Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soldier Cards by SemperWifey Review

In this digital age, I still prefer a handwritten letter.

In fact, I handwrite thank you cards. I don’t shoot off a text, I don’t e-mail…, I sit down and write a proper thank you letter.

This means that I love stationary. I have many different kinds: flowery, glittery, pink, purple...

And now, soldier.

Aren’t these cute?

I got them from SemperWifey. She has a fabulous Etsy shop where she sells these cards for a great deal. You can get a set of 8 for $12 or you can just get individual cards at $2.50 each.

Even better? If you use the code SEMPER15 you get 15% off PLUS free shipping. The coupon expires August 1st.

I was really impressed with the cards. They aren’t thin and flimsy and the picture on the front looks crisp and not grainy. I plan on using one of the cards to write to Tom and I imagine he’ll appreciate the soldier stationary to the flowery ones I have been using.

So if you want to surprise someone with a handwritten letter, head over to SemperWifey’s Esty shop and get started! (And yes, she even has a blog.)

Do you still write handwritten letters?


  1. I love sending and receiving handwritten letters!!!
    Those are really neat cards!!

  2. I love handwritten cards and letters, and I'm so happy that someone else still does hand written thank yous! These cards are wonderful, SemperWifey is really talented!

  3. These are amazing! I do love hand-written notes, letters, cards, etc., as well. I have a box FULL of a variety for any event. It is still nice to get a hand-written card in the see a person's ink on the page. Most often, I try to tuck in a picture, a newspaper article or something from home to show I've been thinking of them. So nice of you to do this...a beautiful thought and action.

  4. great cards! letters in the letterbox,you open with excitement,email inbox..not the same!!

  5. The one thing I believe should never go out of style is Thank You notes. I do not care how busy you think you are if you cannot be grateful in a card with two lines, your signature and a stamp you should be ashamed of yourself. Just one old fashioned biddies opinion. ;)

  6. Very cute!! Writing letters is almost a lost art! So sad!!! Especially since I make cards, lol!!

  7. Writing letters is definitely a lost art... I wrote a letter to my niece yesterday and my handwriting was all jerky and missing letters because my hand isn't using to writing longhand anymore!

  8. The only person who sends me real letters any more is my grandma. She's 93.

  9. i love handwritten letters. only problem is that i dont have much time to write them and send them. me and my friends still pass notes, though. its so much fun.


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