Monday, June 27, 2011

Back to Korea

Tom left.

No, not because of our furniture shopping experience. Not because I wouldn’t let him get the leather headboard or the couches with cup holders in them.

He had to go back to Korea.

He left on the 20th and yes, it sucked.

I had just gotten used to him again. Actually, when he came back, it was as if he never left. The only thing I had to get used to was sharing my bed because I like to spread out. There were times where I’d stick my feet out in habit and Tom would be like, “There’s a person here now!”

I wish he didn’t have to go back. But alas, the Air Force insisted. He comes home in August for good. But then we found out that at this base he’ll deploy a lot. The good news is, he’s untouchable for 6 months so at least I’ll know he’ll be around for Christmas.

And then…well, then he could possibly go to Iraq. They deploy there a lot, unless all the troops are suddenly pulled out. I really don’t see that happening though.

But I won’t think about that now.

We had to wake up at 430 in the morning so we could leave for the airport at 5. Waking up butt early is difficult for me. The alarm went off and my first instinct was to throw it against the wall. Hard. Then my brain computed why I was up so early: Tom. Leaving. Again.

“I’m going to miss you,” I said groggily as I snuggled up to Tom.

He tilted his head town for a kiss. Ew, morning breath. Maybe I’m overly sensitive to smells because Tom never minds morning breath. He’s forever trying to get me to make out with him in the morning and I’m like, “Tom, really, I’m trying not to gag here.”

Still, since he was leaving, I allowed him to kiss me and just held my breath.

Then we got ready and got the kids out of bed. Natalie was like, “But it’s still night time.” I reminded her that Tom was leaving and mumbled, “Oh man.”

When we lived in Wyoming, we had to drive an hour and a half to the Denver airport. In Oklahoma, the airport is only a half hour away. Twenty minutes, if Tom is driving. It seemed like we were at the airport too soon and then suddenly we were at the curb and had to say goodbye to Tom. (We didn’t park since he was going to just check in and wait at the gate. He doesn’t like to wait around airports.)

“Goodbye, my Daddy,” Natalie said, waving.

Tommy was more formal. “Bye, Dad.”

I was like, “Don’t leave me! Please!” and gripped onto his leg.

I’m kidding.

I told him I’d miss him and that I loved him and to have a safe flight.

“If you get bored on your flight back to Korea, play Lost,” I suggested.

Tom wrinkled his nose. “No, thanks.”

“I’ll see you in August then,” I sighed. A gust of wind blew and a strand of hair went into my mouth. It’s really windy in Oklahoma just as it was in Wyoming. Apparently we can’t escape from the wind.

We hugged and kissed and I started to walk away but then he pulled me back to his chest. I breathed in his familiar scent: Old Spice mixed with a woodsy smell and blinked the tears back.

“Bye,” I said, pulling away.

“Bye,” Tom replied, hoisting his backpack up.

And then he was gone. Again.

Luckily my Mom had come out the day before to help with the moving in. Otherwise I’d have lost my mind. She also drove us back to the house. Another good thing, as I don’t like driving around unfamiliar roads. Especially in the dark.

The first half of our stuff arrived the 17th so Mom and I could finish unpacking that.

The other half of our stuff....well, who knew when that would arrive. We kept getting the run around from the moving company.

We pulled away from the airport and the last glimpse of Tom I got was him checking into the Frontier counter.

“I’ll see him in August,” I reminded myself, to stop the pain in my heart.

And luckily I’d be distracted from the annoying task of unpacking....


  1. Sad. :-( I hope time flies by and then he's back home taking up room in your bed again...

  2. I too, hope the time just flies by...

  3. He will be back in no time. You'll just have the house in order and he'll walk in the door. You'll say, "What, you're back already?"

  4. So sorry Tom had to leave again. It has to be rough. I want to say thanks, though, and let you know how much I appreciate your family and all the families like yours who are willing to make that sacrifice. God bless and keep you all till Tom comes home again.

  5. He will be back soon! We will all pray for the time to go very fast, and when you least expect: BINGO! He is back!! Safe and sound!!

  6. Awh. I must be overly emotional because I'm sitting here crying. I can't even imagine having to go through what you do. Thank you and your family for all the sacrifices you've made and are continuously making so that we as American's be free.

    Good luck with all the unpacking. I too just moved and it's like every time I think we're unpacked completely another box just seems to pop up out of nowhere. lol

  7. Ugh. It's like a punch in the gut. :( Fortunately it's only until August this time, though ... the worst is over, at least for now.

    And you have all that lovely unpacking to do ... and new things to discover about your new surroundings! :)

  8. I'm so sorry!! My husband has been gone to another state since may and doesn't get back till August - he's not in the military, it's just work. I'm having such a hard time. so i can't even imagine what you've been through, cause your wait has been much longer than 4 months! I really think you are a very strong woman! strong and brave!

  9. praying that time flies by and he'll be back home before you know it!!! :o)

  10. :( boo. Thankfully it's *only* a month... I hope it goes quickly!

  11. First, I would like to thank Tom for serving.

    Your post was delightful if somewhat sad read, with humor sprinkled in...I will be back.

  12. Sorry to hear he had to leave so soon! I hope this summer flys by for you!

  13. August will be here before you know it! In the meantime...unpack and explore your new neighborhood. There are a ton of awesomely fun things to do here in OKC and surrounding areas :)

  14. August doesn't seem too bad considering how much time has already gone by. I'm glad the bulk of the Korea visit is over now, and I'm so happy that you had some time together!

  15. Bummer but August is that far away! Good luck unpacking.

  16. This breaks my heart. I don't know how you women do it. I give you all the love in the world. Thank you for being so supportive of our men who protect us.
    PS August is a piss in the wind a way. What does that even mean? It means it'll go by fast or something like that.

  17. Awww Amber. If I was there I'd give you a hug.

    August will be here REALLY soon! And think how great it will be when he gets home and his house is set up and his family settled in.

    Cant wait to see some new digs pics:)

  18. It never gets any easier, does it? When Alex would leave on Westpac cruises for 6 months, I felt like I was drowning. Then the Air Force year long deployments. I'm so glad he's retired now. (But he still travels about 3 weeks out of every month for the defense contractor he works for.) I am thinking of taking up with a tennis pro.

  19. I'm so sorry he had to go back again. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you.

  20. Ah Amber ... praying the next couple of months FLY for all of you! And the wind doesn't blow ALL the time here ... although it is the second line in the state song! Right after O.O.O.O.Oklahoma ...

  21. Stopping in from SITS! August will be here soon...can't believe it's almost July. We have to say goodbye a lot too because the husband travels so much -- at least every other week!

  22. He'll be back before you know it.

    Unless he runs off with a Korean prostitute.

    I hear they have a fondness for morning breath.

  23. I hope it will go fast ....learning a new area unpacking etc... will suck up your time and soon it will be August.
    Hang in there! Now you have the whole bed again woot woot !

  24. Oh, this sucks! Hopefully, the time will pass quickly.

  25. I don't know how you do it. It would be hard, even if you get used to it in a way.

  26. I hope July flies by for you. Actually, since I want mine to crawl, feel free to send me a few of your weeks.

  27. You're one strong lady. I don't know how you deal with all the moves, having to make new friends constantly, in new places; we've been here 10 years, and it's taken me that long to make real ties, friends that count. AND not to have your hubby around as you have to settle into a new home...yes. You're one strong Momma.

  28. goodbyes are the hardest. we found out Tyler's deployment date this week and it's a lot closer than we realized. I blame the preggo hormones on the fact that I've been so teary.

  29. So sorry he has to go :( I'm sure the time you spend together never seems long enough.

    I had to giggle a little at the morning breath thing though. I'm the exact same way as you, and my husband is the same was as Tom. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me, so I'm glad to know it's not just me!

  30. Big, big hugs!!! Been there, done that. We military families are always saying good-bye to someone and it gets reallllly OLD!!

    Enjoy your new home, new furniture and the joys of unpacking until he comes home! In a couple of days you'll be able to say he's coming home next month!!

  31. oh lady, i hope the days fly by and that he'll be home again soon! my brother deploys to Afghanistan in 2 weeks and it breaks my heart that he has to leave his wife and kids AGAIN! you military wives are so awesome :) hang in there!

  32. HUGS. He'll be back before you know it. :-)

  33. Uh oh, you've got me guessing. I thought first, surely not Tinker, must be Altus, then your reference to the airport so it must be Tinker and OKC. There's another AF base in Ok but I don't know where it's located. Doesn't matter, my logic is faulty.
    Have fun, enjoy.


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