Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Day of School Fun

So as I mentioned before, Thursday was the last day of school for both kids.

I know.


Tommy had an awards assembly so of course I was there. I knew he didn’t make Honor Roll. He had made it the first 3 Quarters but this time, writing got the best of him and he received a C. It pains me that he struggles with writing since I love it so much. His problem is he’s very abrupt with his answers. He prefers to give a yes or no response instead of explaining why he feels that way. (Really, his wife is going to have fun getting info from him. He’s also very abrupt in his verbal responses.)

Still. I knew he would be receiving other awards.

This sign greeted us as we filed in the gym.

I can’t believe that he’ll be in FIFTH GRADE. Middle school starts next year in Oklahoma. MIDDLE SCHOOL. I try not to think about it much because it tends to send me into a panic attack.

So Tommy got an award for being respectful, which I find slightly amusing because he’s not always respectful to me. I am glad he’s at least respectful to OTHER people.

Doesn’t he look thrilled?

Natalie was like, “Tommy! It’s your sister! You can have the red game when you get home!”

The red game, by the way, is MY iPod Touch that they fight over. MY iPod Touch.

Anyway, I managed to get a smile from him:

He also got a Science Club award. He might invent something cool one of these days.

Then at the end he was able to come say goodbye. Natalie wanted a hug. Tommy…well, he really did not:

“Geez Natalie, this is not the time or the place!” he grumbled.

He was extra thrilled when I hugged him.

Well, I’m sorry, but I gave him life and birthed him so therefore I get a hug whenever I damn well please.

Later on, Natalie had her last day of school. They brought in bouncy houses and the like for the kids. I had to stay with her for safety reasons. I didn’t mind—although, okay, I sort of DID mind because it was my last day of freedom. But oh well. She had fun.

That’s her talking with the boy she always played Rapunzel with at school. She apparently loves him.

No, really.

After she said goodbye to her teachers—who both said they were sad to see her go—she said, “Who am I going to love now?”

“Uh? You’ll find someone in Kindergarten I’m sure,” I promised.

What’s this LOVE business? She’s five.

“It won’t be the same,” Natalie sniffled.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around that fact that she’ll be in KINDERGARTEN all day. ALL DAY. It’s going to be weird. And, okay, slightly blissful.

So yeah. School is done until August 17th.

Is it wrong that I’m already counting down the days until they go back?


  1. "Who am I going to love now?", priceless!!!

  2. Natalie loves a lot. And I love the picture of her hugging Tommy!

  3. haha. Natalie & Tommy are *SO* your children. lol. SO precious! Here's to a summer of fun!

  4. That looks fun. August 17 - so that's why your school ends so early! Ours ends in June but starts in Sept.

  5. We have four days left here and while I'm looking forward to seeing them home with me I'm also not ashamed to say I'm taking a peek at the calendar to see when they go back!!!

  6. How cute is she!! hahaha. I always bring up my daughters pre-school crush. He looks a lot different these days so it's funny to tease her with it. :D

  7. I have to say that I, for one, am NOT looking forward to the end of school either.....but that *might* have something to do with the whole graduating thing.....

    Good luck this summer!

  8. Bree starts school in the Fall, so I'll know all about this about this time next year. Although, I am really sad that she's starting to school, but I'm sure I'll get over that as soon as I drop her off the first day.

    But I hear it goes by really quickly, once they start school and that makes me sad for a couple of minutes a day.

  9. You guys have a longggg summer break! I think it's hard for the kids to get back into school mode with three months off.

    Good luck!!!!!

  10. My youngest will be in all day kinder next year too. Im sad and excited all at the same time.

  11. It looks like you had a long day and like you might have a long summer on your hands! It is so sweet she loves her brother and everyone else!

  12. congrats to Tommy on his awards. He sure is a handsome little guy :) My youngest son gave me the same line about who was he going to love when i pulled them out of daycare last year and he left behind his little girlfriend of nearly 2 years. He swears he's going to marry her. Her mom and I are praying they get in the same kindergarten class, but heaven help that teacher! lol

  13. So how did 4th grade go for Tommy? It was positively awful for Jakob this year and I may be homeschooling him next year. Hold me.

  14. I'm thankful fifth grade here is still elementary school. And those little girls, like your Natalie, who love boys in preschool, I've finally decided they are wired that way. I always thought it was a byproduct of parental prodding or too much TV, but my theory has proven false. Regardless of what you do or say, Natalie will be the one chasing the boys next year. I'll pray.

  15. Fun post. Don't worry, when he's all grown he won't mind you hugging him in public! Enjoy the summer break!


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