Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Obligatory What We Got For Christmas Post

We woke at 5 AM on Christmas Day..


Are you kidding me? I am not a morning person. My kids were probably up at that time. But they know to play in their rooms until I come and get them.

Therefore we were up at a respectable 830 on Christmas.

Seriously, if I were up at 5 I’d be cranky and would probably forget to take pictures because I’d be half asleep.


Santa came and dropped off some stuff:

Max the Cat is checking everything out, including his stocking.

The kids rushed down the stairs and Tommy shouted, “He came! I’m not on the naughty list!” I might have told him throughout the year when he was not very nice that he’d go on the naughty list. Then Tommy became obsessed with wondering if he was on the naughty list or not.

Natalie was happy with her Rapunzel tower. She was like, “I love this so much!”

More gifts were opened:

Tommy saw this one and was like, “This is weird.” He’s very blunt.

I don’t know what it is about KreO sets but Tommy had a hard time putting it together. Tom had to do it and it took TWO HOURS!

Tommy loves DS games. My best friend Jennifer got this for him.

Natalie immediately got into her Princess Charm School dress and used her Princess Charm School phone.

Tom started opening his presents. Let me tell you, shopping for Tom is not easy. He says it is. He’s all, “Just get me some tools.” But here’s the thing: I don’t know what tools he already has. I don’t speak tool. I don’t know what he’d like. Me, I’d go for something shiny and pink. Somehow I don’t think he’d like that sort of tool. So I struggle finding him stuff at times.

This year I think I did well.

Actually, I didn’t get him the gift card. His Mom did. He’s shocked because his Mom HATES Sears. (Something about not helping her out when the fridge she got from them broke down..) Tom, on the other hand, LOVES Sears. Or mainly, their Craftsman tools.

He loves Angry Birds so I got him the game.

And I surprised him with this statue of a K9 Handler and his dog. He kept saying, “Oh wow,” so I knew I did well.

However, he thought the box the statue was in was a Playstation 3, which he’s been yearning for. He opened all his presents (not pictured? Perry the Platypus pants, funny t-shirts, and a cross necklace..) and seemed baffled that he had not gotten his Playstation 3.

“I think Santa forgot something,” I said and rushed upstairs and brought down one more box.


The Playstation 3. Tom is a spoiled man.

He was like, “I knew it!”

His Mom opened some presents. Tommy got her a necklace that said Grandma on it from his Santa shop at school:

And she’s as excited over chocolates as I am.

As for me?

I got great stuff, too.

This was in my stocking:

Tom actually filled it for the first time. The entire ten years we have been married he never got what went in a stocking. This year it computed.

Here is some more stuff:

The cake pop maker is from Jennifer. Yum! And that seasoning from Steak N Shake? Awesome.

Tom also got me this:

And even put pictures inside:

And this:

With a card that came with it that said, “You will always hold the key to my heart. Forever and always.”

I’d say it was a fabulous Christmas.

Tom would agree.

He got his Playstation 3.

Plus a flying helicopter that shoots missiles.

(Yes. I’ve been shot with a few.)

I hope you all had a great Christmas, too!


  1. Did you hear Sears is closing 100 stores? I hope yours doesn't since Tom likes it so much!

  2. Awwww, what a great Christmas. So glad you all enjoyed it. Hugs.

  3. Wow, it looks like some excellent gifting and a great day!

  4. Glad Santa was so good to y'all. You got some great stuff! That statue you got Tom is awesome.

  5. Love the picture of Toms mom. My kind of gal

  6. I'm jealous Tom got a flying helicopter! Those things are awesome. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas!

  7. Love the jewelry.. I have a key necklace like that and it's one of my favorites. Also LOVE the Friends set.. I couldnt wait that long to get the whole set so I have all 10 individual seasons, but I still watch them all the time.

  8. Seems like you guys had a great Christmas. Well happy holidays from out here in Portland Oregon.

  9. Awwww, how sweet that man is!

    I looked like ya'll had a great showed on the faces!

    God bless and have a great day and a Happy New Year sweetie!!! :o)

  10. A helicopter that shoots? I hope you can run fast.

  11. Wow...looks like a wonderful Christmas!

  12. It doesn't look like ANY of you were on the naughty list. I'd say you made out like bandits!!!

  13. Looks like it was a good one! Happy New Year!

  14. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

  15. looks like it was a great Christmas!! don't ya just love doing that, making them think they didn't get something, then boom, surprise them?? I love doing that. ;o)

  16. hahaha "this is weird" hahaha I love the PS3 pic too! How fun!!! Merry Christmas!

  17. Aw, I love this! Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

  18. What a fun Christmas you all had! I hope your New Year is just as fabulous!!!


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