Friday, March 27, 2009

Natalie! She's Just Like Us!

So how do you like my new blog look?

It got a much needed makeover.

Seriously, before it was green

I admit it, I'm HTML stupid. I mean, it took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to get the Feedburner thing to work. I think I even cried about it.

I always knew I wanted a pretty blog. I'd stop by other blogs and give a sigh and long to have a blog that wasn't so danged green. Not that there is anything wrong with the color green. I mean, the color green saves you from being pinched on St. Patrick's Day for goodness sakes!

But I just wanted more.

And so I stumbled across the Ruby and Roja design blog and I instantly fell in love with their work. I quickly signed up to get a blog makeover and a few weeks later a lovely woman named Sarah e-mailed me.

She's the one did my blog. And she's so incredibly patient! I admit, I would say things like, "Hrm. Not sure about the dots, can you show me other backgrounds?"

And she would do it without telling me to go suck on an egg, that the dot background is what I'm going to get and I'd better like it.

So I highly recommend Ruby and Roja! Their link is here. If you ever want your blog to look pretty, go to them! You won't be sorry.

Nothing much is going on so I think I'll do a Natalie! She's Just Like Us! entry.

It basically makes fun of how the magazine US Weekly will show celebrities doing things like picking up their laundry or *gasp* eating hamburgers. And then a caption will read: "John Mayer! He's just like Us! He picks up his laundry!"

Are we supposed to be impressed that Jennifer Aniston is eating a popcicle? (Jennifer Aniston! She's just like Us! She eats popcicles!")

Or that Brad Pitt is sipping on some Coke? (Brad Pitt! He's Just Like Us! He drinks Coke!)

So here is Natalie's version:

Natalie! She's just like Us! She enjoys playing a rousing game of peek-a-boo.

Natalie! She's just like Us! She loves driving around in pretty pink cars. (While not holding onto the steering wheel! Natalie, we don't text while driving.)

Natalie! She's just like Us! She bounces on a trampoline and goes "Weeeeee!" (And "AHHHHH!" when she's too close to the edge.)

Natalie! She's just like Us! She puts Sesame Street stickers on herself. (And the furniture!)

Natalie! She's just like Us! She loves to throw rocks. (She'd make a horrible celebrity. If the Paparazzi got too close she'd hurl a few stones at them. The Paparazzi would dub her "The Stone Thrower.")

Natalie! She's just like Us! She eats off plates with creepy characters on them. (And sticks her tongue out at the camera.)

Natalie! She's just like Us! She carries around a creepy green toy. (Hey, I DO end up carrying one around when I'm hiding it after all. I'll tell her that Brobee had to go to BrobeeLand for a few days. Sometimes I need a break from the singing.)


  1. Hey! It's Rita ... from ITW and MySpace. :) It's funny that you posted this entry about your blog today because I JUST created a page at Blogspot myself - and it's soooo boring! Your blog kicks my blog's arse! I'm glad to see the link to ruby & roja ... now I know what I'm saving up for ... :)

  2. The dots left me a little headachy...but I love the rest of the little details!!!

  3. Your new blog look is super-swank! And I love the photos...

    Have a great weekend...


  4. LOVE the new look! And the Natalie thing is cute! She's just like us!

  5. Ooooh I love love LOVE the new blog look!

    And it is refreshing to know that Natalie is just like us...but cuter.

  6. The place looks hot!

    And thanks for sharing all that info. I'm really excited about the idea of having someone create a new look. I like wordpress and all, but their themes bite.

  7. Your blog looks cute! Love the "she's just like us" photos.

  8. hi...sUmm3rsnOw from OD popping by :)

  9. Hey i've had a blog over here for awhile i just forget to use it lol so i thought i would add u. Anyways loved this entry. BTW i still have no clue what a Brobee is lol i may have to see if i can find the show here probably not lol. take care

  10. love your blog! i also really really love natalie's jumping on the trampoline dress. one of my girls is standing here saying "i want it off" (in reference to her pj's) and then "oh! oh my god! brobee!" (yes, she is two and says oh my god regularly. i can't imagine where she gets it from).

  11. The blog looks fabulous! You've done a wonderful job. Wanna come help me figure out mine?!?


Thanks for the comment!

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