Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things That Annoy Me Thursday: Drivers

Since it’s the new year I decided to try something different.

I’ve decided to create a weekly post called Things That Annoy Me every Thursday.

Venting helps.

Disclaimer: I may write about things that YOU do. Please note that I am no way insulting YOU as a person but that I simply have a different opinion.

I’ve ranted about this before.

Many times in fact.

And I’ll probably do it many times more.


I cannot stand rude drivers!

Rude drivers do the following:

--Refuse to use their turn signals

--Mess around with their cell phone

--Decide that the yield sign is not for them

--Wave when a person does something nice like let them in the line

--Have bumper stickers that say stuff like, “I love Snooki!” or “Obama 2012!”


I’m kidding on that last one.

(But seriously, how can people love Snooki? What does she even DO?)

How difficult is it to use a turn signal though? It takes less than a second. I cannot stand when a vehicle cuts me off without signaling what they are doing. I have honked at these people before and they have the nerve to give ME the dirty look. Well. YOU SHOULD HAVE SIGNALED!

Yesterday I counted 5 people on the road who didn’t bother with their turn signal. Can someone explain to me why this is? If you don’t use your turn signal, how come? Is it too much work? Unless you are Gary Busey, one would think that a person would have the capacity to do this.

As for messing around with cell phones. Many phones have a thing where you can speak into it if you must send a text on the road. Do that. And if you must have a conversation, pull the crap over. I hate when I see someone with their phone attached to their ear with one hand on the wheel.

This is probably why a lot of people don’t bother with yield signs since their conversation is clearly more important than pausing for a second. I have nearly been hit countless amounts of times because a person feels like the yield sign is above them. I’m here to say that it’s not.

And finally, there’s the whole not waving when a vehicle does something nice for you bit. Look. I don’t HAVE to let you in the line. You can inch up on me with your big ass truck all you want. If I don’t feel like letting you in, I won’t. Lucky for you, I’m a pretty nice person and usually will (unless I’m in a terrible mood in which case, back off..). Now, I was raised that if a person does something nice that the polite thing to do is say THANK YOU. Or, in the case of being on the road, waving a hand towards the driver to let them know you appreciate what they’ve done.

Not many people do this because:

A)They are either busy on their phones or B) rude asses

If this happens I roll down my window and shout a sarcastic, “You’re welcome!”

So people, help me out here. Let’s all make the roads a polite place and promise to do the following:

1. Use your turn signals

2. Get a Bluetooth if you must talk on the phone


4. Wave when a vehicle does something nice

5. Remove annoying bumper stickers (Oh har-de-har-har, your Pomeranian is smarter than my honor student. I doubt it. Pomeranians are annoying and bark frantically at nothing.)



  1. Omg yes I'm with you! I thought Western NY drive horrible....I have such rage how people drive it's not even funny! It's suppose to be hands free here but everyone is one their phones or texting! I also hate when people take two parking spots because their car is so special!

  2. After reading this post, I feel I must say "Sorry"

  3. one does wonder how some folks even get driver's licenses... I guess they paid off the examiner..

  4. I hate distracted and drowsy drivers. They put every single person they are on the road with in danger. It is so rude and insensitive.

  5. But what if my dog is smarter than your honor student? Please accommodate everyone.

    (but yea, I agree with it all)

  6. I more or less drive like an asshole. I'm sorry.

  7. I totally agree with you 100%. I also have a problem with people who do not follow the rules at a 4 way stop. I just wonder if they took the same test I did....

  8. I feel the same away. About all of it! Some guy thought he had the right of way yesterday when he didn't! He had a Stop sign and I had none! He came right on out of front of me in the pouring down rain. Lucky for him I'm a pretty observant driver and was able to keep from hitting him. SOOO lucky for him!

  9. Have you been to Baltimore? It sure sounds as if you have based on these rants. I can't begin to describe what I go through on a daily basis here in this fine city.

    Here's one of my posts I wrote a few months back. Check this one.

  10. There is a special place in traffic jam hell for the idiots who are first in line on the on ramp trying to merge onto the freeway and come to a complete freaking stop instead of attempting to MERGE .

  11. I am a huge wave-to-thank-someone-er. Even though our car doesn't have tinted windows, I'm always paranoid someone won't see my gratitude, so I tend to wave a lot longer than necessary. Another thing I do? The frantic "wave between the seats (with my right hand), then just for good measure roll my window down and throw my hand out." Haha.

  12. I try not to be on the cell phone unless I'm at a red light. I ALWAYS wave when someone lets me in. And if I can't because my hands are full with driving, Jakes does it for me! Good kid!

  13. Oh I hate when people don't wave!

  14. I'm only guilty of talking on the cell phone thank goodness! ;o)

    well... unless I'm driving in ATL, then I'm guilty of NOT using my turn signal. It's the only way to change lanes during rush hour. Otherwise, I'm just giving the other drivers more time to plot ways to block the lane and prevent me from merging.

  15. Guess what?....I love Snookie more than Oblah....hehe

  16. I was confused in the first part when you mentioned waving and thought that you meant that you don't like it when people wave. I am a waver.

  17. hahahaha I thought it was just me but that whole not waving thing makes me feel like I wanna be Cathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes- oh wouldnt THAT be such fun, just once!

    And you are absolutely correct on the Obama bumper sticker.

  18. Great list, I hate when people don't wave I mean come on I didn't have to be nice to you! Also Great idea! Are you going to do this every Thursday? I might just have to borrow this idea for next week!

  19. Great list and it would mirror my list perfectly!

  20. I did a things that annoy me thursday before and it was about driver's too lol. Driver's are definitely one of my biggest pet peeves.

  21. The turn signal thing annoys me to, and I can't believe how many people just don't use them. I mean, isn't it like ILLEGAL to not use your turn signal? Or did I dream that up?

  22. I wish half of the population in my city would read this post.

  23. I'm with you on the no signals. Infuriates me.

  24. This made me laugh. I am pretty sure we must be twins!

  25. Rude drivers are the worst. Seriously how hard is it to have a little common courtesy!

  26. I always wave and always do nice for other drivers. I guess I feel an obligation to let people know that California drivers are really nice. I also think if they're in a good mood they'll pass it on.

  27. Well now I'm going to have to remember to check in on Thursday's as well as Tuesday!!! I can't stand rude drivers either!

  28. Rude drivers are one of my pet peeves too! I cannot stand when someone doesn't give you a courtesy wave after you've let them cut in...or the person who doesn't use their signal while you're waiting to turn left as they're heading towards you. So you're sitting there waiting for them to drive past you and then they turn in front of could've gone but noooooo, they were too lazy to use their signal so you just wasted another 3.5 seconds of your life on a rude, inconsiderate person.

    Whew...that felt good to get out. Maybe I should join in next week!

  29. Those are all annoying but what annoys me the most is when people don't go the speed limit. I don't mind if you go a little faster but when you go 35 on a 45mph road, that makes me want to bump you on the bumper and honk. Move over to the side of the road will ya! LOL.

  30. I get totally annoyed with the turn signal thing too. Idiots.

    I also hate when people don't understand the rules of who goes first at four way stops, so one idiot just fanatically waves everyone else to go, go, go, and they do it with impatience.

  31. In our neck of the woods it's now illegal to talk or text while on the phone and driving.



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