Friday, December 5, 2008

Wal-Mart Character

Oh, I keep forgetting to mention that I picked up our Wal-Mart pictures that we took.

I actually went on Tuesday before the snowstorm hit.

You seriously never know what you're going to see at Wal-Mart.

I've seen people strolling around in their pajamas. Which I guess isn't a big deal in the morning. But in the afternoon?

I've seen countless people muttering to themselves. Which again, is fine. I admit that I talk to myself. But not in public. I once passed this woman who was shuffling down the aisle saying, "But Dave doesn't like potatoes. Maybe I should make green beans? Does he like green beans? Maybe we should have a party."

I also see a lot of babies without socks. I suppose it's not strange if it's during the summer. But it's been cold here so when I passed a baby sitting in the cart with bare feet, I did a doubletake. Then I started to think that maybe they couldn't afford socks. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. But when I peeked in the cart I saw Mario Party for Wii and I know that it's $50. So if people can afford to fork over $50 for a game, surely they can afford socks for their baby?

I have to say that all the babies I encounter at Target have been properly clothed.

Wal-Mart is almost like a circus to me: you just never know who you are going to see. Or what you'll see happen.

Once I saw an old man take his teeth out and place them on the jewelry counter.

Or at the display case for the Twilight books one teenager gripped a book to her heart and shrieked, "Edward, BITE me."

Some people need to be reminded that it's a fictional book. There is no Edward. There are no vampires.

I still go to Wal-Mart though. Mainly because I like their bakery.

So yeah, I headed to the PictureMe studio and picked up my pictures. Of course the lady tried to get me to buy more.

"The studio printed extras and they can be yours for $7 a sheet. A fantastic deal!" she told me exuberantly waving her hands around for emphasis.

"No thank you," I said politely.

She looked stunned. Maybe I was the first person who told her no that day? Maybe she assumed that her jazz hands would hypnotize me into saying yes?

"Are you sure? FANTASTIC"--she said the word sharply--"DEAL!" She gestured towards a black and white photo of Tommy and Natalie together. "WONDERFUL...MEMORIES!"

At that point I wanted to giggle. I mean she was trying really hard, I'll give her that. But it was almost too much. She was like those flamboyant gays you saw in that old show where gay men taught straight men how to dress. I could feel the corners of my lips tingling and I had to swallow back a burst of laughter. Thank goodness I didn't have a friend with me. If I had, we probably would have locked eyes and collasped into loud guffaws.

"No, thank you," I repeated, working hard to keep a straight face. I hope she wouldn't realize that I was no longer looking her in the eye. I was now staring at the holiday hours and trying to focus on that.

The lady shrugged. "Fine. Okay." She seemed to have realized that she wasn't going to make an extra sale as she took the extra photos and put them away. I wonder what happens to them? Are they simply tossed in the trash? What a waste. Hasn't the company heard about going green? I'd hate to see what their carbon footprint looks like.

I took the pictures that I ordered and then went home.

I'm pleased with how they turned out. Thankful that Natalie didn't scream and have a fit. Because when Tommy was Natalie's age, he absolutely refused to cooperate for pictures.

As you can see, Tom is sort of smiling. I'll take that look over his downright pissed off expression from last year. Yeah he might look mildly constipated but I think it's the best I can get from him. It's not the best quality since I don't have a scanner but you get the general idea.

I wanted one of the kids together. I always try to get a good picture of the two of them but it never works out. Either one of them looks upset or it comes out blurry. I wish some of you fantastic OD photographers lived nearby. I'd totally fork out some cash for you to take pictures of my brood. And who knows, maybe you could get Tom to smile?

I couldn't decide which photo of the two of them I liked more. So I got both. Tom is really no help when it comes to picking out photos. I kept asking him which one I should get and he's shrug and grunt out, "Get what you want."

And then I got some individual shots.

Again, I was impressed with the children's behavior. Towards the end Tommy did start to whine that it was "taking too long" but I hummed the theme song to McDonalds ("ba da ba ba ba..") and he quieted right down.

I also have some fantastic deals to share.

Amazon is having their annual toy sale. A lot of their toys are 60% off. Sometimes even higher than that.

To see what toys are on sale go here:

And sometimes there are even more toys on sale. Just check out the bestselling toys and that will give you an idea.

Also, you can sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime for a month and get free two day shipping.

Word of the wise though: if you see something you want, get it then. Amazon prices can jump back up in a matter of hours. I see that everything I ordered last night have now jumped up to at least $10 more.

Also has 25% off everything with FREE shipping. I am trying to resist.

Happy Shopping!


  1. great pics girl! dh did a good job considering he got his wii early!!!!!

  2. Cute pics Amber! May I ask how much you paid for the whole thing at Wal-Mart. Yes, I'm a photographer, but I don't have a studio and i"d like a nice of of the 4 of us.


Thanks for the comment!

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