he was perfect.


So yeah, I dropped the prescription off and said I'd be back in an hour.

Then we headed to Target to kill some time. Plus, Tommy received some Christmas money from his Great Grandma and wanted to pick out a toy.

He picked out Transformers.

Surprise, surprise.

And The Santa Clause 2. He's been watching The Santa Clause practically every night since the first week of December. When I informed him that there was a part two he got all excited. Yes, I know there is a part 3. But it was awful so we don't speak of it.

After that we headed back to Wal-Greens.

I gave my name and expected the woman to nod and go and retrieve the medication.

But no.

She went, "Oh. I tried to page you. The prescription you gave me wasn't on the proper security paper."


I had filled the Vyvanse twice before with no problems. So I sort of blinked at her for a few seconds and then told her that I never had an issue with it before.

"Well," she said, fingering the prescription paper. "This isn't the right kind of paper. I don't feel comfortable filling it."

She smiled sweetly at me and tried to hand it back.

"Uh," I said, refusing to take it. "Could you please call the base clinic? I'm positive that they'll tell you it's legit."

I gave her my own sweet smile.

The woman's smile became a little stiff as though she weren't used to people arguing with her. She squeezed the paper in her hand and said, "I'll go check," in this tight voice.

Then she turned around and picked up a telephone. I saw her dial and then mutter a few things into it. Then she hung up, turned around and gave me another tight smile.

"They said it was okay," she said. It looked like she seemed a little disappointed that she was wrong. "I'll put a rush on this," she added.

I nodded curtly and moved to the side.

Ten minutes later she called me back.

I expected to see the medication all ready to go.

But NO.

"You can't fill this now. Our records show that Thomas should have enough Vyvanse until January 3rd. We can no longer fill early." She gave me another sweet smile and tried once again to hand me back the prescription.

You have no idea how hard it was for me not to screech, "All I want is the FUC*ING medication. That's ALL I want."

I swallowed it down.

"I filled a few days earlier before," I said, my voice bordering on pissed off.

The woman shrugged as though she could care less. "Yeah, the rules changed. We got reported to the board of Wyoming and got into a lot of trouble. We can't do it anymore." She started to push the paper back at me.

I pushed it back. "Perhaps you could call the base clinic?" I wondered.

The woman looked like she wanted to shout something at me.

"Look you irritating customer, I don't have TIME for this. Take your fuc*ing prescription back and come back January fuc*ing THIRD. Okay?"

She didn't say that. Instead she gave me another tight smile, grabbed the prescription and marched over to the phone.

She returned a few seconds later. "I left a message with the nurse. The doctor is calling me back to let me know if it's okay for you to fill earlier."

So we moved to the side and took a seat in the chairs.

Tommy started to get impatient at this point.

"What are we DOING? This is BOR-ING. What is TAKING so long?"

Natalie was putting on a show for the customers though. She had on her adorable Christmas outfit complete with the fuzzy white boots. When people would ask if she was ready for Christmas she'd nod her head and go, "YETH!"

If they tried to talk with her some more she started explaining what things were to people.

"Door," she told this one old lady who told her she looked adorable. "Chair," she replied when the woman asked how old she was.

"NOSE!" Natalie shrieked when another woman said hello.

After fifteen minutes I went back up to the counter.

"Has the doctor called back?" I asked hopefully.


She hadn't.

I knew this would take awhile. Getting a hold of a doctor at the base clinic is near impossible.

So we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"Mommy! This is BOR-ING," Tommy repeated, sliding dramatically down the chair. He slid all the way to the floor and sprawled out like he was dead.

"Tommy," I hissed. "Get up right now."

"I'm sleepin'" Tommy explained and shut his eyes.

"Well you can't," I answered and bent over him. I tried to lift him back up in the chair but he went limp on me.

"Tommy Eugene," I whispered. "Santa is watching and Santa is PISSED! I mean, very very angry."

That did it.

Tommy immediately got back into his chair and gave a loud sigh.

Natalie continued to point things out to people.

"Floor! Wall! Boob!" She said the last one while pointing at me.

That got a few snickers.

I went back to the counter.

"Any luck?" I asked hopefully.


At that point we had nearly been there an hour.

And Natalie started to touch everything.

"What IS this?" she asked, handing me some sugar free cough drops.

"WHAT IS THIS?" she wondered, tossing a DNA results box in my lap. Really? Those come in a BOX now? Interesting.

So I went back to the counter and said they could just call me when they got a phone call from the doctor.

I went home and relayed the story to Tom.

I may have used the words "fu*king Wal-Greens workers" more than once.

I mean I know they have a job and all but sheesh.

About an hour after I returned home the phone rang.

It was Wal-Greens.

The doctor said it was okay to fill a little early.

Just like I thought.

So I drove BACK to Wal-Greens. At least I was able to leave the kids with Tom this time.

I went back to the pharmacy counter.

And was told it would be ten more minutes.


I forced another smile and took a seat.

Then I was finally called back.

$66 later I had the Vyvanse.


To calm my nerves I decided to stop into Gymboree. I always am cheered up there.

Plus the Red Balloon Sale was supposed to start. Which means there are a lot of clothes under $10.

Of course my store didn't have a lot of that out yet. I was told if I came back Friday that more would be out.

"I'll be here," I assured my favorite worker Dorothy.

And then I came back home. When I walked through the door I held the bag with the Vyvanse up in the air in victory.

"Look what I got," I sang out to Tom.

"Finally," he said with a goofy grin.

My thoughts exactly.


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