Monday, February 16, 2009

Attack of the Cherubs

So I went to Target yesterday to pick up cheap chocolate.

Chocolate that is half off is exciting to me, you see.

It’s apparently not as thrilling to Tommy. A few minutes into browsing the clearance aisle, he started to trudge behind me and moan dramatically,


Honestly, it was like shopping with a miniature version of his father.

“Tommy! It’s chocolate! For fifty percent off! Look, here’s one with Darth Vader on it,” I said, my voice laced with enthusiasm.

Tommy was not impressed. He just glared at the chocolate that I was waving in his face and gave a long sigh.

“I don’t LIKE Darth Vader. I LIKE Optimus Prime,” he fumed.


He used to LOVE Darth Vader. I have pictures to prove it. One day he would only respond to Darth Vader and if you dared call him something like, I don’t know, his real NAME, he’d give an irritated sigh and go, “It’s Darth Vader!”

“Well. I don’t see chocolates with Optimus Prime on it,” I said with a shrug and put the offending Darth Vader box back.

“I don’t care,” Tommy grumbled.

Oh. Okay.

The teenage years are going to be incredible, really.

Since I was in Target, I had to go down the other aisles. It’s like the law or something. You never know what deals you’re going to find.

I found a trash can shaped like a duck for the kid’s bathroom for 75% off. This excited me. I waved it around Tommy’s face and he just asked if I was almost done.

“Why? You have a hot date or something?” I joked, placing the duck in the cart.

Tommy tossed me a Look.

I ignored his grumpiness and continued searching for deals. I found a bed in a bag set that was 75% off and I was tempted to purchase it. It was blue, so that meant that it wouldn’t offend Tom. He wouldn’t be able to say that it was too girly. But then I realized that there were CHERUBS on the comforter.

So the awesome deal went back on the shelf.

Because I knew Tom would not be able to sleep with cherubs. I could already picture his response:

“Amber? I can’t sleep. The cherubs are looking at me.”

“Amber! We can’t have sex! The cherubs are watching!”

“Er, Amber? You can’t touch that, the cherubs will SEE and tell their cherub friends!”

So, as you can see, it was just easier NOT to buy the cherub bedding. Even though I’m growing sick of staring at our manly-looking set that we own now. It’s starting to fade and quite frankly, I’d like a set that is bright and cheerful.

“Bright and cheerful sounds girly,” Tom said when I told him this awhile back.

This is why I wish we could have our own bedrooms. Then he could decorate his room like a typical man cave, complete with socks and underwear littering the floor.

And my room can be bright and cheery with dirty clothes actually in a white wicker laundry basket.

Anyhow, after Target, we went to Wal-Mart to check out their deals.

To sedate Tommy, I promised him that we could check out the toy aisle.

“Can I buy something?” he asked hopefully.

“No. Your birthday is approaching. You’ll get toys then,” I answered.

He gave a long sigh and muttered something like, “I never get ANYTHING.” Seriously kid? Your room looks like an entire section of Toys R Us. You have plenty.

As we walked into Wal-Mart, some workers were marking down the Valentine’s Day cookies.


I’m not above buying pink iced cookies that are marked half off.

I also bought these:

They were nearly impossibly to open though. You’d think you could easily pierce that plastic, right? But no. It was like indestructible plastic. It was almost like my WiiFit was blocking my access to the truffles. I got it open by poking a knife through the plastic. “I WILL eat you,” I said as the knife pierced through.

And, okay, I had to get this:

Tom took one look at it and knew why I bought it.

“Because it was sparkly?”

I clapped my hands. “You know me well.”

It’s awesome, too. I’ve never had Rice Krispy treats with buttercream icing. I highly recommend it. It's one of my new Favorite Things to eat.


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