Thursday, January 29, 2009

Plex is Back

I'm pleased to announce that Plex the Magic Robot has been found.

I discovered him in my Crock Pot. I suppose Natalie was messing in the cupboards, as she knows she isn’t allowed to do, and stuffed poor Plex inside of it. I went to pull the Crock Pot out because I must set it on the counter to remind myself to put the meat in the next day. Otherwise I will completely forget. I’m not kidding.

As I set my beloved Crock Pot on the counter—-seriously, I love it-- it’s thrilling to be able to toss chicken and some cream of chicken soup on top and not have to do anything else. Well, okay, I guess you have to flick the switch on. But that’s not a big deal. At least you don’t have to measure things and figure out what certain items on a recipe are. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve decided that yes, I will make that Rachael Ray recipe—only to be stumped by an ingredient. Of course I look it up but then comes the adventure of finding such an item. To be honest, usually I just go back to things that I know I can make. (Read: spaghetti. Or chicken with soup on top.)

Oops. I went off into a tangent. Anyhow. As I was saying, I set my Crock Pot on the counter and thank goodness I looked inside of it before quickly dumping the meat in. I did a quick glance inside and that’s when I saw Plex staring back out at me.

“There you are, Plex!” I said, behaving as though he were a live being.

Tom, who is usually comatose when he’s in front of the computer called back, “Did you say something to me?”

I grabbed Plex and rushed out beside Tom. “No. I found PLEX!”

And Tom, who had no idea who he was when he went missing, still looked baffled. “Who the hell is Plex?” he repeated, clicking one of his pixilated soldier men from his game. (Company of Heroes I think.)


I didn’t care though. I was just pleased that Plex had been found. Natalie was napping at the time so I had to wait for her to wake up. I figured she’d be thrilled. I set Plex neatly on the couch and waited.

When I went to get Natalie I told her cheerfully that we found someone special.

Natalie, who is a total grump when she first wakes up (hrm, wonder where she gets that from?), could care less. She had her face pressed into my shoulder and one of her hands was slapping at my arm repeatedly. I tried to get her to LOOK at Plex when we came downstairs. I even did a full circle while pointing wildly at the freaky robot on our couch but she would not, under any circumstances, lift her head from my shoulder.

So I had to go, “Natalie, look. It’s Plex.”

That got her attention. She peeked up and then pointed. “Plex,” she said. I expected her to squeal with delight and wiggle from my arms. But no. She just re-buried her face.


I set her down and told her again that Plex was back. PLEX. You know, the thing you’ve been wailing about for the past two days? At first Natalie latched herself onto my leg and pressed her face into my knee. But then she let go and started walking slowly over to the couch.

Yes! YES! The big happy reunion scene was about to happen.

I rushed over to get my camera. Because, you know, I take pictures of anything these days. As I was scrambling to get it, Natalie took Plex by the arm and wandered down the hall. I hurried over with my camera in tow and expected to get a look of glee.

Instead, I got this:

She's giving me a look that clearly says, "WTF do you want me to do?"

This is sort of what I was expecting:

You know. A smile. Excitement.

I thought, okay, it's because she just woke up from her nap. I can wait patiently for a better reunion.

But it never happened.


Instead, Natalie simply ABANDONED Plex and then went to play with some PAPER.

I'm not kidding.

She's been looking for Plex for two days. Pathetically calling for him. And all she does is DROP HIM and go for some PAPER? PAPER!

One-year-olds. *Shakes head*

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