Sunday, August 7, 2011

Something Borrowed DVD Giveaway! **CLOSED

**CLOSED--winner posted here. Thank you!**

John Krasinski!



It’s just, John Krasinski is in the new movie Something Borrowed that will soon be out on DVD. And I like looking at John Krasinski so this excites me. (He plays Jim in The Office in case you have no idea who I’m talking about.)

It also excites me because I get to host a giveaway where one lucky reader will win a DVD of Something Borrowed.


I’m jealous.

Something Borrowed, if you didn’t know, is based on a book with the same name by Emily Giffin. (She’s a fabulous writer. I’ve read all her books.)

It’s about a woman named Rachel (played by the beautiful Ginnifer Goodwin) who sleeps with her best friend Darcy’s (Kate Hudson) fiancé. Oops. Don’t be appalled though! Rachel sleeps with Darcy’s fiancé Dex (Colin Egglesfield) not to be malicious, but because she is the best one for him. John Krasinski plays Rachel’s friend. (Eye candy!)

Obviously chaos and hilarity ensues.

Want to learn more about Something Borrowed? Check out this widget!

There’s an Okay Or Not quiz you can take, the Something Borrowed trailer, and information about Emily Giffin live interactive interview. You can also learn more about that here.

Giveaway Rules

--Must be 18 or older

--Must live in the US

--Have your e-mail address linked up to your blog. If it’s not, leave it in your comment so I can contact you if you win.

Mandatory Entry: Please tell me what your Do’s and Don’ts are when you are in a relationship. For instance, would YOU sleep with your best friend’s fiancé?

Extra Entries:

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Please make each entry separate!

Contest will run for 1 week. I will pick a winner August 14th.

Good luck!

(John Krasinski!)


  1. I have done some things in my life that I am not proud of and have learned that anytime you say " I would never do that...", it usually bites you in the you know what. However, saying that, I would like to think I would never do that.

  2. I'd never sleep with my best friends BF/fiance!

  3. I follow you on twitter (@amberella87)

  4. I follow you blog :)

    (I really want this movie! I love kate hudson movies lol and he's pretty cute too!!)

  5. I would never sleep with my best friends bf or fiance, even if I loved them. I would find a way to move on.

  6. No i wouldnt sleep with him. But in the movie She liked him first and the best friend stole him first So ya know what goes around comes around LOL. But If it was me then my BF would know i liked him so it wouldnt have even been an issue.

  7. I would never sleep with my best friend's boyfriend! The book was great -- I can't wait to see the movie!

  8. I try to never embarrass or belittle the person I am with.

    I hope I win!

  9. ...and I'm apparently too incompetent to use this thing! I left my comment (I thought?!) but it somehow went into blogland oblivion.

    Anyhow, as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, sleeping with your best friend's significant other is crossing that unspoken line that EVERYONE knows not to cross. It's just not OK! I would say it's OK to have feelings for the person, but they need to be dealt with in a healthy way that doesn't hurt others.

  10. I make it a point to NEVER sleep with my best friends fiance... It's just so tacky. Haha.

  11. Now following your blog! Love it so far!

  12. ... and Twitter too!

  13. Relationship Do's...Make the other person feel good about themselves. Men always wants to be your hero, even if it means they just unclogged your vaccum cleaner.

    Relationship Do Not's...Being overly critical is never attractive.

    As for the sleeping with a best-friend's fiance --- I'd never do that because some LEFT-OVERS are not worth having. Plus, even as a young 43 year old...I've been married over 25 years and none of my friends have fiances!

    I'm a blog follower and enjoy every minute of it!


  14. I love this series! I already the next book- hope they make it into a movie as well.

    You don't swoop in on your best friends man unless you absolutely know she is NOT interested!

    Also NO sleeping with Ex's-EWWW>>>>

    I already follow your blog-YAY~

  15. Would I ever sleep with my best friend's fiance? NO NO NO! No.

  16. I just stopped by to say thanks for the sweet comment you left me on my BFF day. I was tickled to see that you're giving away a copy of Something Borrowed. True Story: Emily Giffin was a high school classmate and friend of mine. Does that get me extra points in this little giveaway?

    Kidding. Mostly.

  17. Do's - Be a good listener. Let them talk about themselves.. most men actually like to talk, we women just dont let them. Don't act too easy, they like to hunt.. but dont hold back too long, otherwise they will hunt somewhere else.

    Dont's - Lie. Cheat. Steal.

    As for the actual movie..I have only read what you typed in the blog.. and I will admit that I did steal my best friends boyfriend and sleep with him. She was dating two guys at once and couldn't decide which one she like more. When I met the second one, he and I hit it off... and well.. I guess I made the decision for her.. Opps. Happy to say though, she is a wonderful friend and it never even put a damper on our friendship.

  18. In a relationship: Do keep a level head. Don't sleep with your BFF's fiance! Do be fun and kind and nice. Don't sleep with their BFF either... not cool! Do smile and flirt (even if its been 10 minutes, 10 years or 30 years) and make eye contact. Don't be a stalker. Don't lie.

  19. I follow on twitter @uscpwifey

  20. Been married a long time but I remember a rule I thought was universal you don't date a friends ex until my old BFF did I was all you can't do that and she was all I just did! Rule #1 I thought! Oh well that's history! Can't wait to see the movie!

  21. Do: Be honest, realize that people change over time, try new things, work on your relationship, schedule dates
    Don't: get stuck in your ways, use intimacy as a weapon, think everything has to be perfect

  22. If my best friend's fiance were John Krasinski I might be tempted! I don't think I have good do's or don'ts. I'm just lucky and work hard at staying connected with my husband.

  23. I took the quiz and said "not okay" to almost all of them! I might have said some were okay years ago, but not anymore. I've been through too much!

  24. I took the quiz. Most of my answers were "Not Okay", but then, I got burned in a relationship, as in, my husband left me for another, sooooo maybe I'm not the right person to ask!

    I would ABSOLUTELY NOT sleep with my friend's fiance.

  25. This is hardly fair. I already follow you on twitter and your blog. And I loved this book. I actually got to read the ARC of it because I worked at a bookstore. I love all of her books! And I have not seen the movie yet.

    I would never sleep with my best friend's fiance, or husband, or boyfriend. That's not ok (except in the book- it was totally okay.) But for me personally, I'm kind of a prude. I don't believe in cheating which is probably why I've been married for 21 years.


  26. My biggest don't is don't ever date a friend's ex. Did that once and I had to move to another town afterwards (long story). Other than that, don't cheat or be with a cheater and do be honest. :)

  27. I already follow you on twitter as @mom2princessrox :)

  28. I've been following your blog for a long time now. Love reading it!

  29. I would absolutely not sleep with my best friend's fiance. Or anyone besides my husband. Since I'm still kind of new at marriage, my dos and don'ts are from others' advice.

    A couple from my great-grandmother:
    --DO always wear nice lingerie for your husband. (I take this as a carte blanche to always wear pretty underwear.)
    --DON'T criticize the way he helps you around the house because he might stop helping!

    My dad told me one time that men have very sensitive egos, so a big DO is making my husband feel important.

    My first boss said, "Never stop talking to each other," which seemed simple at the time, but when you know everything about the other, it's easy to just sit and be.

    And in a card for our wedding, my kindergarten teacher said, "Kiss each other every night," which is another thing I thought wouldn't be something I needed to be reminded of. Our second anniversary is today. :)

    I bought Something Blue immediately after I finished Something Borrowed, and now I'm a big Emily Giffin fan too! I haven't seen the movie yet, though...

  30. We saw that movie for my mom's birthday!

  31. Oh man.. I'd never even THINK about sleeping with my best friend's boyfriend/fiance. However, its a MUST to sleep with your own boyfriend/fiance eventually.. i cannot fathom marrying someone and not knowing what you're getting into until you're already married! :)

  32. oh also i'm a twitter follower :) ashleedenae

  33. I want the movie!

    I probably wouldn't sleep with a BF's guy but you just never know. I never say "Never", extenuating circumstances and all that. :)

  34. Oooh Love John Krasinski! It's a big no way to sleeping with my best friends boyfriend/husbands!

    I already follow your blog does that count:)

  35. Every time I see or hear about John Krasinski, I think immediately of you.

    I would definitely not sleep with my best friend's fiance, sheesh!! I'd like to do research on fiances who have strippers at their bachelor parties. And then compare the statistics on divorce rates. Like, are the guys who have strippers at their bachelors party more likely to have a lasting marriage or a turbulent one? How different is the divorce rate between a guy with a stripper at their bachelors party or a guy with no stripper at their bachelors party?

    ow, my fingers cramped up typing all that.

  36. Nope, would never sleep with a best friend's BF/fiance. Would ruin every relationship involved. In a relationship you do have to be trusting of the other person. My husband and I dated long distance for many years. Seeing each other only a couple of times a year. And we learned to trust each other while apart. it made all the difference when we got married because there is no doubt now that we can trust each other with anything.

  37. Loved the book! Yeah, can't sleep with the best friend's fiance. Also, no going into the relationship thinking they will change. That's my biggest don't, and the one I have a hard time with!!

    I follow blog and twitter.

    Woo hoo!

  38. Whoops, didn't make them separate.

    Blog follower!

  39. Do give the other half respect and attention.
    Do show them the real me.
    Do have morals.

    Don't take them from granted.
    Don't break up your friend's relationship.
    Don't be someone you don't like.

    I follow your blog.

  40. DO - Tell someone you like them.

    DONT - Tell someone you like them years late, after they've already moved on. You had your chance. Suck it up.

  41. Don't sleep with your best friend's boyfriend, fiance, or anybody she remotely likes or could ever possibly be interested in.

    John Krasinksi is such a cutie.

  42. I follow your blog- HILARIOUS. Love it.

  43. Don't know if anything could be funnier than your blog but would love to see the movie.

  44. Just followed you on Twitter!

  45. DO remind them how much you love them, how attractive they are, and how happy they make you
    DON'T go to bed angry
    These two things have kept my relationship pretty happy so far! :)

  46. Thirty years ago, when I was newly divorced, I slept with a friend's husband. Not proud of that. Would not do it again. Have now been married 27 years. Both the friend and her hubby have since passed away. I love Kate Hudson.

  47. Do be honest.
    Don't sleep around.
    haha simple!
    smartinez03 at live dot com

  48. following your blog as babes mami
    smartinez03 at live dot com

  49. following you on twitter as babesrockinmami
    smartinez03 at live dot com

  50. I would definitely never do that!

  51. I am following you on twitter -


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