Friday, January 20, 2012

A Child Named Na Part 2

“Hey Na, you need to start spelling your whole name,” I said to Natalie, who immediately looked affronted.

“My name is Natalie,” she answered primly.

“Then,” I said, holding up a paper that she did at school, “write that out. Don’t just write NA and stop.”

Remember awhile back when I wrote about how Natalie was signing her name Na? Well. She still is. Her teacher is working on trying to get her to write her entire name.

It’s not going well.

And before she didn’t mind being referred to as Na. Now she’s greatly insulted.

“When you get to Kindergarten, you’ll have to write your entire name,” I explained to Natalie. “So let’s practice.”

Natalie sighed. “But I was about to play Princess!”

“You can play after,” I promised. “Let’s practice your name.”

“I can’t! I have a hole in my head!” Natalie protested. Yeah. She’s really been milking that one.

“Let’s practice spelling it once,” I said, handing her a pencil. “Then you can play.”

Natalie scowled. “Fi-neee.” She dragged out the word as she took the pencil. She bent over the paper and wrote the familiar N and A.

“Continue, Na,” I pressed.


“Then finish your name, Naomi Campbell. Geez. Thank goodness we didn’t have a phone near us or I imagine I’d have been hit in the head with it.”

Natalie bit her lower lip, ignoring my quip. “T,” she said, and wrote the letter down. “A…I…E.”

“You forgot a letter.”

“I have a hole in my head.”

“Natalie,” I said, in a warning tone.

“But I’m a woman,” Natalie pointed out. Yeah, I know. Weird. She’s been saying that lately. I think she got it from A Mermaid Tale. It’s some Barbie movie and I think Barbie talks about becoming a woman or something. So now Natalie randomly says she’s a woman. I’m used to it, which is why I didn’t even react and instructed her to continue with her name.

“I don’t like the letter L today.” Natalie tried a different tactic.

“So your name is Nataie. Sounds like a name a celebrity would give their kid.”

“My name is Natalie.” She wrote in the letter L. “There!”

I thought, hey, now she’ll write her full name.

Then she came home yesterday with this.

(Well, there WOULD be a picture but it's on my phone and my phone IS NOT TURNING ON! So basically just picture a paper with NA written across it..)

So I still have a daughter named Na.


  1. I still remember when I learned how to write my name.. For the longest time I just wrote NAT. It was on everything. In my books, every scrap paper I could find, magazines.. everywhere.
    Then I learned the rest of it. And I proved it by using a rock to write it down the side of my grandmother's black Cadillac.

  2. That's hysterical! My weird kid used to ONLY write first and last name, and would insist that people called him by first and last name at all times.

    Kids are freaks.

  3. I'm sure you find it frustrating, but to us readers these little stories about your hilarious children really do brighten up our days. Tell Na I send my regards!

  4. So just keep calling her Na if that is what she keeps putting down. She sounds as stubborn as you. (sorry)

  5. Oh my! What a stubborn little one!

  6. Apparently I have a son named E.W. That is what he has started putting on all of his schoolwork. I guess if his teacher doesn't care I shouldn't. Lazy little boy, I guess Ethan Wallwork takes too long.

  7. "But I have a hole in my head" - best excuse ever!

  8. We have a son called Christopher and his primary teacher always complained about how long the name was and how long it took him to write it. He ended up as Chris. When we had our next child - Anna - she said she was mightily relieved, because even if she wrote it backwards, it would still be right.

  9. You never really think about this when you are naming your children. I have a competitive sister and our girls are the same age I remember Allie could write her name perfect and my Katelyn struggled I always though hello how hare is the name Allie....I wish I named Katelyn....Sue!

  10. I don't know how you kept a straight face.
    I'm a woman?
    Let her be NA. Call her that. I think it's adorable.

  11. LOL, your stubborn little girlie... What a funny kid she is!

  12. haha! I hope you're still blogging when she's a teenager. I can't wait! ;)

  13. I agree with several commentors..."But I have a hole in my head!" really is the best excuse ever! haha!

    Keep calling her Na and she'll get so pissed that she'll start writing it all out just to make you wrong! :-)
    And to really drive that home, the first time you see her write it out you should tell her you prefer Na. WAHAHAH! It's fun to be evil! :-)

  14. I just got caught up with the hole in the head story now - so scary! Glad it wasn't as serious as it looked.
    That being said, Na is too funny.

  15. She's hilarious! I'm sorry because I'm sure its very Trying for you. But the girl has attitude and knows how to work it!
    Love stories about her......what a cutie pie!

  16. Maybe she'll grow up famous and be known as just "Na", along with "Cher", "Madonna", and the likes. You never know!

  17. Our precious Natalie chose Tillie as her name. Don't know why she preferred it over Nat the brat. 8-)

  18. Oh boy, she is something else! I love the, "but I was going to play princess!"

  19. My parents gave us all short names because with so many kiddos who wanted to waste more than a few letters.

    Brad, Ruth, Dawn, Mark, Julie, Paul John........

  20. Too funny. Na is such a lovely name.


  21. Loved the Nataie celebrity baby name comment. Maybe Snooki will go for it.


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