Monday, December 5, 2011

I Chill Easily

“Why does it feel like a sauna in here?” Tom asked, fanning himself with his hand.

I looked up from my iPod Touch. I was in the middle of playing Words with Friends and I was losing horribly. By 200 points.

“I think it feels great,” I answered, surprised.

Tom shook his head. “What do you have the heat set as?” He walked over to check and I held my breath. I knew what was coming. I set my iPod Touch down—there was no way I’d catch up unless I got good letters. I tend to either get all vowels. No vowels. Or Q, X, M, I, and F.

“Holy crap, Amber! 76? Really? No wonder it feels so hot in here!” Tom shouted, coming back into the room.

Since we’re on base housing we don’t have to pay for the heat. This is why I crank it up because yes, I chill easily.

Tom does not.

He’d be fine walking around a home set at 70 degrees.

Meanwhile, I’d be freezing.

True, I could put on a sweater. Or wrap myself up in a blanket. But dangit, I don’t want to.

“I’m lowering it. I’m going to lo—hey!” Tom yelped.

He yelped because I leaped on his back so he couldn’t get to the thermostat.

“I will freeze! Do you want your wife to freeze?” I said dramatically. I slid off his back. “I’ll lower it to 75,” I added generously.

Tom blinked at me.

“74. Final offer,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

Tom rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I’ll just burn to death.”

Okay, NOW who was being overdramatic?

“Well hey,” I said. “Maybe I have it up high so you’ll get nekkid to cool down.”

Tom blinked at me again.

“Like Joey did on Friends….” I trailed off.


It’s still 76 in the house and I love it.

Tom still claims he’s going to melt.

It’s not my fault he has more skin so he can keep warm. He’s 6 foot. I’m 5’3.

I have a feeling he’s going to lower the thermostat one day to see if I’ll notice.

I will.

And then I’ll raise it back up.

He’ll lower it again.

It’ll sort of be like the end of Sleeping Beauty when the fairies are changing Aurora’s dress from blue to pink.

Only in this case, it’ll be 70 to 76.


  1. Amber I totally get you. I'm the same. Anything below 75 is cold for me. I live in UK where its about 34 outside so our house heating is kept at a constant 70. Still I've got to wear socks and fleece jumper because its cold for me. My husband and son don't get it. They complain its too hot and then walk about in just their pyjama bottoms and a vest!

  2. This post definitely hits close to home! 70 degrees is freezing! Thanks for the laughs first thing in the morning ☺

  3. I am freezing right now, too. With socks, pajamas and a robe on. I honestly believe they'll have to cut my appendages off as I age from poor circulation...

  4. I just started playing WWF last week and if there are any games in heaven, I hope that's the one. I'm addicted.

  5. Oh wow...we have ours at 68 and that feels comfortable to me. Then again, I'm still nursing, so I'm always hot.

    Totally have an electric blanket on my bed though. Fleece sheets will go on when snow starts sticking around. Sleepytime is warm and toasty time, and I don't care what my hot blooded husband thinks.

  6. haha! the hubs and I fuss over the thermostat too. it's a never ending battle!

  7. Oh my god I would melt at 76 and I am always cold. We keep our house at 62 or 64 during the day, 58 at night.

    Even if you don't have to pay for heat, it's better for the environment to not have to burn as much oil/gas/etc. during the winter months. I enjoy wearing sweaters and sweatshirts around the house during the winter months!

  8. All I could do was laugh as I read this post. Nothing like thermostat wars. ;)

  9. Oh you definitely wouldn't like my house then...I am with your hubby, I like it cold and just wear more clothes. :)

  10. I'm cold all the time. I wear lots and lots of sweaters about 10 months out of the year. We keep our house at 19 degrees C, which is about 66 (I think). So you would probably die in our house. But in the summer we set the AC to 23 C (74 F). This is one of the reasons I own so many sweaters.

  11. I think it's a man/woman thing. My husband is always too hot. I am always too cold. It's the number one thing we bicker about :-) I win though, since I convinced him we needed flannel sheets and a flannel duvet cover.

  12. I love not having to pay for heat too. My thermostat stays at 70, unless there is a cold wind coming off the river.

    Keep up the battle! You can win it. lol

  13. I'd die too. And I'm only 5'3" so I don't think that has anything to do with it.

    We keep our thermostat on 65 because we are tightasses.

  14. I would suffocate in your house! We have the same battle over the air conditioner. My husband gets cold and I'm having hot flashes. My theory is you can always put on more clothes to warm up. But I'm like you if he changes the thermostat I know immediately...Don't test me man.

  15. Same epic battle here... except that we're talking about a real fire... so the first one home to either throw water on it or add another log... wins! :)

  16. I prefer it cooler ONLY because if I have the heat on for downstairs, I'm roasting upstairs. I miss my housing where I had thermostats for each floor!!! This was built right after WWII, so yeah, no such luck!

    Happy Wife, Happy Life!

  17. I can totally picture that scene, that's so funny. You and your husband and Glenn and I are your height twins.

    We're also your temperature twins. I love it really warm and cozy and he barely wears a jacket. What is it with men. It's like they have a fire roaring inside them at all times.

  18. That is hilarious!
    I am a "freezer" as well.
    BUT I'm also a tightwad. We heat with our woodstove. Right now I sitting in front of it and it's blazing hot. Just right.

  19. Yup, pretty much the same battle here. Except I can only turn our thermostat up in increments of a degree at a time - because apparently it goes into some kind of panic mode if you try to raise it too many degrees at once and then our electric bill goes into panic mode - which then sets our bank account into panic mode. *sigh* I'm off now, to turn it up another degree.

  20. Josh and I had a thermostat war every year. Then this summer, our thermostat died on us (possibly from overuse?). He went out and bought one of those ridiculously hard-to-program ones, installed it, and left me to set it. His mistake. I set it to the warmer temperatures I like (he's like Tom in that he likes it freezing) and locked the controls. He doesn't know how to change it, but I do. Win.

  21. You don't have to pay for heat?! I'm sooooo jealous.

    Our heater is not working properly and it is currently 70* in my house and I am wrapped up and bundled and STILL freezing.

  22. Good thing you don't pay your heat. We have our house set at 70 in the winter. I only do good at words if I cheat- great websites out there where you can put in your letters and it tells you the possible words :)

  23. Okay, I'm with Tom on the 76...I would die! But 70 is a little too chilly unless it's bedtime. It goes to 70 at bedtime because I always wake up hot but then I get cold again in the morning and crank it to 72. I'm pretty much always hot or cold. Hot or cold!

  24. Yes. This is the stuff of which awesome marriages are made. Congratulations, you two lovebirds.

  25. My husband likes to protest by walking around in shorts. He loves it when people come to the door, and there's snow on the ground outside, and they people are all like, "Aren't you cold?" and he can say, "Well, it's so hot in here! I have no choice." ~insert eye roll~ And personally, I don't want him walking around naked. I bake a lot.

  26. I'm always freezing too! We keep the heat set at 70 but I'm always wearing fleece pants, fleece robe and slippers. Sometimes I still need a blanket:(

  27. That's the way we are too, except since we do pay for heat, he wins. Phin wears shorts and a t-shirt to get the mail, put out trash, etc. until it literally gets down to freezing. Mooch is the same way and is the only kid without a coat at bus stop. (I pack one, but won't fight about it with her.) Yet I am always cold. Sadly, I've turned into my own mother in this respect.

  28. You guys are the opposite of me and my husband -- he would be the one to crank it up. And he's always complaining he's COLD so I nag him to yeah, put on a SWEATER!


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