Wednesday, May 4, 2011

25 Things About Me

US Weekly does this thing where they ask a celebrity to list 25 things about them. I decided to steal the idea even though I’m not as interesting as a celebrity. Still. I thought it would be fun. (And okay, because I have nothing else to write about today)


1. I spill something on me at least once per day. I am not a neat eater.

2. My Mom retired as Colonel in the Air Force. She’s one of my role models.

3. My Dad stayed home with me as I grew up. It wasn’t as normal for men to stay home with kids back then. He’s also a role model.

4. I can’t dance. I try, but it turns out I have no rhythm.

5. I met my best friend Jennifer when our husbands were both stationed in England. She lived right across the street from me. It was fabulous.

6. Lost is one of my favorite TV shows.

7. I like to have cake or cookies for breakfast. I feel if you eat that stuff early, you can burn it all off throughout the day.

8. I started writing stories when I was about 10. Those stories mainly were about large families.

9. I’m an only child, which is why I always loved the idea of large families.

10. I never babysat as a teenager which is why I seriously had no idea what I was doing when my son was born.

11. I tried to take a Lamaze class but I couldn’t take all the breathing sounds seriously so I dropped out.

12. I can’t do Yoga. I’ve tried, but all the chanting and the different positions make me giggle. And once, when a lady bent over, she farted and no one even reacted except me. It was like being in a room with bendy robots who didn’t laugh over farts.

13. I basically wear my Sketcher Shape Ups with everything.

14. I only have 5 pairs of shoes. I’m missing the shoe loving gene most women have.

15. This could be because I can’t walk in heels. I’ve been known to crash into things when I have them on.

16. I kicked ass in Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64. I could beat any guy, including my husband, who would pout and claim I was cheating.

17. I wish I could put things together without the help of a man. I just wasn’t blessed with the ability. I really try though because I hate the whole “woe is me, I need a man,” bit.

18. I can only dog paddle in the pool. My son, who is 9, swims better than me.

19. I hate putting my head under the water in the pool. It’s not because I’m worried about my hair, it’s because I’m worried I’ll, you know, die.

20. I’d love to have my breasts enlarged at some point—not so I can look like Barbie, but so I won’t look flat-chested when I’m laying down. I’m a 34 A and would like a 34 B.

21. I love the movie Labyrinth. I can sing all the songs. My kids would prefer I didn’t.

22. I’d like to go to Prince Edward Island one day. Anne of Green Gables made it look so beautiful.

23. Some women ask how I handle my husband being gone all the time. I suppose since I was an only child, I don’t mind being alone.

24. In high school I dragged my then boyfriend to see Titanic 5 times. I still feel bad about that.

25. I know women say this and don’t truly mean it, but I look for a sense of a humor in a guy BEFORE looks. If a guy can make me laugh, I’m intrigued.


  1. I LOVE that you dragged a guy to Titanic 5 times!! He must have REALLY liked you :)

  2. I love love your blog! I have to say that they are all awesome things but I can really relate to #7, #12, and #20! Awesome blog! I might have to try that idea! But I am not sure I can think of 25 interesting things about myself!

  3. You saw Titantic FIVE times!! With the same (unfortunate?) guy?!?! If you were making out - it must have been a nearly endless ordeal!

    LOL! What's that movie? 3 and 1/4 hours long?

  4. Love this. I may have to borrow the idea for my blog one day.

    I also can't put things together for the life of me. I say I'm spatially dyslexic. I once put a filing cabinet together inside out. No joke. You had to be in it to open it.

  5. I love Labyrinth too! It's one of my all-time favorites. And yeah, the soundtrack is awesome. "No one can blame you ... for walking a-way ..."

    Titanic five times? Curtis and I went to see it on one of our first few dates. If I had taken him to see it five times, we might not be married. :)

  6. We have so many similarities! I read this and went "yes!!! someone who understands my cookies and brownies for breakfast point of view!" and I can recite way too many lines from Labrinynth!! And I'm missing the shoe loving gene too.. I never feel like buying shoes and I own less pairs than my husband!

  7. I love your idea of eating cookies and cakes for breakfast. I'm going to start doing that.

    My husband stayed home with my kids while I worked. I think it is so good because dad's acutally play harder with their kids. At least my husband did.

    Honestly, if I went to the yoga class with you and someone farted, you and I would be rolling on the floor laughing together.

  8. I can relate to lots of these!! Someone farted in a yoga class that I went to also, and I was the only one who laughed uncontrollably and had to leave the room pretending I was having a coughing fit. Since we are discussing bra sizes, mine is the same and I wish it wasn't :( And I too hope to go to PEI one day because of Anne of Green Gables. I have read that series more times than I would care to admit. Great post!

  9. This list could have been written by me. For reals.

    I especially identify with the ones about Yoga (I would have laughed, too), Implants (dang breast feeding Cherubs), and Titanic (to this day, I will still drop everything and stare slack-jawed at the tube if I happen to come across this gem while channel surfing).

  10. All good things to know about you! I love Anne of Green Gables and Titanic too!

  11. I always say that I could doggie paddle to save my life...
    ...Poor guy! I didn't get into the Titanic craze, I saw it on video about 5+ years after it came out... but I LOVE Labyrinth -- I've had a crush on David Bowie since I was like 8.. weird, I know...
    I am WAITING for someone to fart in my yoga class! Our group seems pretty laid back, and I bet most of us would laugh - Also, we don't chant, I think that would be WEIRD!
    I love Mario Kart too! The rainbow track was my favorite!

  12. I too am an only child. As well, I don't mind being alone -- relish it rather, and the reason I DIDN't want a big family; I have a lot of trouble relating to my kids' sibling rivalry, but can understand why they don't want to share.

    I saw Titantic on the last date with my last boyfriend, knowing we would break up. Then I met my husband.

    I have fewer pairs of shoes than you -- 3. I too am missing that shoe gene. I hate shopping for shoes as much as I do glasses.

    I only babysat about once and must have been awful, since I was never asked again. I felt shellshocked the first time I had to change my son's diaper, in the hospital.

  13. 9 & 10...that could be my life you're talking about.

    And 25...make me laugh and I'm yours. Well, maybe it's not that easy, but it'd be a really good start.

  14. I have very few shoes...I lack that gene too. Of course I should try to have clean ones...oh well. ;)

  15. Thanks for this, you are a celebrity to me! Great post, so much fun! I lack the shoe gene too and I loved Anne of Green Gabels too! Thanks for always making me laugh!

  16. I love your take on cake and cookies for breakfast. I wonder if that works with brownies too :o)

  17. #'s we could for sure bond over: #7, #12, #14, #21, #23

    I wasn't an only child, but I do love my alone time.

  18. Ooh! I dragged my boyfriend to see Titanic 3 times! I also made him sit in the front row, so I could see every single pore on Leo's gorgeous face! If only I had that power over my husband... :)

  19. I love you start or want to start your day with cookies and wear you shape ups...and I know you are skinny! okay I don't hate you only because you introduced me to pumpkin pie poptarts plus you are so funny!

  20. My daughter and I LOVE to have birthday cake for breakfast - if you have never heard it, you need to look up Bill Cosby talking about chocolate cake.

  21. OMG I LOVE Labryinth! It's a classic!

    So do those shape up shoes really work??

  22. I have to admit that looks draw me in but personality keeps me. If you can make me laugh, you're golden.

  23. So agree with number 25. "Must have good sense of humor" was my motto when I was single.

    I love yoga but I too have a hard time holding back the laughter when someone farts.

    And I'm not even going to tell you how many pairs of shoes I have because I lost count a long time ago!

  24. I am very thankful that my wife believes in #25 herself - she didn't marry me for my looks

  25. Hi, I loved the 25 things list, and here are a few of case you are really interested...ha.
    1)I love to read
    2)I can't swim either and have had swimming lessons with red cross instructor (a good friend of mine)I can put my head under water as long as I can hold onto the side of the pool.
    3) I love gravy and biscuits for breakfast (my body will attest to that statement)
    4)I have two daughters, two sons-in-law, seven grandchildren plus their mates, seven great grandchildren.
    5)I love to play Farmville
    6)I love to write
    7)I am a retired teacher/librarian
    8)I love to make people laugh (you must too, since your blog is so very funny and entertaining)
    9)are you tired of this yet? ha.
    10)I am a Baptist believer in the Lord.
    11) I really appreciate you.

  26. Okay, I love that you are a messy eater too. Because my husband laughs and says I'm worse than our two year old.

  27. I love Lost, too. But when it was all over, I still couldn't figure out what the hell happened.

  28. I loved LOST ... and I'm still confused! I'm thinking maybe they all go stuck somewhere in a time capsule with the cast of Flash Forward!

    Your Yoga comment made me laugh out loud! Thank you!

    I was lying in a tanning bed (I know I know) earlier today thinking that I would really prefer to have perky young breasts that stand up and salute instead of these floppy things that lie down and play dead! Then I thought "I wonder why THAT just occurred to me!" Now I know. It's so I could share it with you! :)

  29. i don't own that many shoes either. And I wear the same pair to work every day until they start stinking then I throw them away and buy a new Cheap target pair.

    LOVE labyrinth. love.

  30. Great post! Do you mind if I snag your idea and use it one of these days? #1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 22, 23 & 25 -- YES! Except, I grew up with 3 sisters, which is exactly why I don't mind being alone. :)

  31. What was it about Titanic that made us all go see it so many times? I think I went three times!

    I'm an only child, too, and I definitely think there is a sense of independence that's instilled in us from early on. I've got it, too!

  32. #21 - Phew! I'm not the only one! Although I must confess...I may have had (still do) a teensy tiny crush on David Bowie, err, I mean, Jareth....something about those grey leggings and ruffle shirt. Hmmm...maybe thats why I have a thing for Prince too. *ponders this*

  33. Labyrinth is a fabulous movie. I don't have the shoe gene, either- I just live in flip flops.

    Can't dance here, either. Though, I take Zumba and laugh at myself as I try.

  34. It really is a positive for dealing with your hubs being gone that you were an only child. Who knew that it would help out?

    I'm a dog paddler too, which is crazy because I did take swim lessons. I DESPISE swimming though.

  35. Except for the fact that we are obviously not in the same generation (my kids were in elementary school during Titanic), we could be twins. Mario Kart and me = nirvana! Love Labyrinth. Shoe gene = gone.

  36. I don't have the shoe loving gene either.

    And maybe if you eat those cakes and cookies later in the day you'll get that extra cup size. One can dream, right?

    I figure eating that stuff in the morning is the same thing as a donut so why not?.

  37. I am also missing the shoe gene.

    And I knew that eating chocolate in the AM burned off easier throughout the day! thanks for confirming it!

  38. I would love to see Prince Edward Island too. Question? Have you also read Pat of Silverbush and Mistress Pat? They were wrote by the same author and I think they were even better that Anne of Green Gables in my book (no pun intended)!

  39. I read Anne of Green Gables no less than 15 times growing up- it's still one of my favorites. And I like your theory on cake and cookies for breakfast!

  40. Im pretty sure I have maybe 3 shirts in my closet that dont have stains on them...Im a slob when I eat

  41. I have the show gene, but my shoes consist solely of ballet flats and flip flops- I have ONE pair of high heels that I will bring out on VERY special occasions, and I think those occasions have totaled about 3 in the 5 years since I've had them. Ever since I had kids, I just cannot deal with heeled shoes. I look at those moms who walk around in them all the time and wonder how the hell they do it! Maybe when I stop having to carry my youngest half of the time I'll give them another try (I doubt it), but my big fear is that my clumsiness will result in falling down while holding my daughter, thus injuring both of us.

    High heels just aren't worth that stress...

  42. I meant to say I have the SHOE gene. I guess that is one thing I would put on my list:

    I am a crap typist!

  43. Your blog always makes me smile! Thanks for the glimpse into you.

  44. This is a hysterical list. SO TRUE about the yoga classes (happens all the time and everyone pretends they didn't notice). AWKWARD! LOL :)

    Oh, and I have the same irrational fears when it comes to water.

  45. My mom always said that she could tell what I had for lunch when I got off the school bus because it was all over my shirt. My co-workers now say, "Oops, I pulled a Courtney" when they spill. Clearly I'm totally with you on that one!

  46. The dog always hovers when I eat, because he knows I will drop something at some point and he will get to eat it. It's like having a living vacuum cleaner.

  47. #12 This is exactly why I only do Yoga at home... which probably means I'm doing it all wrong, but I couldn't maturely handle if I did it or someone did it in my presence in public!

    #20 With you there COMPLETELY!

  48. You are more interesting than most celebrities. Congrats to your mom. Wow.

    And PEI is worth the trip but don't forget to go to the other east coast provinces.


  49. We went to PEI a few years ago. I highly recommend it!

  50. "I can’t dance. I try, but it turns out I have no rhythm."

    I have two left feet - and they don't even get along.

  51. I agree. On so very many of these. Especially the sense of humor. But not the Skechers. I always feel like I'm going to fall down when I try on those shape up thingies.

  52. I love this idea! I totally agree about #3 - I always try to dance in public (much to my family's dismay). And I love #25 - the first thing that drew me to my boyfriend was he made me laugh, and let me act very very silly the first night we met, without ever making me feel like I looked silly in the bad way. I knew I was his then!

  53. I LOVE Labyrinth! I have the movie nearly memorized! Also, I own the sound track. AND-no joke-I seriously considered naming my oldest Jarreth had she been a boy.

  54. 5 pairs of shoes? I'm still in shock over that.
    And your mom is cool!


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