Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Three In Hawaii: Majestic Tour Around Oahu Part B

“I feel like I might die,” I insisted.

“You won’t,” Tom promised.

“I feel like we’ve been walking for miles.”

“It hasn’t even BEEN one mile.”

“Carry me.” I flopped on Tom and he stumbled back.

“For God’s sake, you can walk!” he hissed.

Okay, so I was being dramatic. We hadn’t been walking long. It’s just…it was hot. And the tour guide kept pointing out plant life and some were pretty, but it's hard for me to get excited over plant life.

I’m not a fan of plant life. Mainly because I can’t grow plants. My mother, she LOVES plant life. She’d had loved Waimea Valley. But me? All I could think about was getting to the top of the hill.

“You should have let me take a golf cart up,” I huffed. You could fork over a couple of bucks and the workers would DRIVE you to the top.

“Amber, only old people were on the golf carts,” Tom reminded me.

Well. True. Still.

“We’re in Hawaii. There’s a waterfall up there. That’s the reward.”

This was true.

“Look. Peacocks!”

For a brief moment I debated throwing myself on their backs and having them ride me up. But I’d probably be pecked to death. The boy peacocks were in heat and apparently they can get quite vicious. Sort of like the Real Housewives if you don’t agree with what they say.

We got to an area where they had houses set up like they were back in the day. Did you know that men did all the work back then? The women were just supposed to take care of the kids. The men hunted, cooked, and did everything else.

Apparently George of the Jungle was filmed up there to. You know, with Brenden Fraser? Remember him in Encino Man? Ha, that was a funny movie…


We kept walking.

We kept looking at plant life.

The wild chicken cheered us on.

I’m proud to say that we finally made it to the waterfall.

I’m sure the people who are into nature would be like, “Ooo. What a spectacular waterfall!”

I was like, “That’s it? I walked 1.5 miles for THIS?” (I'm kidding. It was a pretty area. I was just hot and forgot to bring water with me.)

Tom was impressed because he took like a billion photos. Here are some of them:

He was like, “Stand in front of it! Look excited! It’s beautiful!”

“It is,” I said, fanning myself. “I'm just hot."

“You would be more excited if Lost was filmed here,” Tom pointed out.

“WAS Lost filmed around here!” I asked. We were in Oahu and Lost was filmed over the place. I racked my brain for a scene with a waterfall. There was a couple, right? MAYBE THIS WAS ONE OF THEM!

I never found out if it was. (Well, I did find out it was filmed in another part. When the plane crashed with the drugs I think.) Oh well. But I did reward myself for making it to the top with some shaved ice. There were vendors up there. It made going down easier.

The wild chicken bucked us on. “Come on, you can make it!”

When we made it back down, this peacock congratulated us:

Actually, something had pissed it off and it looked like it was going to peck someone’s eye out.

THESE peacocks came to congratulate us though:

After that we stopped off at the North Shore beach:

This is where a lot of people go to surf.

And where people dress up like warriors:

Our last stop was Nu’uanu Pali Looking and Valley. (I think that's what it was called. I could be wrong..) This was where warriors jumped to their deaths back in the day. Or were forced to jump to their deaths.

It was very pretty.

A little gruesome to know that people had to leap off the area but still…pretty.

And that was our Majestic Tour Around Oahu.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Hey, have you seen "The Descendents" with George Clooney yet? Now I am reading the book. Since you just were there, you might enjoy it if you haven't.

  2. I loved Hawaii... Your pictures are fabulous!

  3. Such an unbelievable time for you. So glad you could go. I'm sure there had to be some suffering, but you got to do it in Hawaii!!!!

  4. Hi, friend! Oh, my goodness! Unbelievable beauty! I envy you having gone and seen all of it. I have been many places but Hawaii was not one of them. :)
    I would love to have you visit my blog and read my serialized story that I am writing for this year's AtoZ Challenge. (If you have time, that is) We are up to "I" tomorrow.
    I enjoyed your post, as always. You are just too hilarious.

  5. Yeah, I'm not much of a hike-just-to-see-some-pretty-thing kinda gal either. I sympathize.

    That being said - looks like you had a fantastic trip! Hoping to make it to Hawaii myself one day.

  6. I would have been the one stopping every 5 seconds to take a picture, haha. Gorgeous!!

  7. Wonderful photos!! And yeah, hiking isn't really my thing either, so I'm with you there.

  8. Great pics & it looks/sounds like you had a fab time! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi! Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday. I'd be interested to know if Lost was filmed there, too.

  10. Love these pics!!! Love that you guys got to sneak away for a vacation all by yourselves. And I still think its hilarious that Na asked you not to forget her! As if!!!!

  11. Man that beach looks awesome to me right now..... and I am a huge LOST fan too. You have good taste!! And be careful of the black smoke!!!

  12. You forgot water? Bad. No wonder you were getting worn out! NOw, you should have just RAN that 1.5 miles. It goes faster that way!

  13. "Why does the peacock have his tail out?" asks Miss Eight, reading over my shoulder.
    "To attract the female peacock."
    "Because he wants a girlfriend."
    "What would happen if the girl peacock liked the boy peacock with the ugly tail instead?"
    Gotta love my kids.

  14. Yeah so I did the Waimae Falls hike once but that was back when they had cliff divers and let you play in the water between performances. The last couple of times I went was with friends who hadn't been there before and when I heard no cliff divers and they wouldn't let you in the water...I was like go ahead I'll wait for you in the air conditioned gift shop. Had I known that any of Lost was filmed there that might have been a different story.
    Oh and I love the view from Pali Point. I just don't recommend wearing a skirt when visiting because of that wind.


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