Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thump and Beach

I heard a thump.

At least I thought it was a thump.

Maybe I didn't hear a thing--


That was definately a thump.

I forced myself to crack open an eye. It was the dead of night and I had to be brave. If an intruder was about to attack us all, I ought to do something about it. I took a Tae Bo class, I'd do some of those moves and--oh wait, I didn't actually do Tae Bo, did I? I watched it being done on TV, tried to copy the moves and then got bored and wandered into the kitchen to get some chocolate.


I heard shuffling noises next and immediately thought aliens. How do you fend off aliens? I suppose I could wack them over the head with the fan.

I opened one eye and freaked out. Where was I? This wasn't my room! Aliens have taken me somewhere and..


Oh. Right. I was at the beach. In a condo. It was okay.

So what was that noise? Some bizarre ocean creature with six heads?

I turned to my side and..


A pair of eyes stared back at me.




Oh. It was Natalie. Standing right next to me. She must have wandered over from her bed. That explained the thump. And shuffling.

"Yes?" I sat up. I was still on guard, just in case.

"I'm scared. This room scares me," Natalie said primly.

Well, that made two of us.

Oh, nothing is wrong with the room. It's just frightening in the dark.

"Everything is okay," I promised. "We're at the beach. Let's be quiet and see if we can hear the waves crash."

We were silent.

And heard nothing except for the fan in my room.

Oh well.

"We can imagine the waves crashing," I said. "We're at a beautiful beach in this beautiful by day room..."

"I'm done now," Natalie said and went back to her bed.

I guess I bored her.

But yes. We are at the beach until Tuesday. And then I return home to Oklahoma on Thursday.

Where hopefully things are less scary.


  1. "I'm done now." I guess you gave her exactly what she needed to go back to sleep, which is perfect. Have fun at the beach.

  2. Haha! I can't believe she left!

    I hate waking up in a strange place and being totally disoriented. Have fun at the beach and your beautiful (by day) room.

  3. Ohmygosh! I totally busted out laughing because I can't tell you the number of times I've been awakened from a dead sleep to have two very large eyes mere inches from mine!! THAT IS SO CREEPY!!! Unless it's happening to someone else, and then it's hysterically funny!

    But I never think "aliens". I guess that is strictly your phobia.

    And you don't bore me!!! Enjoy the beach!

  4. I hope so too. I would've shat myself.

  5. Have a wonderful time! We are going for the day tomorrow!

    I'm jealous that she goes back to bed. Once The Girl is in my bed, she's there for the duration and Mamma gets no sleep!

  6. Too funny! Have fun at the beach....wear your sunscreen!

  7. I've been known to wake up disoriented in my own room! LOL. Such a creepy feeling....Have fun on your vacation! :-)

  8. "I'm done now." Genius! I get freaked out in the dark when I stay in new places all the time.

  9. I love that your daughter scared the crap out of you then says "I'm done" if you actually fell back asleep ;)

  10. Have a great trip. I hate waking up and not knowing where I am.

  11. Enjoy the ocean - not much of that in Oklahoma I hear.

  12. I should be terrified but for some reason this post makes me WANT to go to the beach...have fun, if you DARE. :)

  13. lol.. hope you are having fun at the beach!!

  14. LOL.....guess you bored her! Funny!

    Have a GREAT time at the beach!

  15. I'm with Natalie, beach houses can be a little scary! I got scared in our rented beach house last night too!

    But I love her response, I'm done now!

    Have a great time at the beach!

  16. I was at the beach last year, and I am SO ready to go back. Enjoy!

  17. Aside from the scary noises, hope you are having fun!

  18. Ha! Hope you have a great time at the beach and safe trip back home.

  19. She is so cute! Glad she was able to go back to sleep. Have fun in the sun and sand!

  20. I often use that tactic - boring the anxiety out of them. Works like a charm every time!

  21. That's hilarious! At least you know you can bore her back to bed!

  22. It's weird that you wrote about this. For the 9 months we lived in our mobile home, I would wake up almost every morning and it would feel like I didn't know where I was. I'd have to lay there and think which way was the door to the living room. I've never had that happen to me ever. Maybe it was a sign that we shouldn't live there. And we don't now and I've not had it happen since.

  23. That's so funny. 'Listen to the sea, darling' .. and all we heard was the fan. Life is so like that.

  24. Kudos for not jumping out of your skin when waking up to the to big eyes staring at you. My Girl did that to me the other night, and I swear to you, I hit the ceiling in shock and fear.

  25. LOL! I'm not really looking forward to the day this happens to me... I might kick my daughter's face in out of sheer terror! :)

  26. My toddlers are still in cribs, but my two-year-old can escape from hers, so it's about time I convert it to a toddler bed. I've woken up more than once to a pair of eyes inches from mine, and her little hot breath in my face.

    Last night, I freaked out because of a thump, too. Turns out it was one of the kittens we're fostering falling off the bed. The other four foster kittens, our kitten, and our adult cat were all lying or sitting on or next to me, staring at me. Cat eyes in the dark are freaky!

  27. Ah... the beach. I didn't read anything beyond those 2 words...

  28. Someday, just for kicks, Tom is going to give Natalie something that looks like an Anal Probe (what DO those things look like anyway?) just so she can wake you up and totally freak you out.


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