Saturday, April 7, 2012

All Tea Towels Review

My daughter likes to have tea parties.

So when I was contacted to review some tea towels, I had to say yes.

I was able to pick two tea towels over at All Tea Towels and there were so many cute choices. (If you're in the UK you get free delivery!)

Look at this one:

And this has a famous saying:

I wasn't sure which ones I should go for. In the end I went with this beautiful tree one called the Spring Season Tree Of Life:

I was impressed by the rich colors. Sometimes when you see rich colors on a website, they arrive muted. But nope, the colors were vibrant and gorgeous.

Look at the detail:

Natalie picked this one called Flower Power Kittens:

Yup, she loves her animals.

You can use tea towels for multiple things. You can place it over your tea kettle to keep your tea warm. You can place it on the bottom of a tea tray before placing your scones and treats over it. You can use it as a placemat. You can use them to dry dishes or counters.


You can hug it, like Natalie.

If you want to learn more about tea towels, check out the All Tea Towels Facebook page.

Or, as I said before, check out All Tea Towels and purchase your own today!


  1. How cute are those! I'll have to check them out.

  2. I wish my daughter liked to play "tea party."

    Fun review. Thanks!

  3. Super cute designs! If I needed a tea towel I would head over there now :)

  4. My tea towels are CRAP compared to these. They are great!

    **Must get fancy tea towels...

  5. I plan to pick up some of these when I'm there!!! I'm paying for a second suitcase, just to bring American treats over, and bring back English treats, lol!


Thanks for the comment!

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