Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inside Natalie's Closet

It’s no secret that I love to buy clothes for my kids.

So occasionally I’ll post an entry of them in their latest outfit.

The following is from Gymboree. They have something called Gymbuck Redemption so you can get half off everything.

Granted, I am not pleased with how they raised their prices. I get that companies need to make money and blah, blah, blah, but not many people are going to fork over $40 for a pair of jeans for their child.

I don’t even spend $40 on MY jeans!

I was able to get these clothes for a decent price, thanks to my Gymbucks.

First up is this adorable pink dress. Natalie picks out a lot of her clothes now. She had to have this:

She also had to have the giant pink bow.

“Remember when you used to run into the house to make me laugh?”

“And you smash-ted your head against the house?”

(Yes, I ran into the house for her. She loved it.)

“Do you have to pee, Natalie?”

“No. I’m pretending to be Dopey.” (A dwarf in Snow White..)

Natalie’s reaction after I explained that some kids don’t get McDonalds. At all. Ever.

Then she did an impression of a startled celebrity who just came out from a round of Botox:

*Outfit Change*

Yes, those are heels she’s wearing. She’s 4 and can walk better in heels than I can.

I can so walk in heels better than Mommy can…

I told her to pose like a model and she did this:

I suppose some models look like that when they are extra hungry. They’re probably thinking, “Dammit, I just want a cheeseburger..”

I asked her how I felt after I had chocolate:

Yup. That’s it.

Then she wanted to pose again:

Hi, I’m Lindsay Lohan and I’m above the law and don’t have to show up for court or pick up trash on the side of the road. Because I’m Lindsay Lohan. And I really need to go back to red hair because I look washed out and trashy with blond. (*Coughs* Take note Chelsea from Teen Mom 2..)

I didn’t forget Tommy. He’s in an outfit from Crazy8, a Gymboree clothing company.

To get him to look amused, all I have to do is talk about boogers or farts.


  1. Could that girl be any more photogenic or absolutely adorable?

    LOVE this!

  2. she is so stinkin adorable!

  3. that's pretty much how you can get any guy to look amused. ;o)

    gosh, your kids are SO CUTE and could really be models.

  4. Natalie is a beauty, no doubt about it. I love the purple outfit, and Tommy is just sooooooo darn CUTE! I love it when their teeth start falling out and get all uneven and adorable!

  5. Cute kids....Natalie has great taste in clothes. :)

  6. Beautiful photos of the kids. Love Natalie's hat.

  7. She is so gorgeous in pink (or any color).
    OK, Tommie's nice too. But not cute.

  8. Natalie is such a great model! I asked ViMae to pose in her new Shabby Apple dress (thanks to your giveaway!). No expression. And I am not running into the side of the house! :-)

  9. Gymboree does have kick-ass kids clothes. Have you checked Janie and Jack? They're affiliated. ALSO great clothes.

  10. They should totally be giving you clothes. What adorable little models you have!

  11. She's freakin' adorable! I think you might have some trouble on your hands in the near future. Love the diva poses!

  12. Love the photography. And your kids are so photogenic! Also, their mom has great taste in clothes for them ;-)

  13. The 2nd pic of Natalie in the purple outfit is beyond precious. She is way too cute. That's the first good pic of Tommy I've seen on your blog, he's a handsome young man. Kids are so fun for photo shoots, you really can't go wrong.

  14. Goodness you have some good looking kids :D How sweet!

  15. The only time my daughter gets clothes from Gymboree is when they are a present.

    I'm looking forward to when my daughter wants to pick out her own clothes and then do fun little photo shoots like this.

    Fun post!@

  16. I'm thinking Gymboree should sign Natalie to be a model for their clothes. She's so cute and seems to have a flair for it.

  17. Natalie is adorable! Love the pearls on the pink dress!

  18. She is too adorable. I can't get Elizabeth to

  19. She is so beautiful. I love the clothes. I am a kids clothes addict myself. Very cute :)

  20. Your kids are adorable. You can't go wrong with plaid for a boy, especially yellow (my fav color)& Natalie... man she is a doll!!! I love my girls in polk-a-dots so the first outfit is my fav, but the hat in the second... SOOOO CUTE!

    Congrats on winning one of my giveaways the other day. Be sure to send me your address so I can mail you your winnings. I posted it on my blog the other day, its under the title Winner Winner Winner :)

  21. My my do you have some gorgeous kids!! Love, love Natalie's dress and purple outfit! Way too cute! She is so precious!!And, what a model, you may have a superstar on your hands mom!! Enjoy!!

  22. As the mother of a six year old (well, seven on Monday!), boogers and farts are an integral part of our daily conversations!

    Your kids are absolutely model-gorgeous!! :::sigh::: I want a daughter. Girls are sooo fun to shop for and my biological clock had been pounding for the past year! ;-)

  23. Love the clothes... your kids are such a natural in front of the camera!

  24. Natalie is so amazing. I can't believe it. I am totally in love with her.


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