Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 Days of School

Happy 100 Days of School!


Me too.

Well, not really. Tommy has been in school for awhile so I know there are usually activities for the 100th day of school. Which is nice, I guess, until the teacher wants their students to make something for it.

Natalie came home with instructions from her teacher to come up with 100 items. Stapled to it was a cardboard rectangle to put the said items on. She said we could be creative and if need be, use poster board for extra space.

I was like, what? Are there people who are really going all out for this? I’m not going all out for this. I’ll just have Natalie draw 100 circles. Or 100 Na's.

You know that the crafty mothers are all, “Oooo….I’ll do 10 feathers, 10 buttons, 10 sewn tiny scarves, 10 sequins..” and then post the thing on Pinterest.

I am not crafty.

I am in awe of crafty people.

I WISH I were crafty so I didn’t have to BUY the crafty things from crafty stores like Hobby Lobby.

“What should we do, Natalie?” I asked.

“100 princesses!” Natalie said.

That would mean we’d either have to A) draw 100 princesses, and I can’t draw a stick person to save my life. Natalie would get tired after princess 8 and be all, “I’m done.” Or we could B) print out 100 princesses and glue them but that would waste my printer ink, which is not cheap, and I wasn’t in the mood to cut out and paste 100 princesses anyway.

“How about we get those conversation hearts that taste like flavored chalk and glue them on?” I suggested. I mean, Valentine’s Day is approaching. We could be festive. Sort of.

Natalie agreed so we bought some hearts and started gluing. Well, I did most of the gluing if I’m being perfectly honest. Natalie kept eating the project. And then she’d go glue happy and I’d be like, “You know what? How about you hang out in the corner? Mommy will finish this.”

Here’s the finished product:

Nice huh?

And Natalie added her name to the bottom (yes, the entire name, not just Na!) and insisted on glitter. She went glitter happy and now the living room floor looks as though Tinkerbell exploded on it.

I imagine there will be kids with elaborate projects. I mean, the paper even said they could use a POSTER BOARD if they wanted to. (!) I have a feeling someone is going to walk in with 100 little 3D art things or 100 quotes on why children are the future of the world (puke.)

Mark my word.

It’ll happen.

Some parents are nuts.


  1. I think yours is a great idea!!! Nice job. I like how its organized (10by10) and easy to count, because I'm a nerd like that.

  2. I love Natalie's hearts and her sparkly name, so cute. I do try and put effort in helping my kids with projects but those over the top parents, they beat me every time.

  3. I've got to say, I haven't got any artistic talent, but I' still love it if my brat's school assigned this sort of thing. Just because I'm not talented doesn't mean I can't get creative. His school sucks, they don't do anything fun.

  4. I'm a crafty type, but I like for Elizabeth to learn and do herself (that is until she gets bored). We had to make a shaker for kindermusik and ours was "interesting" but it was hers. So I love your project, because you decided and did it together...and that is worth way more than something on a poster board. :)

  5. Oh yeah, people get crazy with this sort of thing.

  6. Yep, a retired educator I know first hand how nuts they can get but Natalie's project has heart!

    Heeehehhee :o)

    Tell Na I love the glitter adornment.

    God bless and have a magnificent day sweetie!!!

  7. Ok, first off, I HATE when they send these bullshit projects home. That's what school is for, AMIRIGHT?

    And 2nd, I am a little crafty (emphasis on little), but I have, like, a JOB, and then there's getting dinner ready, and regular homework, and laundry. So it's really extra work for ME to do this crap.

    And yes, the PTA, SAHM mom's are going to go bat-shit crazy with the hot glue gun and pipe cleaners and crap.

    Suck ups.

  8. Unfortunately, I'm one of those crafty moms, but id on't think I could've come up with anything better than you did. I wish I could write like you do.

    The bottom line is you did it with Natalie and that counts for a whole lot. Who cares if it's not the best in the class? You spent time with your daughter doing something.

  9. Ha ha... I have to laugh so that I don't cry!!! My kids have had to do these '100 days' projects also. The part I hated the most was counting and re-counting to make sure that we had 100 items on the poster board.

    New follower from "Punch in the Throat"

  10. I hate those crafty things. Once for Jake's kindergarten class we had to make an "about me" poster. "Creativity is encouraged!" the teacher said and I huddled in a corner and sobbed with my lack of craftiness.

  11. I'm counting myself lucky that my kids haven't had to do this 100 days project. Though I probably just jinxed it.

  12. I think your idea and project turned out great!

    I think that's pretty much the only useful thing you can do w/ those nasty convo hearts. ;o)

  13. I'd be inclined to do something along the lines of what you did!

  14. Ahhh, the 100 day project. One of the most annoying things in the kid kingdom. Right up there next to the annual singing pageant. You did great work of it!!

  15. I think her 100 hearts look great. My daughter did that project in kindergarten too. I think we glued buttons.

  16. Okay, I laughed till I snorted at this post. Conversation hearts that taste like flavored chalk--hahaha, I know right? I needed this today. *happy after-laugh sigh*
    Catherine Denton

  17. LOL! I totally know about projects like this. Why do teachers assign parents homework? I don't get it. ;)

  18. Nolan had to find 100 of the same thing to bring in a brown paper bag with clues so the other students could guess what he brought. On Sunday night right before bed I asked him what he wanted to bring and he ran to the toy closet and pulled out a brown paper bag (w/clues) from last year and said, "Here, I want to take what I took last year." Ha! I like how that boy thinks.

  19. Thanks for reminding me, we must be coming up on our 100 days soon. I hope you don't mind if I steal your idea, I love it!

  20. I think I'd like your idea the best anyway. Who doesn't like candy hearts?

  21. Personally I think it's adorable. :-)

    And I would (as a teacher) roll my eyes at the way.too.crafty moms. At least you and Natalie worked together on hers, right?! The "here my mom did this for me" crowd both annoy and sadden me.

  22. Wonderful idea!! They came out beautifully :)

  23. For not being very crafty, well done. And good idea. Na should get bonus marks for being festive.

    I liked your description of the 'candy.'


  24. I like it! And since those little hearts taste like ass, at least you got some use out of them that didn't require consumption!

  25. That came out great! Crafty or not, I think it was a great idea to do the conversation hearts!! I did a similar gluing project for my husbands Christmas present from Gia. It was one million (maybe a little exaggeration) puff balls glued randomly around the border of a frame. She did about five....FIVE!!! Then ran around the kitchen as I finished it for her. Every now and then she'd come back to the table to mix up all the puff balls and make it even harder for me to try and keep it artfully random (come to find out, NOT easy to do!!!).

  26. I'm non crafty too, this is my perfect project! LOL.

    Our school doesn't do this 100 day thing. Bummer, it looks like people are having fun with it.

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