Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Help. I'm Lost.

Plex, the magical robot off Yo Gabba Gabba is missing.

Plex also goes by the name "creepy robot off that creepy children's show with that creepy DJ Lance who has bright orange hair" and "Who the hell is Plex?" (From Tom, the aloof husband, who probably couldn't even name his son's teacher if pressed.)

If found, please contact Amber. His owner, Natalie, misses him deeply and has been roaming the house moaning, "Plex! Plex? Where ARE you?" over and over. It was sweet at first but is now pushing on the irritating side. I mean, the child has tons of other toys. So Plex is missing? Go play with creepy Brobee. Or that princess doll that you HAD to have while we were at DisneyWorld and have only looked at twice.


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