Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey, It's Okay Tuesday!

I got this idea from Glamour magazine. They have a section called Hey, It’s Okay and will list a bunch of things to be okay about. You're welcome to join in and do something like this on your blog. Doesn't have to be on a Tuesday either. Just make sure you link up!


To be sad that Etta James passed away. She’s the one who sang “At last.”

To be a little shocked that Seal and Heidi Klum are divorcing.

To love the Austin Powers movies. Tom and I watched them over the weekend. We love Will Ferrell’s character. “I’m not dead, but I’m very badly burned…”

To be glad that Natalie didn’t cry when she got the staples removed from her head yesterday. She did keep saying, “Do I get Reeses Puffs after this?” The doctor thought it was a special treat for getting the staples removed but nope, we have cereals like that in the house all the time.

To only know who is playing at the Super Bowl because of Facebook.

To want to be on an episode of Ghost Adventures. It would be amusing. I’d start off being all brave: “I gave birth to two kids so I can definitely handle a ghost!” And then if a ghost started to manifest I’d be like, “I’m scared. Hold me, Zak Bagans so long as you don’t try to grow another goatee. It doesn’t work for you.”

To love Gymboree but hate how slow the shipping is. I know I can pay for faster shipping but I don’t wanna.

To have already filed our taxes. This excites me because we do get a refund back. Granted, most of the refund goes towards bills, but still..

To need to list some of the kid’s clothes from last year on eBay. I’ll post the link when I do. I think I’ll have mostly 8s in the boy size and 2 and 3T for the girl with others mixed in.


  1. I am with you on the Facebook one. I wouldn't know anything without that. LOL

  2. Facebook is where I find out just about everything, even things I don't want to know. gotta love that "unsubscribe" button. ;o)

    I haven't even gotten our w2s yet! :o(

  3. I was a little sad about Etta too. I LOVE that song.

    And I don't even know why celebrities bother getting married. It seems the only ones who stay together in Hollywood are the ones who never marry. Go figure!

  4. I was sad about Heidi and Seal too. It just makes me crazy...they all believe marriage is just so disposable. And you already filed your taxes? Lucky! And good for you. We haven't even gotten our W-2's in the mail yet. but, I will be filing asap, as we rely on the return. And finally...glad Natalie is staple free and well.

  5. Seal & Heidi are splitting? What on earth is the woman thinking! He's so... so... SEAL!

    Pffft - silly woman!

  6. I think I hate you a little for already having your taxes done. I'm not even done filing all my bills and papers for 2011. They're stacked on top of the filing cabinet. And we're gonna owe, big time.

    My kiddo needs some size 8, so let us know on the listing!

  7. lol, we filed for taxes already to hell yeah it's ok ;-) hehehe

  8. I am surprised about the Seal/Klum split. They seemed happy and meant for each other. Oh, wait, it's Hollywood! Bwahahaha!

  9. I'm jealous you filed your taxes already. I haven't even got all the tax info from employers yet.

  10. I am really saddened by the revelation of Seal and Heidi. They were my power couple of stars with all their love talk.

  11. I only know who's in the superbowl cause my dad thought I was interested in listening to him. lol

    I've filed my taxes too! Can't wait for the refund to hit the bank account....

  12. I love the movie Old School. Every time I see it I laugh hysterically when Will Farrell tries to jump through the hoops and catches his costume on fire.

  13. I too am sad about Heidi and Seal. Why?! Just why?

  14. I was surprised by Heidi and Seal as well. I really thought they had a chance.

    Our taxes were filed Sunday. I am so happy to have some money in our savings account again.

  15. Oy. I never know who's playing the Superbowl!

    Is it okay for me to wish Natalie was bigger than my Girly so I could buy those hand-me-down cute outfits? ;)

  16. I TOTALLY had a comment to add today about something relevant to the whole It's Okay theme....but I didn't write it down or email myself earlier when I thought of it and now it's gone!

  17. I also found about Super Bowl on FB...and Twitter. Maybe a combination.

  18. I'm jealous you have your return already in. We have to use it for bills too, and I would love to have that money now. :)

    Oh and that's the only way I even know the Super bowl is coming up soon...I'm that sad. ;)

  19. I guess I need facebook. I still don't know who's playing in the Super Bowl.

  20. I agree about Seal and Heidi. I do not know these people at all, but still...they were the couple I BELIEVED would make it! Maybe because I love Heidi so much on Project Runway.

    If it wasn't for Facebook, I would know NOTHING about football...and I'm OK with that.

  21. We should be getting our refund TODAY!! I'd love to say we're going to blow it traveling....but sadly it's going to the savings pot for moving. Yeah...not thrilled about that!

    My team didn't make it the Super Bowl, so I don't care about it. Plus Madonna is performing and that crazy witch is not someone I want to hear screeching her head off!

    Have a great day!!!

  22. Seal and Heidi made my list too...I was sad! I was also really sad about Etta James. What a class act!

  23. SOOOO sad that Seal & Heidi Klum are splitting :(

    I have crap cereal in my house all the time too. Yup, I'm not mother of the year by any means LOL.

    I LOOOOVE Gymboree outlet!

    I think I need to get a jump on your ebay listings... My littlest is in 24 mos right now.

  24. Thanks for visiting! Yes, my son is in the Air Force and stationed at RAF Mildenhall - they've been there for 2+ years now.

  25. I use FB for news too. We recently dropped our cable and subscribed to NetFlix and Hulu- hmmm, 15.00 vs. 130.00 a month is a no-brainer.

    And I think its kinda weird about Seal and Heidi. Did you hear about Johnny & Vanessa? No one even knows if that one is true but they have been together a LONG time...

    We just E filed last nite. Paying bills feels GOOD!

    Have a great week-

  26. Love "At Last" :) And I hadn't heard about Seal and Heidi Klum. Sad :(


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