Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Bugs You?

Things bug me.

I can't help it. I wish I could only see rainbows and flowers like Pollyanna but it's just not so. I've become crankier with age.

Here are some things that bug me:

--No turn signals while driving. I’m mentioned this many times in my blog and some people have commented saying they know people who do this. Do me a favor: tell those people to stop being lazy and to flick their damn wrists so other drivers know their intentions. Mmmkay?

--People who are constantly late with no explanation. I understand things come up. I have two kids, one of which likes to suddenly go limp or lock herself in the bathroom (coughs, Natalie.) But I’m polite and let the person know about it. Some people just breeze in and are like, “Am I late? Haha.” Not haha. Rude.

--People who complain that others “spoiled” a show for them on Facebook or Twitter. Here’s an idea: stay off those sites until you’ve watched the show.

--When people constantly use ur for your online. I cringe. I can't help it. I post on Facebook and Twitter a lot on my phone and I REFUSE to use ur. I can understand once in awhile but all the time? It only takes a couple of extra seconds to write your or you're, I promise...

--Commercials that have the mother cleaning up, cooking, or organizing stuff. Why can’t the man be doing that? Hello? It’s 2011.

--Extreme Couponers who clear an entire shelf. It’s rude. Oh, and people who say, “Do Extreme Couponers eat fruit and veggies?” since they mainly get cleaning products and boxed foods. Does it MATTER?

--Smoking in the car. This is so gross! Even with the window rolled down, it makes your vehicle smell like an ashtray. I cannot stand when someone lights up while driving.

--When people write ‘your welcome’ instead of ‘you’re welcome.’ I always want to be snarky and go, “Your welcome what?”

--Texting while driving. If you cannot wait to find out what Kardashian is boinking today, pull over. Don’t risk other people’s lives because you can’t wait to find out the scoop. Thanks.

--Judgmental mothers-look, I’m a proud disposable diaper choosing, epidural getting, breastfeeding, circumcising, Gerber baby food mother…if someone looks down on me for this, they can kiss my pale ass. I love how everyone is different, otherwise the world would be a boring place.

So what bugs you?


  1. - kids on leashes
    - people who use reply all and don't add anything to the conversation
    - people who drive too slow, or ride my car's behind when I have a car right in front of me.
    - people getting all up in my biz and touching my pregnant belly.
    - people giving me pregnancy advice

  2. Love this idea. Going to have to do this as well :)

  3. That last one goes all over me. I support their natural, organic ways, so please don't treat me like I'm some uneducated moron. And, yes they can kiss my pale ass too! (And let me tell you, mine is quite the pale ass. Like could be an extra on a freaky vampire movie pale.)

    Well, I feel better. Thanks!

  4. The same things bug me too though I'm not always the most punctual person in the world. I do try to have a good explanation though. :D

  5. I am 100% with you on ALL of these except....I'm that girl who's always late. =/ But I do call! I promise I do!
    Texting while driving is dangerous: you can misspell words and send the wrong message!

  6. What bugs me? 99% of movie-goers! They talk, they text, make/receive phone calls, wiggle around and chew with their mouths open!! I HATE going to the movies!!!! People are just rude and gross. Also people who bring their babies to an adult movie because they are too cheap to hire a sitter. Thanks for ruining MY night out!!

  7. I was going AMEN through about half the blog. I don't have kids, but I could relate to most of it. Mhmm.

    Can you believe, my PROFESSOR actually e-mailed me, letting me know "I got ur paper, thanx"....

    The you're/your thing bothers me, as well as the they're/there/their thing...seriously, how hard is it to differentiate?

    Turn signals? They're natural for me. I hate when people don't use them, and when people get in the middle lane, then turn in front of you and honk at you like they were in the turn lane all along, or those people who walk when the sign clearly says "Do not walk" and stare at you when you're trying to drive through a green light.

    How about people who eat like pigs and don't clean up after themselves?

    After working for a big box retailer, I also hate those who pick up something like they're going to buy it, then change their mind and drop it, sometimes just 2 feet from where they picked it up, sometimes all the way across the store, expecting you to pick up for them. Do they realize that you have to pick up EVERYONE'S mess that does this?

    I also hate when 2 people give you two different directions, because you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Right? Ever had that? Hate it.

    Extreme couponers who get in the line and won't let someone with one item in front of them, and don't pull their coupons out and sort until after their items have been scanned, so the cashier has to sort through the items again to make sure all the items have been purchased. Then the couponer argues that their mini sized item is not travel sized because it does not SAY travel sized. -.- OK, so maybe I worked retail too long, lol.

    I could probably come up with more, but I need to get some sleep for the 12 hour trip ahead of me.

    Oh, long car rides, I detest them. I also detest riding on the passenger side, unless I am in the front seat. I also hate pets in a vehicle. I also hate driving long distances. I hate the riding because I can't read or anything, because I get extremely carsick. I even tried reading an e-book on the way here, and that even made me carsick. I was reading on my phone!!

    Ah well. This has put some thoughts into my head. I may even do a post similar to this one on my annoyances. Just because I'm easily annoyed....

    Perpetually Me

  8. Reminded me of my Fawk You Friday. I hate smoking in the car too.

  9. I love this...who pissed in your cheerios this morning Amber!! LOL! I agree with you 100 % speaking of that I hate when people say 110% it isn't possible !!

    Have great day!

  10. The turn signal thing also drives me batty! But you know what else does? Those people who turn their signal on too early and then continue on past two or three turns before finally turning! I've almost been plowed into three or four times as I was attempting to turn right and had the audacity to assume that since they had the signal going they were planning to turn before getting to me.

    *sigh* Thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

  11. I couldn't agree more, Amber ... with ALL of these! Especially "ur" - I was just thinking about that yesterday, as a matter of fact. All the stupid textspeak makes people look so dumb.

  12. Totally agree on all of your post. I especially want to go through facebook with a red pen and correct all the bad grammar.

    I'm with you on the judgmental mom looks. I still get looks for using an epidural, which is ridiculous.

  13. I am with you on the whole late thing. I hate when people are late. It drives me nuts.

  14. Looks like we're the exact same type of mother! Love that Gerber!

    With that said, I hate obvious two faced people. In my opinion, if someone is going to be two face, they need to hide it a little better. I don't mind half as much if I didn't see it coming. :)

  15. Pretty much everything on your list bugs me w/ the exception of the blinker thing. When I lived just south of Atlanta and had to commute every morning, if you used your blinker, it just let everyone know what you're about to do and people would literally close gaps to keep you from getting over. So, I quickly learned NOT to use my blinker in ATL traffic if I wanted to get to where I was going and not miss my exit.

    I use it where I live now though. :o)

  16. For some reason it seriously bugs me when people say 'I COULD care less' I don't think they realize that the implication here is that they do, in fact, care - at least a little. . .

    Can't think of any others, though I know they exist. Someone just said that to me, so it's fresh!

  17. Sometimes I skip the signal.

    I'm usually late too. (Why get there early just to wait on everyone else?)

    The ur thing is lazy text typing. Same reason my SIL uses "n" instead of "and". THAT drives me crazy.

  18. Awesome list-
    I dont text anymore while driving since I todl my husband (we were just dating then) that I missed him "dreadfu%*y" instead of dreadfully.

  19. poor grammar/spelling really irks me. There are a few people I know you use "I's" while typing/texting AND TALKING! UGh it is so annoying I want to slap them and say "that isn't a proper contraction and you sound like an idiot" but I don't
    PS: this is geared toward a couple specific people -- not the general populous, please don't hate me lol

  20. I doubt they have given a ticket for "failure to indicate" in years. Heck they don't even enforce stop signs (but they put a lot of new ones in each month) in my area.

    Add to the turn signal failure - the act where the "car operator" turns the blinker on at the last possible second... NOOOOO! the signal thingy doesn't "unlock" the steering wheel....

    People are just seriously lazy (or not too bright) I guess.

  21. I agree with your list too! I hate when people are late! And my son is ALWAYS late. grrrrrr

  22. I think your list pretty well covers my list of peeves. The turn signal one is probably number one on my list, though, due to all the time I spend on the road. And boinking Kardashian is a phrase that is going to be stuck in my head all day.

  23. Loved this! thanks for the chuckle. I especially loved the last one. I knew there was a reason why I liked you so much! I feel the SAME way.

  24. I'm going to agree with everything except the first commenter who said "kids on leashes". My eldest son has autism and is non-verbal. When he was little we used the harness type leash thing in crowded places, because if he got lost he couldn't tell anyone, answer our shouts, ect. It was purely for safety!

    And can we add people who walk around with a sour look on their face constantly? Or people who stare at you at stoplights?


  25. I get bugged when

    *people want to give me their advice on how to deal with MY kids. If I didn't ask, I didn't want your advice.


  26. The thing that just drives me up the wall is "my bad". What the hell is that.

  27. This is probably not the best day for me to list what bugs me since I am PMS'ing, but here they are:
    *people who let their dogs bark incessantly
    *motorcycles (really just the amount of noise they make... also, when motorcyclists drive up the shoulder to pass lines of cars... and when old dudes get them (motorcycles) and then start wearing all leathers and stuff... okay, maybe just everything about motorcycles)
    *poor spelling/ grammar
    *people who let their kids run rampant at the park and don't discipline them when they hit/ punch/ kick/ or otherwise abuse my children

    This list isn't all inclusive, but thanks for letting me get those off my chest!

  28. *cough* your crankiness makes me smile, because I so get it *cough*

    Turn signals... people on the phone behind the wheel... people who think they're too above you to even smile back at you... the word Kardashian belongs in the bad words dictionary... along with Paris Hilton... they need to go away. Like right now.

    The blinker thing bothers me more than I am willing to admit, really. People complain about being cut off and missing their turn and everything... people need to listen and respect to blinkers *traffic cop voice*

  29. that last paragraph... oh yea! i have no kiddos yet.. but if i did!! those mothers WOULD TOTALLY bug me...

    at this moment.. i'm pmsing.. so i'm not gonna get started on what bugs me... but awesome list!!!

  30. Competition between moms. Why can't we all foster mutual respect and support, instead of the competition of whose kid read first, and who can prepare a meal from all natural, organic foods. There are dog hairballs rolling through my hallway, and I'm not going to pretend there aren't!!!

    Also, people that say "irregardless." This makes me insane. Not a word, people, not a word.

  31. SO much bugs me. I love the idea of this post. But here's one I could think of: Typos/grammatical errors in general, especially in Craigslist listings -- why should I be judgmental about people trying to unload their baby stuff and furniture? But I can't bring myself to respond to a poorly written ad, even if it's something I could use.

  32. People that don't put their phone away when with you, and keep texting or talking when you are right there being ignored. Some friends.

  33. I am recently most bugged by runny nosed children. Can't their mother teach them to blow! Oh wait, that's my kids. (sigh)

    And I noticed this in a previous comment. I'm also baffled by the phrase, "my bad."

  34. I HATE tardiness of any kind- so I agree with that so much!! I am always 5 mins early everywhere, so should everyone else!

    I HATE people who forward e-mails but don't take the time to delete all the other peoples email address's- so you are scrolling forever to see what the original post is- yeah I just hit delete most times.

    I hate people who compare their husbands horrible work week & OT until 8pm with the fact that my husband is deployed so they know how hard it is- REALLY??? I could go on & On, but won't- Good post!

  35. Holding a door for someone and they don't even acknowledge you or say thank you! Grrrrrr. Or letting someone pull out in front of you and they don't thank you. Grrrr. Frosts my ass.

  36. Wow I could write a book on what bugs me.
    Here are the ones that really get to me.
    People who think their cell phone conversations are so important everyone must hear it.
    Kids running all over your yard/gardens, and none of them are yours(our kids are grown and gone)
    A whole family going thru the grocery store as if they were on a Sunday stroll not leaving any room to get around them.
    And finally the biggest one mature woman wearing clothing that is for 20 year olds..Hello no one wants so see boobies that are droopy,the wrinkles and all the vericose vein.
    Thanks Love this post!!

  37. I despise:

    Bad grammar and spelling (If you can't type or speak correctly, I automatically think you're an idiot.)

    Passive-aggressive people

    Vaguebooking (on Facebook or other social media)

    Tourists (Why do tourists suddenly lose the ability to drive when they're on vacation?)

    Smacking (when eating, drinking, etc.)

    Spouses who complain about their husbands being gone for two days.
    (Try year long unaccompanied assignments and multiple deployments before you [general] complain to me about it.)

  38. Do you know how many times I've been so tempted to smack that judgmental mother look off of that judgmental mother's face? Um ... A LOT.

    I've always thought you were fabulous but I REALLY like you after this post. :)

  39. I agree!! But my biggest complaint is people's bad grammar & spelling on FB, texts, etc. I HATE IT!!! And then I get the reply, "Well, not all of us are English majors." True. But people should know how to correctly use the words your/you're not ur. Or thanx, etc, etc. Grrrrr....

  40. Amen! Especially on texting while driving and the judgmental mother look.

    And I totally cracked up at "Does it matter?" That question bothers me so much, too!

  41. How about when people leave their blinkers on after they have merged into another lane? That drives me absolutly crazy!!!!

  42. smoking in general kinda bugs me.

  43. SO MUCH about how other people drive bothers me!!!! I told Jerk Face that I'm going to write a book! (Because I'm the perfect driver, and people should emulate me!)

  44. People to drive to the gym and drive up and down every parking isle to find a spot close to the door. I guess they don't want to get any exercise until they are actually inside. Heh.

  45. I am so with you on all of these! My boyfriend and I were just talking about ur/your/you're last night (prompted by a well meaning, but grammatically incorrect, Facebook post). It drives us both nuts!

    Here's one of mine that really drives me crazy:

    People with no concept of personal space. There is no need to stand two inches behind me on line. Just take a step back please!

    And then those people who take it a step further and actually touch you! Oh man. I have curly hair and some people feel the need to touch it. Please keep your (<- not ur) hands to yourself.

    (Okay, maybe that was two more!)

  46. People who randomly come up to me and touch my pregnant belly! Oh man, it gets on my nerves! I try to be polite and say "Sorry, have to go" but then the ones who follow me and ask annoying questions.. I really want to smack those people.

    People who invite themselves over without giving you ANY warning.

    I am sure I will deal with the judgmental mom looks- I am planning on having an epidural and have already got some slack from online communities. No shame in getting pain relief- it's THERE for that purpose! No need to be in pain unless I have to!

  47. I'm in total agreement with ya! Hope you are never stationed at Keesler because you can tell a local from a transplant by whether they use their turn signal or not. Backwoods hillbillies grow up driving cars without them I guess...pisses me off.

    Though I hope whoever said kids on leashes never has a child who is an escape artist, a runner or has the impulsivity that a child with autism has....she'll probably change her mind really fast :) For the record, I don't use a leash on Maddie, nor have I ever, but my opinion about them changed very quickly once her autistic tendencies came to light.

  48. Right now, the thing bugging me the most is my husband's laptop...and how he's always on the damn thing.

    I'm with you on the judgemental moms. I made my choices, you made yours, no worries.

  49. Agree with everything and then some!

  50. YES.....people on Facebook that get mad about finding out info about a show. Like you said.....STAY OFF if you don't want see it!

    And people with nasty gross dirty ears. I mean like chunky gooey wax filled ears. BARF!
    So many kids have this and I wish parents would clean them regularly!

  51. LOL about the people that complain their show was ruined. So true! Why do they insist on getting on FB prior to watching said show??

  52. Texting while driving is illegal here.

    And I am TRYING to use my turn signal... the bulb just blew two days ago and I haven't gotten it replaced yet. I'm sorry!

    I'll get to it before the weekend... promise. :)

  53. I hate when people don't wave to thank you for letting them merge.

    I don't even drive and I hate it.

  54. Saying "thank you" to someone and then hear their brain sputter with the reply, "Uh Hmmm." How about being polite with real words, such as "You're Welcome." It's my pet peeve. In Texas, especially. Saying "You're Welcome" is a sign of respectful intelligence. The other way is a sign of laziness and indicates someone who feels entitled to withhold good manners. Argh!

  55. "I’m a proud disposable diaper choosing, epidural getting, breastfeeding, circumcising, Gerber baby food mother…" me too! me too!...ok, I didn't get an epidural but it wasn't for lack of begging, and I no longer have children in diapers (halleluliah!) but disposable all the way baby! I love it when stuff bugs you!

  56. The turn signal thing drives me crazy, too. Around here, some of the worst offenders are police officers. I can't tell you how many times I've been behind an officer who has neglected to use his turn signal. So annoying.

  57. Texting while driving is the WORST thing. It's like playing with a loaded gun.

  58. Even when I DID smoke, I could never bring myself to do it in the car - even driving alone! Yup, all of the above pisses me off, plus a few hundred other things.. but um, this comment would turn into a blog post in it's own right, and I happen to hate folk who up-chuck on someone else's post!

  59. actually, i have wondered that about extreme couponers too. like, do i really need 30 boxes of irish spring and 52 packages of ball point pens? show me how to get pomegranates cheap, and i'll be really impressed.

  60. What a great post! I love it! Let's see... Here are some things that bug me:

    1. People smoking in their cars (which normally means that it's blowing into my car at a red light or stop sign).

    2. Ditto to your comment about people crying when a TV show is spoiled on Twitter. I don't even want to hear that - don't go online if you don't want to have it spoiled.

    3. People that order $25 complicated special-order meals in a drive-thru.

    4. People who complain that they can't find a job even though they're making no effort to find one.

  61. P.S. I didn't realize until today that you were on Twitter. Sorry about that. I'm following you now. Hit me up on there. @ComplaintMan

  62. Here are some things that bother me:

    People who use extremely poor grammar. Most people I know have at the very least a high school education, if not a college degree/some college. There is no excuse for poor grammar.

    People who do not follow proper rules of the road etiquette. While I won't take you down personally, I do believe there is such a thing as karma.

    People who unecessarily invade my personal space. If I am using the express checkout at the grocery store, I would prefer not to feel your breath on the back of my neck, thank you.

    There are other things that get on my nerves, but I can't remember all of them at the moment.

  63. Wow! You're so busy reading what bugs US that you haven't posted again, lol! Either that or you're busy being a Mom and getting settled, lol!


  64. This all bugs me and much much more. :) I think "your" welcome and other similar grammatical errors bug me the most. Unless it's someone making noise of some sort (gum popping, finger tapping, food chomping, nail clipping..) drives me nuts which is beyond the "bug" stage I think. :)

  65. I have to add...

    People who walk their doggies and then let them poop in your yard and just look around to see if anyone is watching and then walk away. Uuummm did you forget your plastic baggie, cause if so I have some you can use. Pick up the poop.

  66. I want to stab people who wait for the perfect parking spot near the door at the grocery store thus causing a giant bottle neck of cars near the entrance. Just park it somewhere else and walk to the entrance lazy people. Geeze and we wonder why we are all getting so fat.

  67. Sad to say that I have a rather long list of things that bug me. I might actually have to go ahead and make a post about it rather than give you a reply with a thousand words. ps -- I totally agree on all of your peeves.

  68. Oooooh the no blinker thing bugs the crap out of me. It's so dang rude.

    And- people who with one kid who think that because something worked for their kid it works for all. You can talk after you have 3 or 4. :) Thanks.


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