Friday, March 4, 2011

Weather and Cake

I heard him chattering in his room.

At 630 in the morning.

Ugh. Too early. I rubbed my eyes and wished I were a morning person. Still, it was Tommy’s birthday. So I tossed the covers off of me—ahhh, cold—and padded over to the closet to grab some clothes.

“And today I’m 9 and it’s going to be a fun day,” I heard Tommy say.

He talks to himself.

He gets that from me.

Before I walked out of my room, I put a big smile on my face.

“Happy Birthday, Tommy!” I said cheerfully.

He grinned. He was already dressed, ready for his day. “Thanks! You’re smiling!”

He’s used to seeing me with my eyes half opened, looking as though I were suffering from a hangover. Again. Not a morning person.

“I’m smiling because it’s your birthday!” I answered, giving him a hug. “Just don’t go getting cranky on me as you get older. Soon you’ll decide you don’t like me anymore and I won’t be able to stand it.”

“Can I open some presents?” Tommy wondered.

“Sure. We’ll get to that. But do you know what I was doing many years ago on this very day?”

Tommy scowled. “Are you going to tell the dynamite story?”

Ahh, he knows me well.

“Yes, as you know, this quote comes from—”

“That girl show,” Tommy finished, sighing.

“Yes, so on this day, many years ago I was giving birth to you. Here comes the Lorelai Gilmore quote that I love so much: ‘And while some have called it the most meaningful experience of your life, to me, it was something more akin to doing the splits on a crate of dynamite.’” I said.

Tommy rolled his eyes. “But I was worth it,” he finished.

I nodded. “You were worth it.”

Tommy scratched his arm, unmoved. “Can I open presents now?”


We went downstairs and Tommy checked out the setup.

He noticed he had a weather book and started to flip through that. He’s really into weather these days.

“Er, Tommy?” I asked after five minutes had gone by. “Did you want to open your presents?”

Tommy glanced up from his book. “Oh. Right!”

Yup, he got a Nintendo DS game that has tornados in it.

After the presents were opened, he went back to his weather book.

Later that night we had Amanda and her family over for dinner (Tommy requested spaghetti) and then it was time for cake (CAKE!) and more presents.

That night, as Tommy was getting into bed I asked if he had a good birthday.

“I did,” Tommy assured me.

“Good.” I gave him a kiss and was about to walk out.

“Mommy?” Tommy said.

I turned.

“You don’t have to worry about me not liking you when I get older. I’ll always like you. You give me great toys.”


That’s something, I guess.


  1. With boys, its all about the toys.

  2. Awwww. :) Well gotta love a kid who has his priorities. Ha! Happy Birthday, Tommy!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I love the dynamite story, and I 100% agree

  4. It's my brother's birthday today. I hope my mom doesn't tell him the blizzard story. Again.

    Happy belated birthday to both you and he.

  5. Aw... what a good kid. Glad he liked his special day. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Tommy!!! Looks like he enjoyed his day.
    (I am so not a morning person either).

  7. I think liking tornados is a "thing" with boys that age. The kids on the bus talk about them all the time and if the sky gets even a little bit dark they are SURE we're going to have one.

    A belated Happy Birthday to Tommy!

  8. It is always tough to turn on the charm, smile and love when waking children up before the morning coffee fix. If I was really organized and quit hitting the snooze button, I could wake up and have coffee before children.

    Happy birthday to Tommy.

  9. you are a great mom. It looks like he loved his presents.

  10. Ah, that's awesome. I think those "great toy" requests are going to get much more expensive when he gets older. :)

  11. :)

    Its so nice to see a happy kid.


  12. Very sweet -- and frankly, I like the simplicity of how you celebrate; I'm a big fan of at-home birthday celebrations for kids. Despise these catered things, impersonal, expensive and overdone. What happened to that, simple at-home parties? My boys get the biggest thrill over that, coming down on their birthday morning, to a decorated table, and later, a few friends over for cake and games. Simple can be best.

  13. Oh my goodness. Tommy is NINE already?? Unreal.

    I'm glad he had such a good birthday. :)

  14. Too bad we don't live closer! Your son and my daughter would SO get along!

  15. awwwwwwwwwwww that was totally sweet.
    I have to ask though. What is on that cake?

  16. What a cutie! My baby turns 12 today. It's crazy how fast they grow up!

  17. I love the Gilmore Girls quote.
    Looks like he had an awesome birthday.

  18. What a perfect way to end the day! I love how kids "view" things sometimes. And it's sweet that he felt it important to let you know that he'll always love you. :)

  19. I have a totally unrelated question: how do you get all those little icons like digg and FB under the blog post?

  20. It looks like Tommy had a fantastic birthday. . . and you DO get him great presents!

  21. What a sweet kid! I loooove me some cake- it's the best part of birthdays. And unfortunately have a kid who likes to wake up at the crack of dawn too. Shoot me.

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  23. Awww, I love it, I needed a happy story today. Thanks!

  24. ahahaha I love that he knew that story was coming!

  25. SWEET!
    Happy Birthday to Tommy!
    Glad the day was GREAT!

  26. Happy birthday to your wonderfully, sweet boy!

  27. Oh, I love the Lorelai Gilmore quote! I quote that show quite a bit, and when I do it seems no one know what I'm talking about.

    I get odd looks quite often.

  28. Happy birthday to your son!

    My daughter went through a weather stage for years and years. She was going to be a meteorologist. In 8th grade she met the local meteorologist and watched how he did his job. When we were done, she said, "His job seems really boring. If I can't do what Jim Cantore does, I don't want to be a meteorologist." Four years later, she's planning to be a veterinarian. I guess that's more exciting.

  29. Happy birthday Tommy! I love that he ignored all those prezzies for the weather book. He really does love weather, huh?

  30. Happy Birthday to Tommy. Sounds like he had a great birthday - all those presents! Lucky boy. I love his comment at the end too.

  31. Happy birthday to your Tommy. He seems like such a sweetie :)

  32. You got his day off to a great start with your early-morning heroics. You are a good mom!

  33. Yea I'd like you too if you gave me toys ;) or booze...I'm not picky

  34. I love the pic showing his missing tooth...
    My little girl is a morning person like that, starts singing right away. Me, I need my cocoa fix first. LOL.
    visiting from SITS Weekend Sharefest

  35. Looks like it was a wonderful birthday! And ya gotta love that Lorelai quote -- very profound! =D

  36. Looks like he had a great day! I remember when my girls were that young (they are 15 & 21 now). They grow so fast.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  37. Happy Birthday Tommmy! Love the weather book! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great night! :)

  38. That Tommy..he's a hoot!

    Better keep buying those awesome presents!

  39. What great pics! We just finished up my 5 year olds bday party ... and we're bushed!

    My 9 year old would arm wrestle your 9 year old for the Lego sets ... :) They look pretty evenly matched, though.

    thanks for visiting Snapshots!

  40. Great photos, he is so cute...Happy Birthday, Tommy!
    Short Poems

  41. That is so funny! You give great toys... baawwwhhhaaaa haaa!

  42. I'm sure the toys he'll want when he gets older will be a lot more expensive! LOL

  43. Wow, he could sleep in that Lego box, it's so big. How cool that he remembered your comment from the morning and reassured you, even if it was a toy-centric reassurance. Who could blame him, really. That's a lot of good toys.

  44. Aw! What a sweet boy. =)

  45. Happy Birthday to Tommy.

    Way to go with the presents.


  46. He's right. Look at that haul! I want my next birthday at your house.


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