Sunday, December 19, 2010

Come Fly With Me

She had to have the Superman backpack.

I tried to hand over the Panda one, but she refused, clutching the Superman one to her chest.

"I want this," she told me firmly. "Not the panda."

I didn't feel like arguing. We would be leaving for the airport in two hours and there was no way I could deal with a meltdown. I was already on edge because I'm not a fan of flying to begin with. If the plane gives a jolt, I assume we're about ready to spiral to the ground.

"Fine. Use the Superman one. What toys do you want to take to play with on the plane?"

Bad move.

Stupid move.

I should have known better than to say something like that. You NEVER give a three year old a choice of toys.


"I want this, and this, and this," Natalie said, pointing to various toys. She lifted her My Size Rapunzel. "I want this." Her voice was muffled against Rapunzel's hair.

Wouldn't that be hilarious to see someone carrying a My Size Rapunzel around the airport? Actually, if I spotted someone with a giant Rapunzel, I'd at first assume it was a blowup doll. Then I'd snap a picture of it, post it on Facebook and say, "Someone was in the terminal with a blowup doll. Ew."

"No Rapunzel doll. She's too big. And you can't bring all your toys."

"Fine," Natalie grumbled.

We were getting ready to fly to Texas, to spend Christmas with my family since Tom is in Korea. I'm an awful packer. My suitcase was sitting on my bed, already stuffed. I was worried that I had gone over the fifty pound limit but I had to take all the stuff. I needed my jeans. I needed my shirts. Okay, I didn't need my straightener...actually, I did, because what if my hair turned into a giant puffball?

Natalie's stuff was in the suitcase too. (Tommy had his own.) Did she need all the cute clothes? Surely she could wear something twice. Yes, so I could pull out the shirt that says, but wait, she needed that shirt, it was adorable. Hmm. Perhaps the jean skirt, she didn't need the jean skirt...but...the jean skirt went with the Fashionista skirt really well...and she needed the brown boots, the brown boots made certain outfits.

Oh, well. If I had to fork over the cash if I went over, I'd do it. I couldn't get rid of a thing.

The drive to the Denver Airport went well.

And then we got into the Southwest line, and the worker told me to put my suitcase on the scale.

Moment of truth...

"You're over the limit," he told me.


I mean, I suspected, but since I could still pick my suitcase up, I figured it may NOT be over fifty pounds. Usually I know it's over if I can't lift it. I could still lift my suitcase so...

...but wait, maybe it WAS over and I was just getting stronger! Yes! I had been lifting five pound weights around the house...

Okay, it was only like two times in the past month but still, maybe that was enough. And I've had to carry Natalie more than usual, since Tom isn't around to do it.

I'm getting stronger! Sure, it means I have to pay a hefty fee for my bag but--

"I'm kidding," the worker smirked. "It's only 32 pounds."

Oh. So I wasn't any stronger.


At least I didn't have to pay. That was something.

"Your flight is delayed though," the worker continued.

"Oh, haha," I said, not believing him.

"No really." He twisted his computer screen around and tapped it. "Delayed till 720."

My heart dropped. Our flight was supposed to leave at 5. And now we were meant to entertain two children until 720?

I wanted to call up the pilot and shriek, "What is the MEANING of this nonsense? I demand the plane to leave at the scheduled time."

Thank goodness my Mom was there to help. She'd take the kids around to help get their energy out.

Finally, it was time to board, and a couple of hours later we were in Texas.

I never want to fly again.

Unfortunately, I have to get back home on the 29th so I have no choice.

With no help this time.

I'm scared.


  1. It sounds to me like you did pretty well, all things considered. I'm sure you'll be just fine on the return trip. Nat will have loads of new toys to occupy her!

  2. ugh. I could not imagine traveling with 2 kids alone. I feel for you.

    And since you will be hauling back Christmas gifts...well, you might go over the limit then ;)

  3. Glad you made it safely and that you had your mom to travel with you!

  4. I have just returned from a trip to my folks. I flew with my two girls alone and they surprised me by being well behalved and excited about their first time flying. I was a little nervous about how they would fly but don't stress too much. We stress more than they do.

  5. I can't imagine flying with two children - especially alone. I wish you luck.

  6. Traveling with kids is the worse. Especially overseas - 24 hours of traveling, ugh!!!

    Hang in there and have a great Christmas with your family!

  7. Have a good time! I was on a flight last week, sitting behind a family with two small kids who traveled from Alaska to Pittsburgh for the holidays. Imagine 13 hours of traveling...the kids were reaaady to get off that plane when it landed. In fact, the little girl pushed a huge man out of the way to make a mad dash to the door.

  8. Don't worry. I'm sure Tommy will behave, and on the upside, if Natalie has to pee, at least you can leave Tommy sitting in his seat - he can't wander off!

  9. I don't know if I'd have been able to control my fists. People who work for airlines shouldn't joke- EVER. ;)

  10. Sometimes I feel like flying is SUCH a hassle =/
    It's really annoying when people TRY to be funny but they aren't AT ALL! Have a good time in Texas!

  11. Have a fun time and good luck getting back.


  12. That's why I only fly with my kids IN the checked luggage.

    Thankfully, they each weigh less than 50 lbs.

  13. Have a great time! Don't worry about the return trip until you have to - that' the only advice I have.

  14. One of the last times I flew on my own with my daughter {who was then just shy of 2 years old} our plane got delayed 4 times by a total of 6 hours. It felt like pure hell. I really thought I was in an outer body experience.

  15. Brave woman. I've only ever flown with one of mine.

  16. I'm pretty sure most airlines exist to inconvenience, frustrate and constipate.

  17. i hate to fly.. with pretty much an absolute PASSION!!!!
    though-- i do hope you have a wonderful trip and a Merry Christmas!!

  18. have a great holiday! and the best of luck to you.

  19. I traveled with J&J to Texas on a plane...when they were 3&4. It was rough. Be safe!

    Maybe check my blog post about winners?

  20. At least up in the air you can't be pulled over by a cop.

  21. Flying with kids is a nightmare...really anything with kids other than being at home is a nightmare

  22. Ugh. Thankfully I've never had travel solo with my child farther than 45 mintues.

    But,on a totally unrelated side note, I just saw that you WON in the giveaway at Chik Lit is not Dead. WOO-HOO!!!!! You go girl!

  23. HOLY COW! I won too and didn't even notice until after I ran and told you. We both rock! LOL

  24. First, you probably found the only funny airline employee in the country (congrats). Second, my family and I got stuck in the Denver airport for two days. It was miserable. I am sending you lots of postive mental mojo so you will have no more delayed flights and happy little fliers!

  25. Aren't you glad you didn't downsize?

    Hope you have a great Christmas. Be safe and hug everyone lots and lots.

  26. I like to fly. Especially if it's to someplace warm. I think if I could do it without the kids, I'd actualy love it... now there's something to try.. :)

  27. I'm still giggling about the blow-up doll. Tee Hee! That is totally gross, but funny. At least you didn't get molested trying to get on the plane. But that delay was awful. Now you're in Texas! Wooo! I hope it's more scenic where you are.

  28. Give the kiddos some Dramamine on the way back. Thats supposed to knock them out right?

  29. Have a fabulous time with your family. and coming home will be fine.

  30. I don't think I would have appreciated the airline employee screwin' with me over the luggage if he knew I was going to have to wait for 2 1/2 hours...

  31. Repeat after me: BEN-A-DRYL. Merry Xmas.


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