Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Mom Rocks

I love my Mom.

Not only did she watch my kids for me so I was able to go on a mini vacation...

...but she also allows her grandkids to decorate her face like this:

They thought it was hilarious.

I probably wouldn't have let them put stickers on my face. I'd have been like, "Hello, get some paper and put the stickers on that."

But my Mom was all, "Sure, decorate my face to your heart's content!"

My Mom also teaches my kids about plants and flowers.

I can't plant things for the life of me. I've tried and many things have died. I swear that flowers move away from me when I walk past them. It's like they can sense that I am a PLANTKILLER.

Tommy is watering the one plant we do have. I've kept it alive for two years and I have to say, I'm shocked.

It's probably because that plant is hard to kill. Mom promised me this when she bought it. I looked at it nervously and reminded her that plants do not fare well with me.

"Don't worry. This plant is hard to kill," she assured me.

The plant started growing sideways right before my Mom got here.

I thought I had killed it.

Sometimes I would forget to water the thing so I tried to make up for that by dumping a lot of water on it.

Water spilled from the bottom of the potter.

Then when I explained the situation to Mom she told me that the plant was SUPPOSED to grow sideways and that I shouldn't overwater it.


I am just not a plant person.

Thank goodness my mother is. She has taught my kids a lot.

My Mom also gets down on the floor and plays with her grandchildren. I do this sometimes and you have to be TOUGH in order to take two rough kids who don't know their own strength. Tommy likes to barrel right into your gut and Natalie will fling herself on your back.

Here's a tip: NEVER expose your back to Natalie at her level. If you do, she'll jump on it.

I learned this the hard way when I was on my hands and knees picking up the living room. Suddenly I was knocked over by her tiny frame and she had her arms wrapped around my neck in a death grip.

"HORSIE!" she cooed. "HORSIE!"

For a two year old, she is surprisingly strong. I tried to sit up and Natalie remained hanging from my neck.

"HORSIE!" she screeched into my ear.

"Darling. You're choking Mommy," I managed to croak out.

I had to bribe her with chocolate to get her to let go.

I gasped out, "Chocolate," and Natalie dropped to the floor and went, "Where?"

She takes after me.

Doesn't my Mom look exhausted?

But even when she's tired, she still will happily play with her grandkids.

They were sad to see her go.

Mom left last week and we miss her. I always get a hollow feeling in my heart when she has to go.

But the good news is that I will see her again in June.

And that's also when I'll see my husband again.


I would also like to thank Tasha again for the hilarious book. She did a giveaway awhile back and I won.

Usually when I win a giveaway I post about it as soon as I get the prize.

The trip to the Mall of America has put me behind but I still wanted to post a thank you.

This is what I won:

The book is SO funny. It has a lot of amusing signs.

This was one of my favorites:

It reminded me of the Do Not Feed The Animal signs that are posted at the zoo. I started to picture Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson all caged up and then I couldn't stop laughing because I'm just immature like that.

So thank you for the laughs, Tasha!


  1. Whoo hoo! Glad you like it! Did you see the autographs from the authors? :)

  2. It looks like they had SUCH a great time together!

  3. Grandma's are the coolest. I am also amazed at all the stuff that my mom does with my kids with out even batting an eye. Its really cool.

    And also like you, I am a plant killer. The only thing that I can grow is babies. ;)

  4. Oh and that sign book, it looks awesome. One to add to my list.

  5. I have a lot of plants. When they die, I just replace them. This is the secret to my green thumb.

  6. Too cute! The only thing my mom does is list on Ebay ! I hope one day she realizes her grandkids are growing up and she is missing it!

  7. Your mom sounds awesome! If she's looking for any more grandkids to babysit, I've got two she can adopt!

  8. awesome! i am getting ready to do a post with pretty much the same title because she is taking my girls for the weekend! i "hear" moms.

  9. She sounds like a great mom and grandmother. You are very lucky.
    Thanks for stopping by my site on my SITS day!

  10. Your mom is terrific! WHat special memories she is making for your kiddos!

  11. Your mom rocks. Make sure to take good care of her on Mother's Day!!

    Welcome back :)

  12. hahaha! i just read my previous post and laughed out loud! i totally meant to write i "HEART" moms, not hear them! i sound like the kid from the "i see dead people" movie. actually, that might be a good about a kid who actually does hear mothers when they speak. nah...way too farfetched!

  13. I am amused by such trivial things-like funny signs. I would love that book, too I'm sure.

    Glad you all had fun with your mom!


Thanks for the comment!

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