Thursday, December 29, 2011

Plushy Seats

We didn’t know what we were doing.

It was the first time we were going to a movie theater where people served you food.

This was why we stopped downstairs and picked up popcorn and nachos just in case the food that was served was the snooty rich people kind.

This was also why the people upstairs kept giving us odd looks as we settled down at a table and waited for our theater to open.

“Why are people giving us weird looks?” Tom asked as he munched on a chip.

“I don’t know. Do I have anything on my face?” I patted my cheeks with a napkin. I’ve been known to be a messy eater. Perhaps I had a trail of cheese across my nose.

“No. You’re good,” Tom promised. “Are we supposed to be eating already?”

I shrugged.

We were having a date night since Tom’s Mom was visiting. There is a theater by our house called The Warren and we kept hearing how people served you food on the balcony. And booze. Plus, you had to be 21 or older so that meant no annoying family with annoying kids would settle down beside us.

“Can I get you something to eat…er…something else to eat?” a waiter asked, coming over to us. He stared at our nachos and popcorn in confusion.

I flipped through the menu. “Cheese fries, please.”

Mmmm. I love cheese fries.

“I really don’t think we were supposed to bring food up here,” Tom whispered.

The waiter dropped off the cheese fries a few minutes later and they looked amazing.

“Or theater is open,” Tom said, so we gathered up all our food and walked over. We handed the lady our tickets and she stared at our food and went, “Did you bring me a snack? You know we serve you in here, right?”


No wonder we were given strange looks.

Oh, well.

We were shown to our seats. Big, plushy seats!

“So if you want anything else, you push this button and someone will take your order,” we were told. “Plus, here’s the button for the seat warmer.”

A seat warmer!

It was perfect for me because I tend to get cold in movie theaters.

We munched on our food and I flipped through the menu. They had an array of delicious desserts. Mmm..

“They do serve popcorn up here,” I said, pointing. I hadn’t been sure.

“Can I take a picture?” I said, digging into my purse and pulling out my phone. No one else around us was taking a picture. And holy crap, some person a few rows down ordered CHAMPAGNE!

I took a quick picture because people kept tossing us baffled looks.

What? Don’t people take photos of their plushy seats?

I mean, we paid $18 EACH to sit in one so dangit, I was going to photograph it.

We ended up ordering dessert. I excitedly pushed the button for a waiter. Man, this must be how rich people feel. Or something.

I ordered a banana split and Tom got a malt. We ate our dessert while the new Sherlock Holmes played.

Would we go back? For sure.

Next time, I’m ordering a burger.


  1. What a cool idea. Wish they had something like that around here. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. $18? those are worse than Vegas prices. And we don't get served.

  3. My husband and I recently went to one of these too! Ours didn't have heated seats though :) It's a really cool concept and we enjoyed it, but I think we'd have to stick with a lighter movie rather than a drama because it can be a bit distracting :)

  4. That sounds awesome! Food, booze, and a warm tushy while you watch a movie... priceless:)

  5. oh my gosh!!! I'd so love that place. Our theater sucks. Seriously. It doesn't have stadium seats and it smells like mildew. I drive 45min just to get to a theater with stadium seats.

    those cheese fries look too good!

  6. Next time YOU'LL be the ones casting scornful glances at the newbs who don't know better.

  7. Usually I just get a Redbox so for sure this is super fancy. I love eating while watching movies so I would totally love this.

  8. Do they bring you food DURING the movie? Like there are waiters walking around while RDJ is on-screen? Cause I get upset when people sitting near me get up to use the bathroom once the previews start. Was it horribly distracting?? It sounds like one of those ideas that's great in theory but not in practice.

  9. That sounds really neat. I would not have known what to do either :P

  10. That sounds awesome!! We have to drive two towns over to go to a theater... and then people look at me weird because I spray down the seats.... but yea.. I got lice last time we went to the movies here in town.. So I would totally pay $25+ for a upscale theater with no bugs. =) lol

  11. We just got a theatre like that near us. My husband's been there a couple of times with friends, but I'm not a fan of going to the movies (so freaking expensive), so I have held out. However, once I pop this baby out, I might just go so I can enjoy being pampered for an evening. :)

  12. The Warren is the first theater I went to where they served you during the movie. I felt the same as you! I loved it. I would always order a chocolate shake. And I loved the seat warmer.

  13. I'm a little bit jealous! That looks like a totally awesome thing to do. Better than a restaurant any day.

  14. Uhhhh.....Wow wee...Sounds like a dream

  15. Now I am going to go. I'll spill on myself before I even leave the house, so my whitetrashness will already be obvious, and I can take all the pics I want.

  16. That would be fun! Does that price include the food or do you have to pay for everything you order?

  17. I went to one of those years ago! Mostly I just remember that I didn't like my date.

    If I went now, I'd probably take a picture too. I'm also cool like that. :)

  18. How awesome is that??? ALL that service for only $18? Last time I went to a movie in the states it cost me $12 and I got nothing but a regular, crapo seat, WITH annoying people with kids!!

    You are lucky!!! How was the movie???

  19. that sounds amazing! wonder if we have one of those close...

  20. Ohh awesome post. Our town actually has one of these places and I've always wondered just how it works...haha! I think I would have bought food ahead of time like you did. Glad you had fun!


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