Monday, August 8, 2011

I Couldn't Go To BlogHer. So I Did This.

So there was this thing called BlogHer over the weekend.

BlogHer, if you aren’t aware, is this awesome conference for bloggers. I heard ELMO was there, people. ELMO.

And a McDonalds booth. You guys know how much I love McDonalds.

I hope to be able to attend one day.

Although I couldn’t make it to BlogHer, I did manage to fill my days.

How, you might ask?


For starters, I was busy cleaning up an exploded hot dog in my microwave.

Note to self. And to any other people who try to microwave hot dogs. Don’t do it for more than 30 seconds.

Or you’ll hear this loud popping sound and the hot dog will explode.


While I was cleaning that, Natalie decided to bring down half the contents of her room. And mine:

I though, well, fine, at least I have the show Big Brother to look forward to.

Only it was ANNOYING because Rachel kept crying every two seconds. I imagine, like me, the rest of the houseguests wanted to toss her over the fence. (And I sort of want to throw Lawon over the fence with her because, what does he DO?!)

To cheer myself up from the red-haired crazy, I decided to make s’mores in the microwave. They aren’t as tasty as s’mores made from a fire, but I’ll take what I can.

This is what happened:

That would be residue from a marshmallow. It slipped off the plate and splattered on my kitchen mat.

I decided to let it dry so it would be easier to remove. But I forgot it was there and when I was putting dishes away, I stepped in it.

Do you know how gross melted marshmallow feels on the bottom of your foot?

All you ladies who made it to BlogHer, I envy you.

I hope you drank a lot of alcohol for me.

And didn’t have to deal with sticky feet.


Now onto a more serious matter.

I’m always eager to help a fellow military spouse. So when Lura contacted me asking if I could please post a link to her blog, I said absolutely.

She wanted me to share her blog for completely selfless reasons. See, she and her husband are trying to adopt two boys from Eastern Europe. If you could donate anything it would be helpful seeing as the adoption will cost between $24,000-$26,000. And we all know military members are paid terribly so that amount can be a stretch.

If there is anything you can do to help, or to find out more information about the adoption, please check out Lura’s blog here.

Even if you can only spare $1, every little bit adds up.


  1. Ewwww .... marshmallow goo on your foot. So sorry!

    Visiting from SITS :)

  2. Marshmallows, or as my granddaughter calls them "smarshmallows" on the carpet is not cool. But her little toes are so cute. Sorry you didn't get to Blogher but maybe next time?!

  3. S'mores in the microwave..brilliant! I never thought of doing that--duh! I'm off to the store to buy the makings!

  4. Marshmallow goo on your foot does sound gross.

  5. Mmmm..
    i wish i had a s'more right now!

  6. Mmmm! S'mores are going on my grocery list this week!

  7. I didn't go to BlogHer either :( But I did catch up on BB too! I just can't stand Rachel and her whining!

  8. I make my "home s'mores" under the broiler. That way the marshmallow gets all nice and brown on the outside. I'm not so sure that method will keep marshmallow goo off of your foot though.

  9. All of the BlogHer tweets were making me super jealous but there's on way I could swing it this year! Your weekend sounds pretty fabulous, too. ;)

  10. For some reason I have a feeling that was second to stepping in puke. Ya don't really want to look down but you know you're going to have to. I hope that's easier than Silly Putty to get out...

  11. Exploding hot dogs, gooey feet...I want McDonald's now. I haven't tried their ROLO Flurry yet.

  12. Exploding hot dogs are no good. Did you know that if you put bologna in hot oil it explodes. Yeah, don't do that. Its a crazy mess.

  13. I wish you could have come! I would have loved to have meet you.

    If you want, I can tell you it was awful and that I would much rather have had sticky marshmallow feet and exploded hot dogs to clean up.

  14. wasn't the marshmallow harder to clean up when it dried?

    I miseed blogher too!!

    Maybe next year

    that is all

  15. Marshmallow goo..yuck. I can imagine what would be going thru my mind until I remembered what it was..

    Good luck to your friend and her adoption

  16. Sounds like you had an eventful weekend indeed!

  17. Ha, ha, ha. Did you calm your nerves with alcohol?


  18. Love smores in the microwave! Stepping on marshmallow is yucky. Hope it came off the carpet easily!

  19. I'm not sure that was a replacement for BlogHer, but you gave it the good college try! ;)

    Had you not stepped into the marshmallow goo, I would have called it a win.

  20. Oh boy- it never ends, does it??!! Sorry you didn't get to go to BlogHer- I didn't either. Maybe one day.

  21. So ... after the last time I visited your blog I started catching up with Big Brother (online). So sorry to hear that 4 or 5 episodes from now Rachel is still annoying! :)

  22. Apparently Rachel was wrong when she said "NO ONE comes between me and MY man!" cause his ass was tossed out the door last week. I hate the twist this week. Really hope America doesn't vote Brendon back in.

  23. Stab a few holes in your hot dogs with a fork before putting them in the microwave. They don't even explode once you do that.

    And on the same note, to clean a microwave really easily, stab some holes in a potato and "bake" it in there. Then you have a baked potato to eat and a steamy microwave that only needs to be wiped down quickly, no scrubbing, with a cloth or paper towel.

  24. Yes, stab some holes in it, then wrap in a paper towel. That way if it explodes it will clean up easier.
    And marshmallow does have to be brown for anything, microwave?

  25. A few things...
    1. I don't get the Big Brother show.. although, I never really watched an entire episode..
    2. I love S'mores.. and I bet they are WAY better than going to BlogHer.. and melted marshmallow under the foot... You could spin that and say you just had an exotic foot ..what's the word for 'facial' on your foot? I don't know.
    3. Exploding hot dogs... didn't you do a giveaway not too long ago about microwave covers? tsk!tsk! ;)

    I'm off to check out Lura's blog!

  26. I missed it, too! I had to, you know, pay my POWER BILL, and perhaps my WATER BILL and beg the cable company to wait another month.

    That kept me pretty busy.

  27. I'm fairly new to blogging and didn't even know there was such a thing as blogger sleep away camp damn it. Maybe next year.

  28. marshmallow toes sounds like the worst! but smores? sound delish!

  29. Not to rub salt into a wound, but BlogHer actually had a S'more lounge where you could make the real thing!

    BlogHer was amazing, but it was a bit overwhelming also! I had fun, but I'm glad to be home!

  30. I bet the women who went to BlogHer wish they had your weekend!! I mean an exploding hot dog and stepping on a marshmallow in the same weekend! Don't you think you are being a little selfish hogging all the good times!!! Thank you for always making me smile!! I always love to visit your site!

  31. Sounds like a typical day in my house! I'd love to help this couple abyway I can. I'm going to donate right now!

  32. This sounds like my weekend. Sort of. But let me tell you - we microwave hot dogs all the time. We just have to make fork marks or slices in them first. Then 3 dogs can go for like a minute and a half. Again, must. make. holes in them. first. ;) Shoulda told you that before, I suppose. Sorry about the marshmallow good, but S'mores just totally kick @$$ don't they? Yum.

  33. I'll have to rememeber your hotdog tip, though usually our microwave is already so messy from something else exploding that I don't think I'd notice.


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