Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ouch! My Neck!

I couldn’t get comfortable.

I tried to lean my pillow against the window and rest my head on it. Within two seconds my neck started to tense up.

I tried to set my pillow on my lap and lean down.

My neck didn’t like that either.

It didn’t help that Tom had his music on. Tom doesn’t listen to music I like. He listens to music where the artist crones about bitches and hoes. I couldn’t ask him to turn it off though. He was doing all the driving from Wyoming to Oklahoma.

“What’s wrong?” Tom asked, noticing me sit up. I was massaging my neck and scowling at the pillow.

“I’m too old to sleep during road trips,” I answered. When I was younger I could curl into a ball and sleep like that. Now if I tried to curl into a ball my knees would cramp.

It was midnight and we had just driven away from our base in Wyoming for the last time. We were on our way to our new base in Oklahoma, about a nine hour drive. Tom prefers to travel at night so the kids are asleep. And they were. Fast asleep, I mean. I wished I could get some sleep.

“And I like them bitches and hoes,” Tom’s music blared.

“Your music sucks,” I mumbled as I attempted to get comfortable. Why couldn’t we be rich and travel in a comfortable tour bus?

“My music doesn’t suck. Yours does,” Tom retorted.

“Mine has real lyrics. Happy lyrics,” I argued. I mean, really. Why must men constantly rap about women being hoes? It’s been done. Move on. I fluffed my pillow a few times and leaned it against the window again. This would just have to do.

I managed to sleep on and off. Each time I’d wake up my neck would be killing me. And a few times I dreamed about bitches and hoes.

I’m kidding.

We made it to Oklahoma in the morning. The first thing we did was drive to the housing office to see if we could get our house that day instead of waiting tomorrow. When Tom ran inside to get all the paperwork, I waited in the car with the kids and the cat, who was beginning to meow pathetically. It sounded like we had a sick child in the car from the way he was carrying on.

I decided to stretch my legs so I opened the car door and…

…holy crap, extreme heat. See, I had left Wyoming where the high had been in the sixties. Suddenly it was ninety degrees.

Needless to say I got right back into the air conditioned car.

“Meowwwww….meowww…” Max the cat whined.

“Hold on, Max,” I said.


“Mommy, he sounds sad,” Tommy said, sticking his face up to Max’s cage.


“Maybe he has to poop?” Natalie suggested. She’s been really into poop these days. It’s all she wants to talk about. Like she calls me a Poop Face. Or she’ll say, “Hi, I’m Natalie and I poop. Do you?”

Crap though. Maybe Max DID have to poop. Hopefully we could get into the house…

Tom appeared a little while later and good news! We could get in the house early. We followed a worker from housing to our new home and she let us in.

I was impressed. Everything is brand new. And we even have a fridge that has water and an ice maker on the front.

Pictures will follow when it’s furnished. I’ve posted some on my Twitter account.

The new house though?

Is wonderful. It’s the nicest base housing we lived at and this is probably because these are privatized. That means it’s run by a non-military company but it’s still base housing. They even mow the front yard for you. Win!

After we were handed over the keys to our new home, Tom and I danced in the kitchen.

“Look at this fridge with the ice maker on the front!” I yelled.

“Look at this garage where I can put all my tools!” Tom yelled.

“Look at Max squatting on the floor!” Natalie yelled.

Crap! We scrambled to get his cat box set up and placed him in it. There would be no messing up our new floors.

“Now we just need to go furniture shopping,” Tom said.

True. We needed a couch and a bedroom set.

That adventure will be in tomorrow’s post. Furniture shopping with a husband who has different taste than my own=blog fodder.


  1. Glad you guys had a safe trip, sorry about the neck cramps though!

    That is wonderful that the house is so nice, score! ☺

    Can't wait for pictures.

  2. You are SO right about not being able to sleep in the car once you hit a certain age. I do that on very short trips and wake up disgusted at my spouse as if it's his fault I'm old...*sigh*.....

  3. Ugh..Thank goodness no cat poo. I'm no stranger to roadtrips..Just think four month old, dog, 24 hour car ride....Yeh. We did that. No hotel in the middle, either. My husband never heard the end of it. I'm glad that your house is beautious. Can't wait to see pictures!

  4. Awesome for you! Glad you made it.

  5. Max just wanted to present you with a house-warming gift.

  6. That last part made me laugh out loud. The new place sounds great. Glad it's a place you guys really like. I can't wait to see pictures.

  7. Priceless! This post was just perfect! What a gift you have with the words. I admire you!

    I am glad you are happy with the house, and wish you all the best!

  8. Glad you arrived in one piece, and that the floors were safe.

    Congrats on the icemaker. You deserve it, and your new couch.

  9. Glad you made it safely. Can't wait to see pictures!

  10. I am glad for you. Can't wait to see it.

  11. You made it! Glad to hear the house looks good. Good luck with the furniture shopping, can't wait to hear about it.

  12. Congrats on making it to Oklahoma! I can imagine that the weather is going to be quite different from Wyoming... :-)

    Maybe wait until Tom leaves again to purchase furniture? Then you can pick everything out yourself (ha ha I am evil).

  13. Glad to hear you all made it there.

    Did you think about maybe telling Tom you'll get the furniture after he goes back to Korea? Then you can get what you want. It might be worth sleeping with the kids.

  14. I've never been able to sleep in the car! It sucks!

    My cat freaks out in the car. I have no idea what it'll be like when we plan our cross-country road trip... it'll be like a 24 hour drive with the dog and the cat. Yikes.

  15. As much as moving sucks, there's something to be said for a brand new house. The refrigerator sounds pretty awesome too, lol. :)

  16. Glad you made it safely! And I'm super glad Max didn't poop on your floor!


  17. I'm jealous of your ice maker! Ours broke and hubby still hasn't fixed it. He also is "unable" or as I like to call it incapable of emptying ice trays. ;)

    Glad you like your new house. Enjoy furniture shopping!

  18. Poor Max.

    And the stuff Tom listens to isn't "music"...sorry.

    ...but...I would like to hear more about YOUR dream about b*tches and hoes.


  19. I dream about monkeys, jaguars and tigers. Bitches and hoes may be more calming. lol Glad you guys made it safe and sound! And the house sounds great.

  20. Good luck shopping.....can't wait to see pictures!

  21. Congrats on the move! Being in a new house is always exciting ;). And I know what you mean about the neck thing- 2 days ago we spent 20 straight hours in the car on our drive from MI to TX - yuck!

  22. Boy, I remember these military days. We had base loaner furniture at one time and they sent out a slick 60's plastic sofa that we'd literally slide off of when trying to sit. It was hysterical. And, we needed base housing to send a bed for my husband and I to temporarily use since we were in Europe, they sent one TWIN bed. It was interesting since my husband is over 6 foot, but we were newlyweds and wanted to be together and we SURE were CLOSELY together. Those were the days! Your adventure will be more and more precious as the years pass. I celebrate your fridge WITH ice-make with you. And, even though I'm from Texas, I can understand the Southern heat being oppressive. You'll get used to it. Ok, that's not the truth, but you'll learn to use sieste time wisely! haha The bitches and hoes are feeling for you!!

  23. Natalie will be sure to make quick friends! "Hi! I'm Natalie and I poop. Do you?" Hahahaha! Love it!

  24. Glad your home is nice after enduring a long drive with painful music LOL it was nice that the ending was a beautiful home.

  25. I share your opinion of Tom's music. Yuck!

    I'm glad to hear Oklahoma offered you a warm welcome and a nice home!

  26. Here's a trick or two for the next time you need furniture....1) either you go first and scout out all the possibles and then let him come and pick out of what you've chosen or 2) just go alone and buy it alone.

    It's foolproof.

  27. Can't wait to see pictures! Celebrate your new home with new furniture and no cat poop, good deal!

  28. Glad you had a safe trip! Can't wait to see pics of your new home :)

  29. I sympathize about going furniture shopping with your husband! Every time we move to a new country, we have to do the same thing, and it is not fun...just make sure that you get your way on the couch, even if it means giving in to his taste in other areas!

    I'm jealous of the fridge! I'm still waiting for the day when I get my dream fridge, with ice maker and water spout...enjoy!

  30. Didn't you know you were supposed to buy the new furniture when he's AWAY??? It's in the military spouse's handbook, girl! LOL!

    Enjoy your new home and I can't wait to hear more!!!

  31. We drove once from Ohio to Hilton Head with a 3yr old and a 6wk old. They slept, I didn't. It was tons of fun. We didn't have a cat with us though, that might have made it more interesting....

  32. It's the little things in life like fridges that make us giddy...
    PS. Bitches and hoes sounds like my kind of music...sorry I'm siding with Tom

  33. That kind of music makes me really angry and really violent. You are a better person than I for listening to it.

    Glad you made it and Max didn't poop in your car.


  34. They mow your lawn? Amazing! Glad you had a safe trip!

  35. I thought my husband was the only one who listened to that garbage music! OMG it's horrid, and the lyrics are SO flipping stupid.
    The new place sounds great, enjoy!

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