Friday, June 8, 2012

Inside Natalie's Closet

It’s no secret that I love buying clothes for my kids. Every once in awhile I’ll post an entry and share their latest outfit.

Today Natalie is in a dress and accessories from The Children’s Place.

“Hey Natalie, let’s take some pictures!”

“I’m sad today.”


“Because…I don’t have red hair like Merida and it’s not fair!”

Merida, for those who don’t know, is the princess in the latest Disney Pixar filmed called Brave (out June 22nd.) She has red hair. Yes, there are wigs but they never seem to work right. They get matted and destroyed within days.

“You still have beautiful hair. PRETEND that it’s red,” I suggested. “Can you be a model? What would Merida do?”

“I see bugs..”

Then I talked about farts.

“Mommy, I can do a cartwheel!”

(Not quite. She tries very hard though.)

“There’s a bug in my Barbie car. Get it out!”

“I’m not touching it.”

“It didn’t ask if it could BE in my Barbie car! It’s rude!”

I distracted her by running into the house.

Then I gave her the matching sunglasses to her dress:

And I managed to get some really cute shots:

“I guess my hair is okay even though it’s not red.”

(If your daughter has red hair, Natalie is very jealous of her right now..)


  1. Your daughter is beautiful. And, yes, you got some great shots. I'm glad she decided her hair is okay the way it is.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  2. Such a pretty, pretty lil' girl! :)
    And beautiful outfit.

  3. Those kids of yours need to be models. For sure!

  4. Natalie is such a beautiful child!

    I love all the shots, but the ones with the sunglasses are adorable :)

  5. These pictures are precious!! Adorable!! Fabulous!! My daughter has neither red nor blonde hair, so we have a hard time when she's wanting to look like a princess. I try to smooth things over with her, by telling her that Rapunzel's hair is brown at the end of the movie...just like hers :)

  6. Poor Rapunzel, being abandoned like that. I wonder whether she's ready to be Princess Natalie, who has blond hair and is feisty like Merida. That kind of thing sort of works with Vi, who has short brown hair and no ready-made princess role models.

  7. Just finding you on internet your blog. Your daughter is beautiful, and I *love* her headband. Is it wrong that I would wear one like that?! ;)

  8. You really did get some good shots!! She looks good in turquoise

  9. I too have wanted red hair my whole life. I understand her pain. I guess Rapunzel on the outs:)

  10. I swear, I was just thinking about these photo shoots and Natalie's outfits while driving yesterday. I wanted to see more, and: BAM. Thanks, Amber. Those are (as always) fantastic pics. Sorry you had to run into the house, but it was worth it. Can u imagine if she were a child model and you had to yell "farts" and run into walls on every shoot? PS: Moochie has a couple pair of those glasses. Got to love $2 sales at Children's Place.

  11. PPS: What is it with we females. Even the little ones. Can you imagine being as gorgeous as Natalie and wanting to look different? I guess the grass is always greener under a princess.

  12. I *adore* the pictures of her with her head thrown back just laughing. SO sweet.

    And my daughter has red hair. You don't want red hair, Natalie, complete strangers try to touch it ALL THE TIME.

  13. My 11 year old bought the Merida wig at Disney last week. She says she is going to wear it on the 22nd when we go and see Brave. (We also met Merida when we were there!)

  14. So sweet!! She's amazingly photogenic!

  15. I love how the bug was rude! Great photos and I use to want red hair when I was younger too.

  16. Tell Na I will trade the gray in my hair for her gorgeous blonde locks!

  17. LOVE the sunglasses shot. Totally frame-worthy.

  18. These pix are too cute... especially the sunglasses shot!

    I have curly red(ish) hair and it's a lot to maintain. Besides, your daughter's hair is beautiful as it is!

  19. I see modeling in her future. :)

    P.S. I'm a redhair.. and it is not all it is cracked up to be. LOL.

  20. Bahahaha. I mean redhead.. not redhair!!


Thanks for the comment!

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