Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Amazon.Com Adventure

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but when we got home from our stay at the Denver Children’s Hospital, there was a message from UPS on the answering machine.

“Hi there! You had quite a bit of packages sitting outside your front door that didn’t get picked up. I was worried that someone might take them so I took them back to the building!”

So fine, I admit I had done some shopping before I knew we were going to have to go to the hospital. But it wasn’t my fault. Amazon was having a killer sale and I would have been a fool not to shop it. That’s not an excuse either. I would have been a fool not to take advantage of the wagon that was originally $169 that went on sale for $10. That’s not a typo. The wagon went to $10 for about ten minutes and I managed to score one. Among other things.

Tom and I were planning on picking up dinner anyhow. So I asked if we could stop by the UPS building because I had a few things waiting for me.

“Define a few,” Tom said, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Er...well, you know that cheap wagon I got? That’s waiting for me. With some other things,” I said vaguely.

“What other things?”

“Um. You know. Things.”

To be honest, I couldn’t exactly remember what all I ordered. The night the wagon went dirt cheap there were all sorts of deals popping up. It was like Amazon.com’s goal was exciting shopaholics everywhere. They’d have a deal for a few minutes, take it away and then put up another one. Some people would have found this irritating but it was like this huge rush for me. I’d find a deal, buy it, then another one would appear and I’d buy that too. Thank God for Amazon Prime, I have to say.

But anyhow, because of all the deals it was kind of a blur on what all I ordered. I knew I got the wagon...and that cheap Kai-Lan doll. And...crap...what else? I did know that nothing I ordered was over $15 so Tom couldn’t accuse me of overspending.

We drove to the UPS building and I went in. I gave the female worker behind the counter my name and her face brightened with recognition.

“Ahh yes. The one with all the packages,” she said, typing something into her machine.

Uh oh.

“Um. Exactly how many packages?” I asked lightly.

“Six,” the woman said, wrinkling her nose.

“Eight,” a man from the back called. “Two more came for her this morning.”

Shit! And my husband was out front.

“Eight?” I repeated dazedly.

“Eight,” the woman said as the man from the back started wheeling my packages out to me.

“What did you do?” he joked. “Buy all of Amazon.com?”

“There was a sale,” I said weakly. “A really good sale.

The woman handed me something to sign. “Do you need help getting this out?”

Tom was going to freak out when he saw all these boxes. And the thing was, I really didn’t get that much. Amazon.com is notorious for stuffing one thing into a box and then sending it. So really, I only had eight things. But Tom would take one look at all the boxes and throw a fit. Then I’d get a lecture on my ordering habits and I’d undoubtedly remind him that he spends just as much money on eating out when we had perfectly good food at home and that my things at least lasted while he just pooped his out. And yes, that’s a little grotesque but honestly, at least I have something to show for what I spend money on. What does Tom have? Trips to the bathroom, that’s what.

“Could you help me distract my husband?” I said as I scribbled my name.

The woman looked up with a start. “Excuse me?”

“I’ll do a dance and you can shove all of these into the back. If he sees all of this he might freak out,” I said. Surely she’d understand. Women share a bond after all.

“I’m not following,” she said, frowning. “Why are we dancing?”


And did she not hear me? I would be doing the dancing. She’d be doing the loading.

Where was the female bonding??!

“Just...nevermind. Thank you,” I said and grabbed a few boxes. I headed outside with two of them and Tom came out of the truck.

“Is this it?” he asked, opening the trunk.


Then the UPS lady came out with the rest of the boxes on one of those dolly things.

“Amber! What the hell?” Tom barked out.

“This isn’t as bad as it seems! I didn’t order that much, Amazon just stuffed in one toy per box!” I shouted as the UPS lady smirked. What was so funny? This wasn’t funny! She thought it was funny because she hasn’t had to sit through one of Tom’s lectures.

“Most of the things were under $10,” I explained.

“Jesus!” Tom grumbled. “And you bug me about buying food...”

Here it comes...the lecture...

“Thank you,” I said to the bemused UPS lady before I got into the truck.

“What other stuff did you order? We have enough stuff,” Tom complained as we drove away.

“Birthday presents! Remember, the children's birthdays are in March! It really wasn’t my fault, Amazon went nuts and put all these things on sale,” I argued.

“You know, here’s an idea, but you don’t have to buy every sale item,” Tom said thinly.

“I didn’t!” I said proudly. “If you only knew how many things I wanted to buy and didn’t. At least give me some credit.”

Tom rolled his eyes. “Fine. Just....no stuff for awhile, okay?”


Then I got home and went through everything when the kids got to bed.

Here are some of the deals I got:

(The most expensive thing was that Kai-Lan doll at $14.99. Everything else was $6.99 and below. And not just everything pictured here, but everything in all the boxes total. I find it amusing that Kai-Lan was more expensive than the wagon..)

And who could resist this inchworm thing for $7.99? I think it was originally $39 or something.

“Who do you think is putting together the wagon?” Tom asked.


“Guess again,” Tom said.

Well. Okay. I might have to put together the wagon. But surely it can’t be difficult. Isn’t it basically put together already? Please say yes.


  1. hahahahaha this is soooo funny!! So like a conversation me and my husband would have had and have had! I order "stuff" too from sales and of course it's delivered during the day and he is none the wiser, but to be caught with all 8 boxes. omg that's too funny!!!

    I've been known to come home from shopping, see his car in the driveway and drop my bags behind the front bushes. Then when he leaves or goes to bed, i'll go out and get them. lol

    Just avoidin the lecture ya know lol

  2. Haha, I can so relate! I hide packages in the car until the coast is clear!

  3. Awesome! "can you help me distract my husband"...now that is funny!


  4. Exact reason why I got a PO box and only go when I know my hubby will not be home so I can sneak the packages is. But we are on a spending freeze right now trying to get our budget in order so I am trying my hardest to be good.

  5. Shame on the UPS lady for not helping distrct your husband! I get the same talk when I go grocery shopping and buy food (mainly meat) when there is a great deal and freeze it. His mom always shopped each day so it is hard for him to undertand the thinking ahead aspect on the food. And he always thought freezing a steak/beef ruined it. He's learning that way of thinking was wrong! :)

  6. *giggles* I'm sure the worm is already put together except the wheels, maybe. But yes, you're right it really is a great deal!

  7. Well, I'm hoping you'll just have to put the handle on the wagon and that's it. But geez, that is a huge stack of boxes!

  8. I heard about that sale...a new product, what, like every 10 minute or something?? The man was staring at the screen for a few hours hoping that our Wii Fit Plus would go on super-duper-sale...but it didn't. Oh well!


  9. I have never been on Amazon yet..I think I will have to go and check it out now! And that little ridable worm..takes me back to my childhood, I've got a pic of me riding on a similar little wormy!

  10. Who could pass up deals like that? I think you did good.

  11. LOL...oh how I love Amazon Prime!

  12. ooooo yes, Amazon prime was my BFF during december. I got soo much great stuff cheap

  13. i still can't believe you got that wagon for ten bucks! we got the same talking kai lan doll. she freaks me out.

  14. Three cheers for a good deal (or 8)!

    Is the little lady's leg all better by now?

  15. Oh thank the Lord I didn't hear about this sale. I could be in some serious trouble, LOL.

    I just have to say, I had an inchworm when I was a little girl (back in the 70's) It may not compare with today's toys, but I sure did love schooching all over the place on that thing. Ah memories.

  16. Those are some great deals...I'm not sure how he could get upset about that?

  17. Wow! 8 boxes. I'd have tried to hide too. I've done that with bags of yarn...hidden them. *sigh* Great deals, though!

  18. Hey a deal is a deal right?! My comeback for situations like this always involve his motorcycle. That usually shuts him up pretty good.

  19. Ooooooooooooh my my my - Dennis is lucky we don't have money or the UPS man and I would be on a first name basis! LOL.....

    Hopefully now that he has a good job again (yay!) I can become a shopaholic again?

    Sorry you got the look, I know the look, that look sucks... even though THEY are just as bad and won't admit it...

  20. I think you did good. How often does hubby go shopping, I wonder?

  21. LOL! Sounds just like me and my husband. He hates that I shop sales, in fact he will do anything to distract me from them.

  22. Hmmm... You need to write a nice long letter to UPS explaining they need to improve their employee training program...

    And a suggestion for next time... inside UPS they have boxes... BIG boxes... you could quickly stuff the little ones into a big one so it counts one box! :)

  23. That UPS lady has no sense of helping a girl out

  24. I cant help but want that worm in adult size...just so that when someone calls and asks what Im doing I can say oh Im ridin' the worm

  25. Haahaaha! This is great. Honey, my motto is: if a man can do it, how hard can it be? You can put the wagon together....no problem!

    Have a fantastic day!!!

  26. I think I would have asked them to hang on to four boxes and came back the next day without hubs.

  27. Hmmm, when my husband lectures me about shopping, and believe me he does or at least try frequently, I point out immediately at his daily cigarettes packet ;-) 4 euros a day ...am I right?

  28. Wow, Amber, you did say you liked to shop but I didn't know how truly talented you were at it!

  29. That is exactly why I order stuff so it comes while my hubby is on daywork. I realize you couldnt pass up a great deal and you werent home....sorry you had to hear a bunch of crap about your great shopping skills!

  30. Hahaha! I love getting packages in the mail! Sadly I think my husband gets more than I do.

    Good luck on that wagon!

  31. You got a Radio Flyer wagon for $10. You got a Radio Flyer wagon for $10? YOU GOT A RADIO FLYER WAGON FOR $10????????!!!!!!!!

  32. Haha! I love the bickering between you and your hubby!

    And hey girl, do me a favor. Next time you shop Amazon go to my blog first, then click on any of the Amazon ads in my sidebar, then shop away. It won't cost you any extra, but I make a commission off of your sale! Holler!

  33. omg. i can't even feel bad anymore cuz i dont even have stuff sent to the house anymore unless it will fit into the mail slot. everything else goes either to my job, or my friend's house...cuz she has to do the same thing. LOL.

  34. Um. I'm not following. Why are we dancing?...Priceless!!

    I love me some Amazon.com! And I had an Inchworm when I was little. I didn't even know they made them anymore! You got some good deals! You get the savvy shopper award. And Tom gets...um...a value meal??


  35. Great deals! You're my hero :)

  36. The apartment office people just laugh when I walk in at least once a week to pick up something I've bought on line.

  37. I need to start shopping at Amazon! Oh my gosh, those deals are outrageous.

  38. I *HATE* the "one item per box" logic that seems to be *everywhere*. So wasteful. Every time I order things online, I try to tell them to combine my items into as few boxes and one shipment. I thought I succeeded with my last online order of two...count 'em...two items. Nope. UGH!

    Great finds, by the way. Do you donate their old toys to charities or local daycares? Cuz you find some GREAT stuff...

  39. Hey, if he was the one buying all the kids' presents, he would get it. I applaud you for thinking ahead because I am a procrastinator and end up buying stuff that is either too expensive or straight up crap.

  40. I heart Amazon in a big BIG way.

  41. That inchworm thingy is awesome! I had one when I was a kid!

  42. There's nothing wrong with a good sale. I picked up a Little People nativity scene for $17 that was originally $35 on Black Friday. Also, I got gift cards to Express, but I waited for the coupon that says Take $50 off your $150 dollar purchase. See?! Nothing wrong with shopping a sale. ;)

  43. i always say, buy, buy your heart out if its on sale!!!!!

  44. at least it was all on sale. The hubs should have been excited that you saved so much money!!!!!

    I would always total up how much i would have spent and then tell the hubs what I really paid. That way he see's just how great I did!!!!

  45. Wow. You scored some AMAZING deals. I'm thoroughly impressed. And what's with that lady not getting it? :)

  46. You simply cannot pass up the deals you got!! I understand and am totally jealous.
    Tom will get over it :0

  47. I loooove Amazon toy sales. Just today the UPS truck came down our road and didn't stop at our house and my husband shouted out, "Look! That's never happened before! He didn't bring you a box!"

  48. Damn! That's like being caught with your pants down! It's hard to pass up a good sale! Tom should know that by now being married to the Queen of the Sale Shoppers!

    The best deal looks like the inch worm!

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