Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Bunny 101

“I have a question,” Tommy said seriously the day before Easter.

“What is it?” I answered. I hoped it wasn’t another question about c-sections. Tommy is currently obsessed with pregnancy. He tends to fixate on certain subjects and then he’ll move on to another.

“Is the Easter Bunny an actual bunny or a man dressed up like a bunny?”


How do I answer that?

Someone really needs to write How To Explain The Easter Bunny To Your Kids So You Don’t Damage Them. Or perhaps there ought to be a college class. Easter Bunny 101.

“Well,” I started. “Well, it’s not a man in a bunny suit. That would be scary and I’d have to call 911.”

“That’s why you didn’t take us to the mall Easter Bunny. Because he was scary,” Tommy cut in.

This was true. We had passed the mall Easter Bunny and I had shuddered.

“Is he real?” Tommy had asked, pointing to the giant white bunny with giant creepy eyes. And an unflattering huge bowtie.

“ a man in an Easter Bunny suit. He’s friends with the Easter Bunny,” I added.

So it’s no wonder Tommy thought the Easter Bunny might be a man in a suit.

“The Easter Bunny is an actual bunny...who is...magic...” I explained. Sure. That sounded plausible, right?

Tommy seemed to accept this. “What time will he drop off our baskets?”


“Um…after you’re asleep.”

“Does he eat?”

“Excuse me?”

“Does he eat anything while he’s here? Should we leave carrots?” Tommy wondered.

“He doesn’t need to eat,” I replied. I hoped Tommy didn’t want to leave carrots. We had no carrots. We had plenty of Cadbury Crème Eggs though. Mmmm….Cadbury Crème Eggs…

“What color is he?” Tommy inquired.

“He can….change colors,” I said. Why not? I already said the bunny was magic. Wouldn’t that be cool though? I’d love to be able to change my hair magically.

“What am I going to get?” Tommy prattled on.

I checked the clock. Two hours until bedtime. Ugh.

“It’s a surprise. Now. How about we watch some Spongebob? Let’s see what shenanigans Patrick gets himself into today.”

After the kids went to bed, I put together their baskets and hid eggs around the house. I munched on a chocolate Peep as I set everything out.

And yes, the Easter Bunny left me something:

The kids checked out their stuff...

Looked for eggs...

And had candy for breakfast....

I managed to make dinner edible. It didn’t exactly go smoothly though. I’ll write more about that on Wednesday.

At least the table looked nice.

So how was your Easter?


  1. Our Easter was great! Of course the kids got super hyped on chocolate and I was ready for bed at 2 in the afternoon but really, it was lovely :)

  2. How does the Easter Bunny get in the house? That is what I got...

    Ummm...He can't exactly come down the chimney like Santa was all I could think, my brilliant answer - I am not quite sure honey.

    She thinks about this, then says - I think he comes in a window in Mommy & Daddy's room.

    Check - Easter Bunny 101 - in a window through parent's room

  3. UGH.......oh bless you! You get all the fun questions. He keeps you on your toes with all the questions lately. Birds & Bees....and now the Bunny! Ha!
    Your Easter table is very Cute!

  4. Chocolate Peeps, how'd I miss that?!?
    My kids were up by 6:00am and were sugared up by 6:15. It was a long day....

  5. Looks like they had an awesome Easter! Ours was good too. I've no idea what the right response is to that question either...

  6. I look forward to hearing about the Easter Dinner! I love the tablecloth and the special glasses. You are such good Mommy! XO

  7. I know it's all fun and games until they start asking those questions, lol.

  8. Glad you were able to skirt around the Easter Bunny issue this year! I bet Tommy will just matter-of-factly inform you someday that YOU are, in fact, the Easter bunny - and just be fine with it!

  9. Even though, Hop was a terrible Movie, it pretty much answered all the Easter Bunny questions Hayden had.

  10. I hate questions like that. My son who is 17 asked me when he was 4 how our female dog "pee-peed". So I told him. With the correct anatomy description. He ran screaming from the room.
    I hate lying to makes you look like an ass later.
    Then when they grow up and become parents they understand.
    But until then its a lose-lose.

    Our Easter was awesome! Made some yum-mmy breakfast, had an egg hunt, played in the big back yard with the kids/dog/Mr. Wilson, and had the most EXCEPTIONAL burgers, Mexican corn on the was a fantastic family day. I hope your ham survived.

  11. Looks so Eastery and festive. My Easter was way quiet. My son was with his dad and my whole fam is in California - so I went shopping at CostPlus world market. :)

  12. How old will he be before you tell him the truth? (and what will Natalie say?)

  13. Edible dinner? Good enough for me. I hate the easter bunny too.

  14. Yes - my kids were all sugar-crazed by 7 a.m. But hey, as long as I didn't have to cook breakfast. ;)

  15. I hated those conversations, you did good for another year....! I eat so much easter candy I'm sick!

  16. Baskets, egg hunt, and cute table- I wouldn't worry for a second about how the food was if everything else was that perfect. Looks like a good day to me!

  17. I also don't get the Easter bunny in the mall, either. I don't mind costumed characters, but that bunny is just creepy for some reason.

    This also reminds me that I need to get to the store to see if Reeses eggs are on sale! They are the best:)

  18. Lovely baskets and table. The Easter Bunny is as real as anything else. Good for you keeping the boychick in the loop for a bit longer.

  19. Peace and quiet! I love being a Gramma! I bestowed all the goodies upon the grands during my eight day stay and then happily boarded the plane home. By the time Easter was here I had thoroughly cleaned the house, washed all of the socks I swept out from under the couch and spent the day with mt DVR while he who is pretty much a slob was at work!

  20. I love Peeps as well! Most people temporarily shun me when I admit that. And that table cloth is adorable, did you make it?

  21. One of the things that totally sucks the most about living overseas is that I NEVER get to have Peeps or Cadbury Creme Eggs on Easter- they are my favorite! The most I can usually hope for is a bag of overpriced Jellybean Factory jellybeans.

    I never know how to answer those questions about whether or not the Easter Bunny/Tooth Fairy/Santa/etc. are real or not. Part of me just wants to come clean already so that I can stop lying, but one of my biggest fears is that my kids will become THOSE kids in the class who burst the bubble for everyone else, and then I'll wind up getting angry emails from the other I keep it up. It's just easier that way!

    And I agree that the Easter Bunny is TOTALLY creepy.

  22. Your table is adorable... and you have a very good point... how does one successfully explain the Easter Bunny???

  23. LMAO, that sounds just like the conversation I had with my daughter this year!! And my kids DID decide on their own to leave two carrots and some water out for the Easter Bunny. And I had to eat them.

  24. The table looked fantastic! And I agree mall Santas and Easter bunnies are totally creepy.

  25. Does the Easter bunny change colours? What? Do your kids work for the CIA? Just go with this: I don't know. :)
    Seriously though, this was hilarious! I love your son's inquisitivity...inquisitiveness...? I don't know which word and I'm not googling it.
    Glad the bunny didn't forget about you.

  26. Love it! One time the Tooth Fairy forgot to bring money and I told Haley that it was way to windy for her to flying out and about because were having gusts up to 60 mph but the 2nd night the tooth fairy forgot again and I was a terribl terrible mom and said WELL that Witch but I didn't exactly say witch! I was trying to make her laugh because she looked heart broken that the tooth fairy would forget her 2 nights in a row! Needless to say we worked it out! I love your stories they are so funny!

  27. Easter was pretty fun over here! Our first Italian Easter, lol!!

    Your kids are great and you're doing a great job! Bella doesn't ask too many questions - free candy is free candy, right???

  28. If I could change my hair colour, I would go blonde. Just for a day. To confuse everyone.

  29. That's always a hard time....when your child is on the cusp of not believing......

    cute photos

    I LOVE the Elmo Easter basket!


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