Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Okay, I don't get it.

Natalie is infatuated with pulling her baby wipes out of the container. I just caught her doing it. I made the mistake of doing a few dishes and when I came back out she was in the middle of the living room surrounded by all her wipes.

"Hi!" she said grandly when she saw me. As though she had done nothing wrong.

And the thing is, I had put those wipes up. Out of her reach. Because she's done this before and I blamed myself for stupidly leaving them on the ground. This time I put them up.

But she grabbed a few of her stuffed animals, stood on those and got the container down.

The little minx.

Anyhow, I'm proud to say that nothing burned from my Thanksgiving dinner.

I put the turkey in the oven around noon. And let me tell you, it sort of freaked Tommy out.

"Where's the head?" he asked.

"Well, that got cut off."

Tommy looked downright disgusted.

He nearly gagged when I pulled out the neck and giblets.

"WHAT ARE THOSE?" he shrieked, covering his face.

I remembered some tips that people had given me about the turkey. I rubbed olive oil all over it and then placed butter in various places. Then I shook on some salt and paper.

It smelled delicious as it cooked.

But before we had Thanksgiving dinner I made these for breakfast:

Tommy was hesitant to eat some because last month I accidentally grabbed the cream cheese frosting one. We only like the regular frosting in this house. The cream cheese frosting has a strange aftertaste to me. Tommy took one bite out of the cream cheese frosting covered cinnabon and nearly spit it out. "It tastes," he said, chewing slowly, "funky."

This time I made sure to get the regular frosting.

While the cinnabuns were cooking we saw that it was snowing outside. Natalie was amused. Yes, she is in her diaper. It's because her diaper leaked overnight and her pajamas were wet. And I figured I'd wait to dress her until after she had breakfast. Yes, that is also my necklace around her neck. She's really into wearing jewelry these days. She likes going through my jewelry and she'll be all, "Ooo. Petty!" (Pretty.)

Natalie surprised me and actually ate a few bites of the cinnabun before demanding to be let down.

I tried to get a good picture of the kids together but it was difficult. They would not hold still.

Then Tommy wanted me to just take photos of him:

While dinner was cooking I brought in the tree:

And look. Here is the turkey:

So yes. We had a lovely Thanksgiving.


  1. Riley drives me nuts with the wipe thing too! Ugh. I have to put them up at night just in case she got out of her bed and pulled them ALL out.

    --GF Rileycadencesmom

  2. I certainly hope Santa is bringing Natalie lots of costume jewelry for Christmas so your don't "disappear!"


Thanks for the comment!

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