Monday, September 20, 2010

Ghost Adventures

I was okay, I swear it.

Watching that Ghost Adventures show on the top Scariest Moments during the day made it okay.

I knew I couldn’t handle watching such a program at night. When I watch things like that at night I start to panic over every little noise. So I was smart and watched it during the day. And really, I was fine when it was over.

I was even fine when it got dark because by then I had watched several happier shows (Gilmore Girls, and the Survivor episode I had recorded...)

I didn’t even think about ghosts as I climbed into bed. I easily shut off the light, closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

But then in the dead of the night I felt it.

I had been snoozing on my stomach and yes, I sleep with only underwear on so my back was naked. And it was on my back where I felt the scratch.

On the ghost show, some evil ghosts were scratching the members of the ghost team.

I immediately thought of this, sat up and screamed, “SCRATCHING!”

Which is a weird thing to shout, I admit it, but when you have been sleeping peacefully for a few hours the mind doesn’t work quite right at first.

I heard a thump on the floor and did what every other self respecting twenty-eight year old would do: I dove under the covers.

Holy crap, a ghost was coming to get me. A ghost had just scratched me. Maybe the evil ghost from the show knew I was watching the program and didn’t like it and had flown to Wyoming TO TEACH ME A LESSON!

Oh God.

I stayed under the covers for a few minutes until I had to get fresh air. I peeked out and forced myself to look around.


But then Max the cat jumped on the bed which caused me to scream and hide under the covers again until I computed that it was just the cat.


Just the cat….

Then it all came together.

It was the cat that had jumped up on my back and because of his claws, he probably accidentally scraped me.

And that thump? Well, I probably had inadvertently pushed the cat on the ground. Sorry, Max.

But good news!

There wasn’t an evil ghost out to get me.

I hadn’t been scratched! Well, I sort of had, but it wasn’t anything serious.

Everything was okay!

Everything was…

“Max! Get off my pillow!” I hadn’t realized that the cat had settled down on it until I went to get comfortable.

I scooped him off and put him on Tom’s pillow. He did not look pleased with me.

I’m thinking I might be scratched in the future.

Only this time, it won’t be an accident.


  1. cat has been the source of more than a few heart thumping the night he was scratching on the window screen...

  2. My cat has his own pillow above mine that he sleeps on every night. makes it easier for him to give me those scalp massages occasionally or if I'm really lucky a facial including eyelids around 4 am.

  3. Max is lucky you don't sleep with a ghost-batting baseball bat.

  4. Scary. That's all I have today. I would've freaked out.

  5. That show freaks me out like nothing else, yet I think I've watched every episode. I watched the all-day marathon last week and have yet to convince myself that there is NOT a ghost haunting our house!


  6. Reason 27 that I'm not a cat person lol! =)
    I have a very vivid imagination -- I have to watch Disney movies (I know I'm 25) after something scary or intense

  7. Reason 27 that I'm not a cat person lol! =)
    I have a very vivid imagination -- I have to watch Disney movies (I know I'm 25) after something scary or intense

  8. haha - I too have been awoken in a panic by our cat jumping on me in the middle of the night. Bad timing my friend, when I'm in the middle of a bad dream!

  9. Ha! I thought I would check in with you and see what you were up to today. Funny story about the cat, and I really needed a good laugh! Thanks! Thanks also for visiting me once in a while. I appreciate you.

  10. You know that I adore all things ghostly, but I hate that show! It's so ridiculously put on and that Zach dude is a total drama queen. Give me GhostHunters any day.


  11. HAHAH! I always look forward to your ghost stories! Last night I was sleeping and dreamed I was in the ocean on a blow up raft and my foot was hanging over the edge of the raft and a great white was shooting up to grab my foot. When I woke up my foot was hanging off the edge of the bed, and I quickly pulled it in - just in case. Somehow I don't think great whites can live on dry land ahah.

  12. This is why I'm not overly fond of cats....


  13. I always get angry with myself if I watch something scary at night because I know that's all I think about while I'm trying to fall asleep. Overactive imagination...

  14. Hahaha! When will you learn, lady?? When will you learn. . . *shakes head*

  15. I love Ghost Adventures! But I know what you mean about analyzing every little sound. Glad it was only the kitty!!

  16. My cats do all sort of crazy stuff at night. I make Gadget Guy get up and investigate, even though he'll insist that its just the cats. Ghost and stuff freak me out, I just don't take chances.

  17. Those shows scare me too. glad it was just the cat.

  18. I love watching those ghost shows! I didn't see that one though. I did see their "top evidence" show. Most of it wasn't that impressive! LOL. I DVRed their new episode from Friday and am going to watch it when I have lunch today.

    I'm lucky in that these shows don't scare me. I just find them fun and entertaining.

  19. haha!!
    i soooo feel your pain.. when dougs on graveyard i have to be sooo careful of what i watch.. or i WILL NOT SLEEP!!!

    after something scary.. my choice of a happy show is reruns of friends!

  20. What a good "ghost story" haha! I love that show!
    Have a pretty day!

  21. I totally can relate, I used to watch Medium, late at night, on my laptop and with the light off.
    I had to stop, too scaryyyyyy!

  22. lmao Thats hilarious! I probably would have peed myself.

  23. I reckon that 99 out of every 100 paranormal encounters are probably to do with a cat.

  24. As a cat lover I am perfectly willing to believe that cats are doing the bidding of vindictive ghosts.

  25. Besides Glen jerky you could have some Max jerky. (I know, bad, sorry)

  26. Lol, my cats used the freak me out in the middle of the night. Now I lock them out!

  27. That would scare the beejeezuts out of me!

  28. I saw that show too, I was SO glad it was in the day time.

  29. Yes, all those shows are off limits for me. CSI, Criminal minds, Dateline real life murders, etc. Even some Lifetime Movies are off limits. I'm such a baby. -J

  30. Imagine...after you go back to sleep...Mr.Dracula re-emerges from the curtain and winks at Max ;)

  31. I am a faithful GA fan, and just as big of a scaredy cat as you. Husband thinks it's hilarious.
    The 1st time I watched the show, my husband had to walk me to the bathroom through out the night.
    When we watched Paranormal Activity, he had to walk me around the house at night, for a week.
    Freddy vs. Jason made me literally pee my bed. Yep. Big ol' scaredy cat!

  32. Oh no!! LOL !! Dang cat! I dont blame you for freaking out, I would have too!!!

  33. I think you should stay away from watching ghost shows day OR night!


  34. Maybe your cat is possessed by a ghost. Like a pet cemetary kind of thing.

    You're welcome. Sleep tight.

  35. Something similar happened to a friend of mine, only she was in the middle of something slightly more intimate.

    And yes, it really was a friend. I swear.


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