Monday, June 22, 2009

Unexpected Chocolate

First of all, thank you for the birthday wishes.

I had a good birthday.

For starters, when I woke up I noticed there was a blimp in the sky and got all excited.

How romantic! Tom paid for a blimp to pass by the house with a birthday message!

Have I mentioned that my mind isn't all there when I first wake up?

Obviously it wasn't a romantic blimp. It was just a military blimp I guess.

Still, I was determined to have a good birthday.

When the kids started fighting I calmly said, "You can't fight. It's my birthday."

There was a knock on the door at around 11. My heart swelled at first.

Maybe it IS a romantic blimp after all!

I opened the door and there was a woman in a FedEx uniform holding a box.

Okay. So no romantic blimp--but a package! I'd settle for a package. I love getting mail.

I noticed that the package was wrapped with tape that said Godiva.


"CHOCOLATE!" I screeched and made the poor woman jump. Her eyes widened and she looked at me as though I had just told her that I wasn't wearing any panties. I took the box and thanked her and she rushed off in fear.


But I couldn't help it. Chocolate excites me.

I immediately opened the package when I got inside. I wasn't sure who it was from. My husband? No, my husband isn't romantic. His idea of romance is letting me turn off his beloved military channel. Was it from my best friend Jennifer? She used to work at Godiva and maybe she still had connections....but...Jennifer already gave me a $25 gift card to Gymboree and she's not exactly swimming in money.


Maybe I had a secret admirer. Yes! Oh my God, what if John Krasinski or Michael Phelps stumbled onto my blog and became enamored by me and sent me a box full of chocolate as a birthday gift?


I searched the box for a card:

..and I found it wedged under the box of truffles. TRUFFLES!

Okay, so it was from my parents. But still. How nice of them! It was totally unexpected.

Look what I got! I immediately opened the truffles and ate three of them.

"Can I have one?" Tommy asked.

"Er...these chocolates are for adults only," I lied. I gave him a Hershey's Kiss instead. He looked a little annoyed with me but hello, these are Godiva truffles. They are not to be wasted on children.

I ended up eating most of the chocolates in about two hours. I couldn't help myself. I'd eat one and say, "Okay, this is enough, I need to make them last.." but then a few minutes later I'd be back hovering over the box and I'd be all, "It's my birthday...if I want another truffle then I'm going to have another truffle!"

I decided to order pizza for dinner because it's against the law to cook on your birthday. I was a little full from consuming all that chocolate but there is always room for pizza. Especially pizza from Papa Johns:

And I thought, you know, it's my birthday and there are no such things as calories on my birthday so I might as well order cheesesticks too:

I am in love with Papa John's garlic butter sauce. I think it's supposed to be for the crust but I dip the entire pizza in it.

If you thought I'd be full from that, well, you're mistaken.

Because then it was time for cake.


After the kids went to bed my house looked like this:

This is because I refused to clean on my birthday.

Because cleaning is forbidden on your birthday too. Didn't you know?


  1. mmmmm cheese sticks...i'm hungry!! pizza and chocolate?! can i come over next year? glad you had a good birthday! i'm gonna go stare at the picture of the pizza for a while...

  2. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad that you ate all the chocolates and still feasted later :) That's the way to do it!

    Shawna's Study Abroad

  3. P.S. Parents always remember :)

  4. That is, like, the best birthday evaaaa!!!

    OK I have been a little crazed the last few days and I honestly can't remember if I wished you Happy Birthday, so, if I did, I am doing it again, and if I didn't...happy belated birthday!!! :-)

  5. Happy Birthday! I want a blimp!

  6. My house looks like that every day. You should see it on my birthday! Again, Happy belated birthday. I'm addicted to the garlic butter, too. MMMMMM! You are making me hungry!

  7. Seriously, the best birthday ever! That food looks scrumptious!

  8. The first chocolate my eldest ever tasted was Godiva. Because I am too stupid to be allowed to live.

  9. Glad you had such a good day and got some GREAT chocolates! I absolutely LIVED off of Papa Johns pizza in college and their garlic sauce is the best!

  10. Holy Cow. Godiva. You mom loves you. Your dad loves you. God loves you. You are loved. Hope your birthday was tom T terriffic. Blimp and all.

  11. that sounds like a great birthday. And I have not had Papa John's Pizza is SO long. I totally want some now.

  12. That looks like my kind of birthday even with the messy living room!

    Glad you had a nice day and got chocolate!

  13. Its sooo nice running into someone in blog land that has their head screwed on right and their priorities in the right order.

    :) Now I got to track Tom down and tell him to get some lights that form a heart on that blimp ASAP...

  14. I've been eating crap all day and the bad news is it isn't my birthday.

  15. Little did I know that women love blimps.

  16. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!

  17. Those cheese stix look scrumptious! I'm glad you enjoyed your night with the kids.

  18. I'm thinking you had a wonderful birthday! Good for you for doing something that was JUST FOR YOU!

  19. Good for you for hogging all of the chocolate, staying away from the stove and ignoring the mess!

    Happy Birthday!

  20. WOW! What a birthday! Happy Birthday to you and I promise I will remember all those birthday rules when my birthday rolls around! Hope everyone in my house understands!! : )

    Great blog by the way!

  21. Hear! Hear! for no cooking or cleaning on birthdays...

    Sounds like you a full day (pun intended!)...

  22. Looks like you had a birthday the way I'd like to have one lol...sorry I missed it!! Happy Belated Birthday!! Thanks for understanding...I'm hoping everyone will...I know people like yourself with so many followers will probably understand but I was worried some wouldn't.

  23. Way to go! No you shouldn't have to clean on your bday! By the look of those chocolates it had to be a yummy one!

  24. OMG great birthday! Chocolate, pizza and cake sounds wonderful!!Happy belated birthday!

  25. Happy belated birthday! And, let me tell you...that's MY kind of birthday. Especially the Papa John's garlic sauce. There is nothing better.

    I laughed out loud at you giving your son a Hershey's kiss instead of the "adult" chocolate. Good thinking!

  26. Happy Belated Birthday! Your parents > than mine.

  27. I sent the blimp. But not in the 'romantic' way. In the 'you are one cool chick with a helluva fun to read blog' way!
    You're welcome! ;)

  28. I am SO adopting all your rules on my birthday.

  29. Happy belated birthday! Blimp, chocolate--delivered to your house, pizza and cake?? Perfect! I love your birthday rules...especially no cleaning on your birthday and Godiva is for adults.

  30. Sounds like an incredible day.
    I knew I would like it on your blog.

  31. happy belated birthday...i havent been blogging or reading any for that matter here lately but ill get back on the wagon!!....i love cake!! i ate all of joshs fathers day cake after he went to work...i too love papa johns butter garlic sauce i pour it on the whole good!!!

  32. I think I'm in love with your type of birthday. I think I shall follow the practices myself.

  33. I knew you had a good birthday story when you said CHOCOLATE...and not just any chocolate but Godiva. Mmmmmm.

    Will your parents adopt me?

  34. I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday! I love the birthday rules. I never cook, clean, and eat/drink whatever I want on my birthday too! :)

  35. Happy belated BIRTHDAY to you! :)
    You are seriously too funny, I love all of your rules and laws....I will adopt them into my life for my upcoming birthday! And even though I just ate lunch, I'm now hungry again! haha!

  36. Oh my God. I love you. Come to San Antonio for my birthday. We'll have a glorious time full of pizza, chocolate (for you, I'm allergic), pie and cheese sticks.

  37. happy belated birthday! glad you had a good day!

  38. Happy Belated birthday!!! Now I"m really really hungry!

  39. Happy belated Birthday! You are so right about that kind of chocolate being for ADULTS! I never knew how much hiding of the food I'd do when I had kids, but really! They think mud pies are good, hold worms in their hands, and think hot dogs and mac-n-cheese is the best food on earth. What more can I say?

  40. I LOVE all the birthday laws! I've got to brush up on them! Happy belated birthday!

  41. I am salivating over the Papa John's cheesesticks! Those are the best! Mmmmmm...

  42. Looks like you had a good birthday! And, no, it's not a lie; chocolate is not for kids. More for me that way: )

  43. OK A: That chocolate looks yummy

    B: OMG, I want that pizza in my mouth NOW.

    C: Maybe one of those cheese things...dude, cheesesticks look nothing like that in England! They look niceeeee.

    D: You've made me hungry again now and I've just eaten Chinese!

    E: That is all. :)

  44. i completely agree with this entire post. no cooking or cleaning on your birthday and absolutely no sharing Godiva chocolate with kids.

  45. oh and Mmmmm I use the garlic butter dipping sauce for everything pizza-related, too...cheese sticks & pizza. i sometimes think i'd drink it straight from the little containers. LMAO


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