Saturday, June 9, 2012

Journey 2: The Big Mysterious Island DVD Giveaway**CLOSED

**CLOSED--winner posted here**

My husband has always liked The Rock. (Real name? Dwayne Johnson.) He remembers watching him back when he still wrestled. (“Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?”) He probably wouldn’t mind watching Journey 2: The Big Mysterious Island that was recently released on DVD.

This is what the movie is about in case you’re curious:

Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games) finds a hidden signal that he believes will lead him to his long lost grandfather (Michael Caine, Miss Congeniality). With the help of his new step father (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, The Scorpion King), Sean finds a map and starts his adventure which leads him to Kailani (Vanessa Hudgens, High School Musical) and the island of Atlantis! Sean and his friends battle giant bees, killer lizards, a volcano of gold, and electric eels to escape the lost city and make their way home!

Yes, that is “the” Josh Hutcherson from that little movie called The Hunger Games.

PartnersHub has graciously offered a free Blu Ray DVD of Journey 2: The Big Mysterious Island to a lucky reader.

Check out this fabulous widget:

Take the quiz to find out if you would survive the mysterious island. (I’m not sure I would..)

Spin the wheel and find out your own adventure!

Want to know something cool? My husband and I were in Hawaii in March and got to even see some places where the movie was filmed. (Hawaii? The mysterious island? Hmmm..)

Want to win a copy of the movie?

Giveaway Rules

--Must be 18 or older

--Must live in the US

Mandatory Entry: Take the quiz on the widget and tell me your results.

Extra Entries:

--Tell me what adventure the widget came up with when you spun the wheel.

--Tweet about the DVD with the hashtag #Journey2

--Follow PartnersHub on Twitter

For each thing you do, leave a separate entry.

I will run the giveaway for a week and pick a winner on June 16th.

Good luck!


  1. Looks like I'm a wilderness warrior! :-D

  2. It seems that I am a trail blazer! Not to terrible!

  3. The wheel gave me the Decoder Map adventure!

  4. I took the quiz and I'm a timid trekker.

  5. timid trekker.... but really, scuba diving? my ears are weird and when my nose is covered, every time i swallow they pop and i end up with water inside my ears. no thanks!

  6. I'm a wilderness warrior! & Can I saw that I loveeeee me some Josh Hutcherson?! *fans self*


    alienxphile at yahoo dot com


    alienxphile at yahoo dot com

  9. Tweeted

    alienxphile at yahoo dot com

  10. I spun the wheel and got Family Adventure Night

  11. I got Trail Blazer. Haha! Yeah right...

  12. Just tweeted about the giveaway using the hashtag from @CrysLovesSPN.

  13. I am a timid treker!! By the way, my girls and I watched the movie the other night on pay per view and they loved it. Would be nice to have the dvd so they could watch it another 1000 or so times!! LOL


Thanks for the comment!

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