Thursday, December 4, 2008

Driving in the Snow

It's snowing outside. We're supposed to get dumped with 5 or 7 inches of snow. Fantastic.

Tom came home from work looking horrible. I mean usually he walks through the door looking half asleep but this time he walked in coughing and looking like death warmed over.

"Could you get me some more Tylenol and Excedrin from the commissary today?" he croaked out.

I gestured to the window. "But it's snowing."

Tom blinked at me. "So?" he finally answered.

So. SO says the man who drives a large TRUCK to the woman who drives a TINY PT Cruiser.

"I don't want to die," I explained since he was just staring at me in confusion.

Tom rolled his eyes as he sat down on the couch. "You won't die," he promised.

"What if I get stuck? Or slide into a pole?" I wondered.

Tom started pulling off his boots. A woosh of stink blasted towards me. Maybe I'm overdramatic there. Tom claims that his feet don't stink, especially now since it's so cold. I disagree. When he takes off his boots they seriously REEK which is why I insist that he jump into the shower when he gets home.

"If you leave now, you'll be fine," Tom said simply as he tugged off his other boot.

I held my breath for a few seconds.

One one thousand...two one thousand...three one thousand...okay, I think the stink is gone now..

"Well...I did want to mail a few packages today anyhow," I replied. My eyes drifted over to the wrapped packages that sat against the wall all ready to go. I had planned on mailing them today. But then I heard about all the snow and panicked and decided that I'd wait until the snow storm was all over.

Plus I felt bad for Tom because he basically has to work a month straight. The base is having an inspection and it;s is all paranoid because apparently the other nuke bases (Minot, Malstrom) failed their inspection. So Tom has to work extra hard. AND he doesn't even know if he'll get Christmas off yet.

Tom said I could keep Natalie with him. (Tommy was at school.) I refused to drive with her in the car with me in case I drove into a pole.

So I pulled on my jeans, ran a brush through my hair, shrugged on my jacket and left.

"Amber!" Tom called out in a pathetic voice. "Get the fast acting caplets. Not the tablets. I can't swallow the tablets."


I got into the car and had to wait a few seconds before the ice melted off my windshield. Then I was on my way. I gripped the wheel tightly and headed for the post office.

I slid a few times. I sucked in my breath whenever it happened and willed myself not to go into a pole. Or, you know, another car.

I finally made it to the post office and dropped off the packages.

Then I went to the commissary.

The snow was coming down harder at this point. I couldn't see very far in front of me.

"I don't like this," I said outloud. Yeah, I tend to talk to myself. I wonder if that means I'm crazy?

The speed limit on base is 30. I was going 20. I think I irritated some cars behind me but I didn't care.

I was relieved when the commissary came into few. The parking lot was covered in snow so I don't even know if I was within the lines. Oh well. I managed to park beside some other cars and then darted inside. I grabbed Tom's Tylenol and Excedrin. Then I figured I ought to pick up diapers just in case the snow storm got really bad.

I made it home safely. I slid a few more times and went "eeeee!" whenever it happened.

Tom and Natalie were both fast asleep when I got back. So I figured I could crack open New Moon for a few minutes. But Natalie seemed to sense that I wanted to do something for myself because a few seconds later I heard, "Mom? MOM?"

I have some pictures:

Then she did this and I figured Picture Time was over:

I need to go put Natalie down, clean a bit and then watch Fringe on the DVR. It's a good show. Not as good as Lost but entertaining enough.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! She looks adorable in the cupcakes!!


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