Monday, January 23, 2012

Growing Up Is Rude!

“Hi Tommy! Hi! It’s us! It’s Natalie and Mommy! Hello?” Natalie called out. Then she frowned and looked at me. “Why won’t he say hi? It’s rude.”

“I think it’s because we’re in his school and he’s embarrassed,” I explained. We were there for his awards assembly and his class had just filtered in. His eyes had flicked briefly to us—probably to ensure that we had arrived—and then he refused to acknowledge our existence.

“Tommy!” Natalie tried again, to no avail.

I had already embarrassed Tommy earlier when I had driven him to school. I dared to give him a kiss and he had yelled, “Mom! This is public!” when I pressed my lips to his cheek.

Well, excuse me! I only gave him life. I should be able to kiss him whenever I feel like it.

And I should be acknowledged when I show up for the boring award assemblies. It’s entertaining when your kid’s name is called but after that it’s like, lalala, this stinks, man, a lot of other people’s children look weird.

“Tommy is so rude,” Natalie muttered. Rude is her latest word. I’m rude for not letting her watch Yo Gabba Gabba whenever she wants. Tommy is rude for not saying hello. Tom is rude for going to work instead of hanging out with her. Basically, everyone is rude. (“Rude!” Natalie had bellowed when a car had cut in front of us (with no turn signal.) I agreed with her there.)(And yes, I tried to get her to say HOW Rude, like Stephanie Tanner on Full House, but she won't do it.)

I took a picture of the back of Tommy’s head since he wouldn’t turn around:

He ended up getting two awards: one for the Honor Roll and another for bringing his grade up from a B to an A in reading. He works incredibly hard since some things don’t come as easily to him. He struggles with reading and writing and I’m proud that he puts forth the effort to improve himself even though sometimes he yells, “I’m so tired of school!”

After the awards were passed out, the kids could come over and take a picture with their parents. I’m surprised Tommy approached us. At first it looked like he wasn’t but I kept going, “Tommy? Tommy? Tommy? Tommy?” just like he used to go, “Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?” when he was younger. He probably wanted me to shut up.

Yup, that’s a random little boy. Natalie decided to adopt him a la Angelina Jolie. Well, she wishes. She started playing with the kid halfway through the assembly and he didn’t want to leave her.

“Why did mostly all girls get the Principal’s award?” Tommy wondered, naming the award people got for all As.

“They studied hard. Instead of playing video games, they studied,” I added pointedly. Tommy sometimes becomes engrossed in his Nintendo DS. Or making paper airplanes or Origami.

“Are girls smarter than boys?” Tommy wondered.


No, I didn’t say that. I WANTED TO, you have no idea HOW BADLY. But instead I went, “No, it’s just girls mature faster than boys. But you saw a couple of other boys get the award. It means they studied and focused on their work. I never got straight As. I tried, but math always got me. Stupid math…”

Tommy sighed. “Yeah. Math gets me too. I hate long division. Who cares about remainders?”

“I’m saying! Who does care about remainders?” I agreed. A teacher walked by and gave me a disapproving look. “I mean…remainders are important. Make sure you pay close attention in math and you’ll get it.” I leaned over and gave Tommy a kiss. He gave me a Look.

“I have to go back to my class,” Tommy said. “You can give me a quick hug but not another kiss.”

So I did that and watched my boy get in line.

How did he get so big? Wasn’t he just 3 yesterday?

Growing up is so rude!


  1. Good job Tommy! Way to go! My 8 year old still lets me kiss him public, for now. Which is good because I'd do it anyway. Though he is starting to get a bit squeamish about it sometimes.

  2. I know! The nerve of kids these days.... :)

  3. I totally get how you feel with kids growing up so quickly. Mine will be 13 at the end of the week and he wants to invite a GIRL to his birthday dinner. I'm NOT ready for this!

  4. Ha, Ha, you're so funny, love this post. Kids growing up and not needing their mommas, totally rude!

    I am totally the type to diss something they'll never use, I'll learn from your mistake and hope I don't get caught by the teacher.

  5. congrats tommy! my kids went against my advice and grew up on me. thank heaven for grandkids!

  6. It is rude! And I don't get remainders either. I just tell mine to round up.

  7. Too funny. I still get a little embarrassed by my mom. But I know I'll embarrass my kid in public too so it all evens out.

  8. You should continue to work on the "how rude" comment with Natalie. That would be hilarious!

  9. This may be one of my favorite blog posts of yours. I'm not sure why. I just enjoyed reading it.

    My daughter's favorite is "Inappropriate". She uses it the same way she once used "awkward". Inappropriately.

    When Emma asks to hear "Set Fire to the Rain" in the car, I just start to sing it at the top of my lungs until she shouts "Daddy! DADDY!!! ON THE IPHONE!!!" And I say, "Oh. . . when you said you wanted to hear it, I assumed you wanted me to sing."

    And she says "akward" (appropriately).

    Then I tell her I think her friends would probably LOVE to hear someone with my talents sing the latest hits. And she threatens my life.

    Which is my long winded way of wrapping up and saying "this blog post reminds me of all the times I've NEARLY embarrassed my daughter".

  10. Congrats to Tommy on his awards! Remainders are dumb. Why don't they just teach decimals right away?

  11. Congrats to Tommy! (And boo to growing up...:-))

  12. Yes, growing up is RUDE!
    It does get better. When they are in their 20's they don't mind giving you a kiss.

    You should be proud of him! He's a cutie.

  13. Growing up is rude! Annabelle still wants to be around me most of the time but i know the day is coming when she's less than enthusiastic about me:(

  14. Woohoo Tommy!! And hugs are really better than kisses anyway.

  15. Congrats to Tommy for working so hard and doing so well! That must make you very proud, and it's good that he knows it. Even if it embarrasses him.

  16. I recently stumbled upon your blog and I think it his hysterical!! I adore NA's feisty personality and Tommy is pretty funny too. I am a special ed. teacher who has also grown up with someone with Autism. I think your attitude and sense a humor is an amazing inspiration to other parents.

  17. I love it. Keep working on the "How rude." Maybe she'll get it :)

    Great job Tommy!

  18. Them growing up on us IS rude! Especially as the time grows closer to decide on which college to send my "baby" too....surely this can't be happening so soon? Definitely, rude.

    (Way to go, Tommy! You are so awesome!)

  19. You should totally adopt the random kid. He has the cuteness to cut it as a member of your crew. Congrats to Tommy for working so hard. And maybe it's better for Natalie to just say "rude." You know what happened to the "How rude" kid.

  20. Congratulations to your super smart son!!!! Hugs!

  21. Ha! Growing up IS rude. we invest all this time and love and energy into these little beings and then they go and grow up on us and don't need us anymore. Pshaw. What a scam.

  22. Good for him! It sounds like you have great kids :)


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