Sunday, December 21, 2008

Guess Who Learned How To.... tie his shoe?

That would be my son.

He's been working on it for the past couple of months. His fine motor skills have always been awkward and he sees an occupational therapist at school to help with that.

He's been growing frustrated over the fact that he wasn't able to tie his shoes.

"All my friends know how!" he'd moan at me, attempting to twist around his shoelaces.

I told him to keep practicing.

And then one morning, he all of a sudden shouted, "I did it!"

I was in the kitchen cleaning the breakfast dishes and suddenly a shoe was pushed in front of my nose.

"I DID it!" Tommy repeated, waving the show around.

And then I realized what he had done and gave a loud whoop.

He's very proud of himself.

And because I don't have much else to write about I'll just do some random photos.

Those would be the chocolates that Jennifer sent. Sometimes it rocks to have a best friend who works at Godiva. She sent me these delicious peppermint chocolates that were delicious. They were long gone by the end of the day. The only thing I haven't tried yet is the Godiva hot chocolate. I will probably try that on Saturday.

These are the cookies I made for Tommy's teachers. That's buttercream frosting on top. So good. I'll be making sugar cookies with buttercream frosting cookies for us next week. It's a tradition.

Natalie got into my chocolates again! Hmph.

This is what I'm currently reading. And ew, Bella is drinking BLOOD. I nearly got sick after reading that. No, she's not even a vampire. I won't elaborate in case you haven't read this book yet but seriously. Ew. Ew. EWWWW! So far I'm still Team Jacob.

Tommy had $20 to spend at the Secret Santa Shop at school. He bought this stuffed dog for Natalie, who immediately scooped it into her arms and told Tommy "Cank ooooo."

Tom and I got rings.

I told Tommy he could pick out something SMALL for himself. He picked out a dinosaur in goo.


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