Monday, September 19, 2011

Just A Couple of Bonos

“Wait. So no more glasses? Forever?” Tommy asked with a frown.

We were at the dinner table and I had just told the kids that I’d be getting Lasik on Friday.

“That’s the hope,” I answered.

Tommy poked at his chicken. “You won’t be in glasses anymore?” He has Aspergers and doesn’t always deal well with change.

“Nope,” I said, sipping my Diet Coke.

Tommy set his fork down. “So you’ll just have no glasses now?”

I sighed. You have to have patience when dealing with Tommy. Or any kid, really. Sometimes I don’t always have that.

“That’s right. I’ll have lasers in my eyes to correct—”


I almost fell out of my seat. Must he be so loud? “Not quite. These lasers are going to help my eyes so I can see without glasses.” I stared at Natalie, who was eating the garlic bread. Naturally, she didn’t touch her chicken. She’s picky about what meats she’ll eat. “What do you think about no glasses for Mommy?”

Natalie chewed thoughtfully. “Can I have them? They’re pink.”

Oh. Um.

“No. These glasses are strong. I don’t want to ruin your eyes. I hope you guys get your Dad’s perfect vision. You don’t want mine. Trust me.”

“Can I poke your eyes?” Natalie asked sweetly.


“No? I’d rather you didn’t.”

Natalie looked crestfallen. “Oh.”

“I’ll have to wear dark glasses for a couple of days,” I warned. “I’ll be like this singer called Bono and—”

“Why would you wear sunglasses inside?” Tommy cut in. “That’s weird.”

I thought back to when Tommy would come to the table in sunglasses. I’d call him Kanye. And he was calling ME weird?

“It’s because my eyes will be sensitive. And I’ll have to use eye drops to keep them healthy,” I explained.

“Can your eyes fall out?” Tommy wondered.

Oh my God. COULD my eyes fall out? No, but of course not.

Why was I discussing this with my kids again?

“Guys, I just want you to know that for a couple of days after I get Lasik, I’ll be in sunglasses and my eyes might hurt. Okay?” I said.

No one said anything for a few minutes. And then…

“Can I wear sunglasses inside, too?” Natalie whispered.

Fine. We’ll both be Bono.


  1. LOVE Natalie's response.

    My response to people I see with sunglasses on inside "They're so cool the sun shines on them wherever they go!"

    Best of luck! I'll be sitting here a bit jealous of your laser! ;)

  2. haha can I poke your eyes- the things kids think!

  3. I've been wearing glasses/contacts since middle school because I'm too chicken to go under the laser!

  4. Oh, I've missed reading your blog. Why haven't I done it in forever. (for the record, I used to read you on OD. All. the. time.)

  5. We could ALL wear sunglasses inside - call it Amber Day.

  6. I want to be Bono, too!
    Good luck with your surgery...I"ve been wavering for years on it *chicken*

  7. That is exciting! I keep thinking about it but I think I would chicken out. Good luck on Friday :) And hope you heal fast!

  8. Hehe @ their responses. A co-worker recently had the surgery. She was out of work for only one day after it, she just said her eyes were dry and had to do the eye drops a lot. good luck on the surgery! :c)

  9. I love how kids minds work! You can all look cool indoors with sunnies on. Good luck on the surgery. I hear it's fantastic.

  10. Might as well all wear sunglasses.

    I hope you blog about your lasik- I really want to get it done. I hate that when I pretty much need glasses on to find my glasses- doesn't work so well.

  11. Good luck with your lasik. I'm to chicken myself.

  12. My eyesight has been steadily getting worse the last 10 years. I thought about Lasik, but I, too, am afraid my eyes might fall out.

    Good luck! My brother had great luck with his. :)

  13. I love whenever you write about your kids!! They sound so much like mine! I love the "can I poke you eye"! Great post!! Good luck with the lasiks, you must be so excited!!! Sending you my best wishes for a very speedy recovery!

  14. How cute! That would be my question, though...because why should YOU be the only one having fun wearing sunglasses?! ;)


  15. That is funny! ..and I hope your eyes don't fall out! :)


Thanks for the comment!

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